Can the new version of brother Tiantian’s blood exchange still return to its peak day by day

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It has been 14 years since the program was launched. Up to now, the members of the Tiantian brotherhood have been changing. Among the original members, only big brother Wang Han has been walking. The program team also invited a lot of senior artists to join in. Of course, there are also some fresh blood. Do you think that the new version will be able to return to the peak of the past? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Brother Tiantian has a big blood exchange

Several hosts who are making progress every day are called “Tiantian brothers” by everyone. Tiantianxiang started broadcasting in August 2008. The earliest members of Tiantian brothers were Wang Han, Ou Di, Qian Feng, Tian Yuan, yuhaoming, shiano Haoer and Xiao Wu. After that, several members left for various reasons. In 2016, Tiantian brothers reorganized. In addition to the original members Wang Han and Qian Feng, they joined Zhang Wei and Wang Yibo. Later, he joined Gao Tianhe. Unfortunately, Gao Tianhe quit because of the negative news.

Originally, the partners of these four people were very popular. As a result, in 2021, Qian Feng was exposed to a sexual assault scandal, and the program was severely damaged. This year, the program group ushered in a new start, reorganizing Tiantian brothers. Apart from Wang Han, other people are all new faces. They are shabaoliang, panyueming, huhaiquan, Qi Sijun, Wu Zelin, Zhang Yanqi and Dingzhen.

Whether the new version can return to its peak day by day

The new Tiantian brothers has a very high national rating of senior artists, as well as a lot of traffic artists liked by young netizens. The program group divided the new Tiantian brothers into old-fashioned brothers and new-fashioned brothers. At present, the program has been broadcast for several periods, and the response does not seem to be particularly good. I feel that although the ratings are very stable, there is no innovation. It may be that many netizens have been immune to the program IP. No matter who the host is, they seem to have no enthusiasm for the program and no desire to watch it.

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