Can the G7 buy oil worth 44 dollars successfully?

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s vision (ID: hooyar_380097485)

The G7 finance ministers held a united meeting behind closed doors. After the meeting, it was announced that Russian oil could be sold in the future, but the price limit was $44 a barrel.

Don’t scold your mother first. Why isn’t it another price? Because after accurate calculation by G7 finance ministers, 44 US dollars per barrel covers the production cost of Russia. Our seven nations allied forces are civilized people. If you don’t sell them at a loss, why don’t you sell them with gratitude?

However, recently OPEC + has joined forces to plan to reduce production. At the beginning, Biden shamelessly went to the Middle East and finally got a comforting increase in production. This forced Russia to dump at a low price, but he got a copy of OPEC’s production reduction. This shows that G7’s move clearly offended the public.

Oil countries are not fools. Today, you can force Russia to sell at cost. Tomorrow, will OPEC have to follow your pricing? Then what business is there? Just grab it directly.

The amount of OPEC’s production reduction is not large, but the important thing is the attitude of the big guys. The so-called killing of the Nigerian secretary general will enable all oil barons to obey the orders of the United States. This is just a fool.

At one time, the price of crude oil plummeted, and Saudi Arabia, a big dog, began to carry out internal cleaning. They caught a bunch of princes and locked them in hotels repeatedly, making hundreds of billions of dollars to fill the hole in the national treasury expenditure. It is said that the oil price must be above $70 to maintain the fiscal balance of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, who doesn’t point to oil for dinner?

You Americans control the money printing machine and drive it to death. You lie down and eat hot food every day. The upper class is unwilling to share the benefits with the people, causing prices to skyrocket and public opinion to boil. Then you force oil producing countries to do business at a loss? For what? The White House can’t deal with the domestic oil tycoons, and can’t recover the production of 19 million barrels, forcing OPEC + to bleed. What kind of reason is this?

Of course, with the G7’s consistent practice of dominating the world, it is normal imperialist thinking for people to ask for such a request. In the past, there were heavy American troops stationed in the Gulf, and various forces were used to ravage Iraq, the No. 1 power in the Middle East. OPEC can only recognize it with joy

Now the United States can’t even get along with Afghanistan. The aircraft carrier battle group has more technical content than the big powers’ 003. It knows everything. In addition, Ukraine has fought for so long, and NATO, which usually looks fierce, dares not to fight in person. The White House even dares not openly express its threat of war to Russia.

It’s like a gangster who used to wander the streets and cover his territory. Suddenly, he was discovered by people from all walks of life. He couldn’t cope with a down-to-earth gangster. Can he collect his protection fees so smoothly in the future? Can the underlings stop thinking about waiting?

At this time, if the eldest brother tries to convince people with virtue, changes his usual bullying style, and shows the affinity of the aunt of the neighborhood committee, then people may give him some face. After all, order in a neighborhood must be maintained. Harmony is the most precious thing. Everyone wants to make money, and no one wants to get involved in the struggle for no reason.

Unfortunately, the eldest brother saw that things had become chaotic. Some people challenged themselves and felt threatened. So he pulled up the old fellows who used to be mixed in society and planned to use the excuse of maintaining the balance of power on the street to increase the protection fee.

According to the rules of the road, when you meet such an old, stupid and ignorant boss, the people below will naturally unite to destroy him. A person who has neither prestige nor morality and thinks about extorting money every day is simply cutting himself off from the people.

In fact, the truth in the world is the same, ranging from imperialists defending hegemony to street gangsters fighting for territory. Not to mention who is better than who, it is just that all the bearers have big bullets to flatten the world, but not all of them are the newly appointed geographically blind Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. They don’t know what the importance is, so they just talk about it.

Smashing all the pots and pans is certainly a loss for the poor, but the indiscriminate attack is of course that the more money there is, the greater the loss. In a jungle society where rites are broken and music is bad, do you think that rich people rely on a pile of vouchers to do things too quickly?

The United States is a country controlled by financial capital. The strength of financial capital comes from the United States dollar and the private economic structure dominated by the United States. It is really approved by truss, who doesn’t care what is important. The first person who enjoys nothing may be the financial capital bosses.

So, you see, it must be the Wall Street bosses who make the most contribution to safeguarding world peace in the end. For these people, even if the United States is gone, as long as they recognize the original system, there will always be a way for them to survive. But if the world order is really chaotic, they will end up in a worse end than the crystal night.

Since the worst will not happen, the so-called nuclear threat is just a threat.

In the end, everyone’s game is just to see how many chips they have in their hands.

