Caixukun’s new song poster is suspected of plagiarizing the studio and apologizes for lax review

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As one of the top representatives of male stars in the mainland entertainment industry, Cai Xukun’s release of new songs is naturally very lively, which is also a very important thing for fans. Unexpectedly, a very embarrassing thing happened. Cai Xukun’s new song poster was suspected of plagiarism, and he quickly apologized to CAI Xukun’s studio, saying it was caused by lax audit. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Caixukun’s new song poster is suspected of plagiarism

After the release of the cover poster of CAI Xukun’s new song “tiger me”, fans naturally praised it in various ways, but soon netizens came out to accuse this poster of plagiarizing the cover image of the movie encountering strangers. The two pictures are basically the same in composition and lines. There is no difference, just a change in color and style.

The poster of CAI Xukun’s new song is compared with the cover picture of encountering strangers. Fans dare not open their eyes and lie. There is no plagiarism. Cai Xukun’s studio soon issued a statement, saying that the cover poster of “tiger me” was designed by Yangyou 47 Co., Ltd. (a little famous in the circle). When Cai Xukun communicated with the company at the beginning, he clearly put forward the requirements of originality and copyright.

Caixukun studio apologizes for lax review

Caixukun studio also said that after finding the problem, it had contacted the design company for the first time, but the other party had not given an effective reply, so it had removed this poster and apologized for the studio’s failure to strictly review the cover poster materials. It can only be said that CAI Xukun’s team found an unreliable design company this time, and CAI Xukun’s team was also quite wronged in this matter. They also spent money, and clearly put forward copyright requirements. For such a design company, other artists should be careful to cooperate with it.

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