Can Trump succeed without Jewish support?

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Author: Rong Ping Source: official account: Rong Ping (ID: rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

On Trump, I have good news and bad news today.

First of all, the good news is that Trump’s influence is still there.

Although, in the mid-term elections, those “ponies” he supported were defeated with hatred, and were turned into dregs by the Democratic Party.

But fortunately, the king’s face is very hard.

Musk has just voted online, and the final result is that more than 51% of netizens support the unsealing of Trump’s Twitter, so Twitter announced the news at the first time.

Of course, all Trump fans have been cleared because of the previous title. The number is 0.

However, Trump’s influence is still too strong.

Although Trump is still saying that he has his own social platform and will not consider returning to Twitter for the time being, most netizens can’t wait.

On November 19 local time, just after Trump’s Twitter was restored, within 24 hours, Trump’s Twitter has gained 87 million followers again…

This growth rate has never been achieved by anyone on any social platform since ancient times.

Of course, this has directly set the record of Twitter’s rising fans.

Although not all of the fans are Trump’s supporters, many of them, like us, have nothing to do to see the excitement. They want to see what Wang’s big mouth will say on Twitter after his return.

How many golden sentences and laughter will they contribute to us?

However, in the Internet age, the number of fans means traffic, and traffic means influence.

Whether Trump can be elected President in 2024 or not.

But one thing is certain that Trump will still be the most influential person in American politics in the next few years, and no one can match him.

Of course, the precondition is that he should have a good relationship with Musk. If he has nothing to do, he should not block Twitter’s account for any reason, because Twitter is still the most widely used social media in the world (except microblogging, which only counts the West).

Although Trump said that he would not consider returning for the time being, it was mostly because he and Musk had quarreled before and could not save face. However, in the face of practical interests, they should soon get back together.

Musk needs Trump’s policy support in the future.

And Trump, also need Musk?

There has never been any unprovoked hate or love in this world, only eternal interests.

The good news is that Trump’s influence still exists.

But the same bad news is true. Although Trump’s influence is still there, it is not as exaggerated as before.

Take the vote on whether to unseal Trump on Twitter. The final result is that 51.8% of people support it and 48.2% oppose it.

In the end, the supporters won only 3.6%.

This advantage can be said to be very, very weak.

Again, among those who support Trump’s return to Twitter, not only are Trump’s supporters, but many of them may look at him as a comedian and want to see the excitement.

However, those who voted against really hated Trump and his big mouth. They even didn’t want to see him speak again for a second.

This “extreme dislike” accounts for nearly half of the total.

This is very illustrative.

First of all, those who oppose Trump’s return to Twitter will certainly not vote for Trump in the 2024 election.

This logic is very simple, from easy to difficult. I am unwilling to do such a simple thing.

Let’s just talk about returning to Twitter. When Trump said above that it was intolerable, how could he possibly endure being the President of the United States for four years?

Nearly half of them will not vote for Trump. What should we do?

When ordinary people see this place, they will look at it as if it was a busy place.

But smart people, especially those politicians in the United States, will take advantage of these opposing forces.

Aren’t you against Trump? OK, come on, let’s elect a new candidate, and you can vote for him.

The Democrats want to use this opposition force, and the Republicans also want to use it.

Because they saw the terrible power.

Instead of going to the Democratic Party when the final showdown comes, we should make use of Trump now and get rid of him first.

In fact, the constitutional parties in the Republican Party have always been reluctant to see Trump.

His influence was still there before, but the Republican Party lost many seats in this mid-term election because of Trump’s disorderly command, which has made people very dissatisfied.

Now, the votes on Twitter have also come out.

At the sight of such public opinion, those Republican bosses finally could not sit still.

They took action.

First of all, Su Shimin and Peterfield.

When you look at this name, don’t think that Su Shimin is of Chinese origin.

I tell you, it’s not at all. It’s just a translated name. His original name is Stephen Schwarzman.

One is the CEO of Blackstone Group and the other is the founder of Yingtou Securities.

Blackstone Group, headquartered in New York, the United States, is the largest listed investment management company in the United States, a world famous top investment company, and the largest listed investment management company in the United States.

Su Shimin is not only the founder of Blackstone Group, but also a major shareholder with 24% of the equity of the listed company. It can be said that he has great influence.

In any word, the American capital market will be shaken three times.

This is Yingtou Securities and the largest online brokerage company in the United States.

These two big men are the gold owners of the Republican Party. They both said that they would not support Trump’s race for the White House, and said that the Republican Party should start again.

Su Shimin said in a statement, “If the leaders of the United States were based on today and tomorrow, rather than today and yesterday, the United States would perform better. Now is the time for the Republican Party to turn to a new generation of leaders. I intend to support one of the new generation of leaders in the presidential primary election.”

Said a lot, very tongue twister, because this is translated.

In fact, to put it bluntly, it is to say that Trump is old, and it is time for a change.

And Peterfie, who donated money to Trump during the 2020 election, also said that it was time to start again.

“We need a new face… Trump’s problem is that he has too many negative factors. He can’t be elected, that’s all.”.

These two people made the statement immediately after Trump announced his election for 2024.

Then there was Ken Griffin, founder of Citadel, a transnational hedge fund. He not only said that he would not support Trump, because he had failed several times and should not run again.

Moreover, he said that he would support Florida’s star governor De Santis instead.

As for the three people mentioned above, Griffin, Peterfield and Su Shimin, their total assets reached 85 billion US dollars.

In addition, News Corporation, headed by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, also said that they had clearly told Trump that the company would not support his re-election.

Rupert, Murdoch’s eldest son and future successor, also said that he would support De Santis. If he is elected, the group will support him.

Therefore, the struggle between Trump, the old man, and De Santis, the new man, in the Republican Party is inevitable.

Moreover, many big men have already stood for De Santis.

It seems that Trump is a bit dangerous.

But don’t forget the good news ahead of us.

There is another key figure that we forgot, that is Musk.

Griffin, Peterfield and Su Shimin, their total assets are not 85 billion dollars?

So, do you know how much Musk has?

In fact, this year Musk is very miserable.

Since this month, Tesla’s stock price has dropped by 26% in total, with a drop of more than 58% in the year.

As we all know, Musk’s personal wealth is mainly linked to Tesla’s stock price. While Tesla’s stock continues to shrink, Musk’s wealth is also disappearing.

Bloomberg Billionaire Index shows that Musk’s wealth lost $86 billion on Monday alone, and has evaporated $100.5 billion this year, ranking first among all billionaires covered by the index.

However, this has not yet shaken Musk’s position as the “richest man in the world”. The Tesla co-founder is currently worth $169.8 billion, still ranking first in the world.

You see, just one Musk is twice as good as the three big guys.

What’s more, Musk has a huge social media platform, Twitter. Although Murdoch Group is great, it is all traditional media. Who else would like to see it?

Just ask you, do you use microblog and WeChat more, or do you read newspapers and TV news more?

This is the gap.

Therefore, as long as Musk is willing to support Trump, there are still opportunities.

The two brothers, in 2016, have to wear a pair of trousers.

Now, who is right?

Again, the world is prosperous, all for profit; The earth under heaven is all for profit.

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