Can Hua Tuo cure Cao Cao?

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Cao Cao’s killing of Hua Tuo seems to have cut off his own way, so many descendants have doubts. The author of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, a great general of the anti Cao school, wrote that when Cao Cao’s son and himself were ill and regretted killing Hua Tuo, they could not hide their pride. However, we know that many stories in the romance of the three kingdoms are made up. For example, Guan Yu scraped his bones to cure poison. This is true, but Hua Tuo did not do it.

In ancient times, it was not important to cure people. The famous Zhangzhongjing had no biography in the official history, but Hua Tuo had biography, but it was in the biography of local skills in the book of the later Han Dynasty and the biography of local skills in the annals of the Three Kingdoms. If you want to be a famous doctor, you have to see a famous person. Zhangzhongjing is the second sage in medicine and has been a prefect. But in terms of political affairs, he probably has nothing to pass on. In terms of medical skills, the most famous person he has treated is the scholar Wang can, so the history of a hundred generations of doctors has never been passed on. Hua Tuo was lucky enough to have been admitted to the biography of prescriptions after seeing Cao Cao and Sima Yi ill.

Hua Tuo was summoned to his side by Cao Cao as a magician. In his early days, Cao Cao was half convinced of Taoism. In addition to Hua Tuo, zuoci, a magician, Gan Shi, a master of the art in the chamber, Fei Changfang, who can hide in a pot, Chi Jian, who can create a valley, and Dongguo Yannian, who can shine, all came to the capital. He was curious and prevented these people from making trouble outside. Although Hua Tuo’s medical skills were high, in Cao Cao’s view, he was probably a flow of alchemists, and did not really value them. When Hua Tuo was sent to prison, some people also advised him that his medical skills were really good and that he should be forgiven for his life. Cao Cao said, “if you don’t worry, there should be no such rats in the world.”

Is Cao Cao tolerant or harsh to people? Hard to conclude. Some people misbehave many times, and he tolerates them. Some people, however, are killed because they are small. About Cao Cao, with his wisdom, was the last to be bullied. He had a chronic headache, and Hua Tuo might have talked a little big about his illness, so Cao Cao thought that Hua Tuo could actually cure his illness, but he refused to root him out and wanted to show self-respect. Cao Cao was so angry that he would rather have a headache than threaten Hua Tuo for the “villain”, so he killed Hua Tuo.

Can Hua Tuo cure Cao Cao?

Ancient doctors, half of whom were magicians, were not famous for treating common diseases,

Other stories are similar. Other famous doctors also have such stories. For example, Zhang Zhongjing’s ability to “wear a chest to accept red cakes” is so shocking. Xu Zhicai’s treatment of foot disease and the cutting out of two clams is also a divine skill. Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty used the brain of a mad dog to treat rabies, which is even more amazing.

It is not that these doctors deliberately deceive people, but that they have to. At that time, the basic theory of medicine was not established, and the status of doctors was neither medicine nor witchcraft, neither immortality nor Taoism. A hundred cases of common diseases were cured, and people did not think it was good. Therefore, when encountering rare diseases, doctors often hid their real skills, and showed people to use miracles, or fabricated miracles, so that people could recite them. In today’s words, it was all forced by life. But in the long run, it will be detrimental to the doctors themselves and to the development of medicine.

Today, chronic headache has a variety of causes, some of which are clear and others are unclear. It is difficult to cure it. But Cao Cao would think, since he is so good, he can look forward to any strange diseases. How can he not see my headache? It must have been deliberately deceiving me.

Hua Tuo was born as a scholar and later established himself with medical skills. That was a humble career at that time. He was unhappy. He has a bad temper and can’t please people. After living in the capital for a few years, he came back to Italy. He found an excuse and went home. Cao Cao called him several times, but he didn’t come out. He said that his wife was ill and couldn’t go to church. Cao Cao sent people to see him. If Hua Tuo’s wife was really ill, he gave Xiao Dou 40 yuan. If she was falsely ill, he would be caught in prison. It was not known that his wife was not ill, or that the emissary was harmed. Hua Tuo was captured in Xuchang and tortured. A generation of famous doctors died in prison.

It is said in ancient books that Hua Tuo could open a man’s stomach and wash his stomach and intestines. Today, it is hard to believe. The prescription of his Mafei powder has not been handed down. Later generations have verified that there may be Datura flowers in it. But even with Datura and the effect of wine, it is unimaginable that people can faint when cutting their stomachs with a knife. However, despite the exaggeration, Hua Tuo did invent a method of anesthesia to reduce the pain of patients during surgery. Unfortunately, we don’t know in detail, because none of Hua Tuo’s medical books have been handed down. Later, there were hundreds of books named Hua Tuo, all of which were falsely entrusted by later generations.

Speaking of mafiesan, from various things, the ancients’ ability to tolerate pain is higher than that of today. In addition, some people are not very clear about it and are prone to dizzy. Therefore, it is also true that they do not know anything about Pepsi after taking mafiesan.

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