After the G7 announced the forced purchase plan, Russia immediately announced that natural gas was settled in RMB and ruble.

Before that, our settlement agreement was signed in euros and dollars.

That’s what we’re talking about. We’re dying! Russia is now forced to a dead end. It is unrealistic to challenge the G7 alone. In the past, it trusted in the global division of labor, which led to serious economic bias.

Think about it. Over the years, the Soviet Union has been torn apart by the United States and the west, and Russia has been repeatedly sanctioned. However, the pro american and European forces in Russia have never disappeared. Yeltsin almost completely cut himself off in order to cater to the shock therapy of the United States. When emperor Pu came to power, he wanted to integrate and reconcile with the United States and the west at the beginning.

This is really not who is cheap, but the globalization led by Americans was so fierce in those years. If you want to reap more benefits from globalization, you must show sufficient sincerity to the United States and Europe. Of course, people are masters of PUA, and they can always find you a bunch of excuses to criticize. Let’s take a look at how Hollywood arranges Russia in recent years.

We can not deny that Russia does have many problems, but in this worse world, who does not have its own problems? To put it bluntly, I covet your vast territory, rich resources and small population, and want to come here to steal money.

By constantly picking up mistakes, imposing sanctions, criticizing and making trouble, you will be forced to their predetermined dead end step by step, and then you will be completely blocked economically. When the country is in a desperate situation and faces bankruptcy, the crows of the United States and the west can bring the money processed by the money printing machine overnight to make large-scale acquisitions.

Now that Russia has reached the point where it can’t retreat, people have no choice but to step out and smash the US and European money printing machines step by step. The US dollar and the euro are all abolished in foreign trade, and RMB and ruble are used as settlement currencies, which is tantamount to directly lifting the table.

In fact, even when the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, Russia did not want to come to this point.

But OPEC + has long been a group with mutual interests and closer ties.

In the past two years, Biden has been engaged in carbon emissions and new energy since he took office. Now, technology has not reached that stage. What if technology really breaks through one day? How do you let these countries lie flat on traditional energy live? Not everyone has a vast territory and rich products like Russia. Without oil and natural gas, crops can still be grown. But there is no grain in the Middle East.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine this time, OPEC has made it clear that it favors Russia. In the past, it was the first to join forces to suppress international oil prices, forcing Russia to make ends meet. Why did no one respond to the United States this time?

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia’s investment in China’s refineries is accelerating. Do you think the oil used here will be settled in US dollars?

There is no emotion between countries, and what we talk about is interests. OPEC needs big countries to support oil prices. In fact, big countries also hope to cultivate a huge consumer market with appropriate oil prices.

In the past, when we were doing foreign trade export, we always focused on Europe and the United States, making a lot of dollars and euros. It seems that we made a lot of money, but these money were printed out by people with nuclear power money printing machines. How do you use your foreign exchange reserves? Is it reasonable for people to take care of them? Is this fair?

When people are happy, they ask you to tighten your belt and supply yourself with cheap goods. They think it is a great grace. When they are unhappy, they will fight a trade war with you and want to take back any hard-earned money. If you have made a bit of high-tech industry that exceeds the realm of hard-earned money, it is the enemy of people and will be banned.

The way of playing globalization under this hegemonic system must be changed. Now the G7 is playing big, making too many enemies, and catching up with the crazy interest rate increase cycle of the Federal Reserve. This is that the United States does not give people a chance to live. As a result, more countries want to reform the way of playing, which will naturally benefit the RMB.

In fact, there is nothing that can really get stuck in Europe and the United States and make us unable to move. After a high degree of financial capitalization, once a large market like China is completely abandoned, the first one that can not survive may be the so-called high-tech enterprises in Europe and the United States.

Russia is forced by the G7 to sell its resources at a low price. This hegemonic behavior is not a good thing for all resource countries. Today, we can find an excuse to make Russia comply, and tomorrow we can find another home. If there is no full industrial chain, and there are enough big countries with enough needs behind it, the resource countries may really have to surrender.

Therefore, this wave of blackmail against Russia is good for big countries. For self-protection, people should also try to slightly decouple from the G7 countries and support more RMB in settlement. Anyway, the US dollar has been tightened recently, and everyone has no US dollars.

The sale of G7 can’t be successful. After all, with big Ivan protecting the body, people can’t sell it. It’s really crazy for G7 people to unite to sanction those countries that dare to buy oil at a malicious high price. When you see that the sanctioned country collapsed first, or the euro and the US dollar collapsed first.

Wealth is not printed. The Federal Reserve can continue to print hundreds of trillions of dollars. Can the money printer print a drop of oil and natural gas?

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