Can the movie male fox Liaozhai 3 be broadcast again

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Since the radio, film and Television Bureau issued an order, there has been no way to broadcast the delayed change dramas. Many large-scale delayed change dramas are currently in a state of being broadcast for a long time, such as the beacon fire flowing gold, Haoyi store, etc. The movie “male fox Liaozhai 3” went online. Many netizens are also very confused about this. Can we say that the delayed works can be broadcast again now? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Movie male fox Liaozhai 3 Online

Male fox Liaozhai 3 is a low-cost online movie produced by Tencent. The review of online movies is not so strict. If you have seen this film, you will definitely put it under the category of targai’s works. This film is taken from Pu Songling’s strange tales of Liaozhai. In the original version, many fox spirits are women, but in male fox Liaozhai 3, the fox is changed into a man. Male fox Liaozhai 3 is about the emotional entanglement between male fox and mortal teenagers.

And between the two male protagonists, there are many blatant delays. For example, two people give each other love keepsakes, and for example, two people are reluctant to give up when they experience life and death. Netizens even ridiculed the two protagonists in the male fox Liaozhai 3. They were absolutely passionate about each other. They were even more naked than the previous petition and Shanhe order. Even if you are not a rotten girl, you can understand the love between the two men.

Can the delayed works be broadcast again

Netizens said that since the male fox Liaozhai 3 can be broadcast, can other delay change dramas also be broadcast? At present, according to the above regulations, it is impossible. There are three reasons why male fox Liaozhai 3 can be broadcast. On the one hand, it is not so strict in the review of online movies. The second aspect is that the actors of male fox Liaozhai 3 are not well-known, so they have not been paid attention to and discussed. The third aspect is that the original novel of the play is not about beauty, so it will not be classified as delayed works after being remade into film and television works.

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