Can Western aid to Ukrainian tanks change the pattern of war?

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Source: Great Nerve of Watching Rain

Where is Ukraine difficult?

For the Ukrainian army, which is fighting with Russia, the western countries are like a patron saint. As long as Zelensky yells, they will continuously take out various equipment from their pockets.


However, Ukrainian people have gradually discovered some problems after shouting for a long time:

Most of the patrons of the United States and the West come and go to send light individual weapons, such as individual anti-tank missiles, shoulder-borne light anti-aircraft missiles, and so on; There are very few heavy weapons, not to mention the limited number of high-end Higasus rockets, and even the basic howitzers are not enough.

Do me a favor and keep it hidden. The patron saint must put a big quotation mark.


The Russian-Uzbekistan war is different from those wars launched by the United States that focus on air strikes. Here, the participation of air forces is very low. Both sides lack air precision-guided bombs and fight mainly on the ground.

The style can be said to be very retro. Some people say that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is very similar to the “World War I” 100 years ago.

This retro ground duel is relatively simple and rough. The Russian side ploughs the land with tens of thousands of grenades every day, and the Ukrainian army accounts for hundreds of lives every day.

This kind of play is very stressful for Ukraine, which is increasingly depleted.

An important reason for this passive situation is that the Ukrainian army lacks enough heavy weapons, especially tanks.

Without tanks, it means that the troops have no ability to actively attack the enemy’s front. You can’t let the infantry use the magic cover to block the enemy’s artillery fire.


So in the land decisive battle, the party lacking tanks will fall into the tactical passivity: as long as the opposite side has sufficient forces, you can only shrink in the position all day and dare not go anywhere.

As soon as you shrink back, you can set up the howitzer to plough the field safely. My friends look at the picture below. The crater hit by the Russian howitzer looks like sesame seed on a piece of cloth from the sky.


But once there is a tank, the situation is different.

At this time, you can flexibly attack the enemy’s positions from all directions, so the enemy will not dare to place grenades everywhere without restraint.

Therefore, the tank is the most critical variable in the ground decisive battle.

However, despite Zelensky’s crying, the Ukrainian army has not even found a Western-style tank in a year, and only a few eastern European brothers have given some old Soviet tanks. However, these antique tanks have basically been reimbursed. It is not that Russia is too powerful, but that the number of Ukrainian tanks is too small. Even if Russia bravely fought for a year, it can still hit dead mice blindly and blow them out. Therefore, Ukraine is short of tanks, which is a top priority.

Russia on the other side did not intend to be polite to the Ukrainian army. After the mobilization of the whole country, the military factory was fully opened, and the speed of building tanks was close to the daily average.


With the increase and decrease of armor forces on both sides, Zerenski howled hysterically:

You western countries should take out the tanks as soon as possible!

–The king of land war–

The reason why Zelensky is always thinking about his allies’ tanks is in line with the general law of war.

The tank has been the leading role in the land battlefield since the beginning of World War II. This equipment integrates fire, protection and mobility, and is known as the “king of land warfare”.

In the face of the thunderous steel flood, if the defense does not have enough anti-armor capability, the defense line will be crushed in a flash.

In addition, for the offensive side, if there is no tank cover, light armour units will become the living target of defensive firepower. With the tank as the “mobile meat shield”, it is much safer. At least, it will not be knocked down by a large area of machine guns and howitzers on the opposite side.

In addition to being fast and hard, modern tanks also have a unique skill, which is to have the direct-fired high-bore pressure gun with the highest initial speed on land.

The tank gun has a complex technology and has achieved a very high chamber pressure, so its initial velocity when launching the armor-piercing projectile is very high, almost twice that of the ordinary howitzer.

Because the coarse speed of the projectile is very high, the trajectory of the projectile should be a parabola in theory, which is basically straight, that is, the trajectory is very straight, a bit like a super large sniper gun.


The armor-piercing bullets fired from the “oversize sniper gun” can penetrate the armor dozens of centimeters thick, which means that the tank is the enemy of all land equipment. Please note that “all”, so the tank stands at the top of the food chain of the entire land battlefield.


This is much more efficient than a howitzer that is hiding more than ten kilometers away and shooting a parabola at the coordinates.

The Russian howitzer now throws tens of thousands of shells every day, and the result is only a few hundred kills.

Moreover, the shells of the howitzer mainly rely on fragments to damage the living force, which has a limited effect on the armored units, thus bullying the Ukrainian army, a light infantry team lacking in armor strength.


What’s more, modern tanks are also equipped with a complex gun barrel stabilization system, which can keep the gun barrel stable when the tank is moving, which is a bit like our camera and mobile phone anti-shaking technology. No matter how the hands of the camera and mobile phone shake, the camera and mobile phone are basically not shaking.


So the tank became the only weapon on the land that can shoot with high hit rate while moving. That is, it can run and fight with great accuracy. It can kill any enemy unit that appears in the field of vision in a second. It is a necessary item in the modern battlefield.


In addition, most of Ukraine is a flat plain, which is simply a “racetrack” tailored for tanks, such as “heavy cavalry”. Tanks, I really like plain areas like Ukraine.


So it is not unreasonable that the Russian tank factory is full of power and the Zelensky tank is full of voice.

The recent fierce battle in the Bachmut region has become a meat grinder. The losses of the Ukrainian army, which lacks armor protection and mobility, are said to have reached 100000.

In the face of such a situation, Americans are also worried about it, so they made a quick decision and asked Europe to immediately support tanks.

So where are the tanks in Europe?

The answer is: Germany has the most tanks in Europe, and the main tank in Germany is Leopard 2.


German tanks were in the limelight during World War II, and the strongest “Tiger” tank in the account played a super-exchange ratio of one enemy to six, which was the peak of the global tank solo combat performance at that time.

After the war, Germany’s tank technology is still strong. The Panther 2 tank developed by them in the 1970s has sold well in more than ten countries in Europe and has almost become the standard tank of the European Union.


So at this critical time, everyone’s eyes focused on Germany.

What are you waiting for? Send it quickly!

However, in the year of the outbreak of the Russian-Uzbekistan War, the Germans not only did not send their own tanks, but also prohibited those European allies who bought German tanks from sending their own German tanks.

The contracts for the purchase of Leopard 2 by all countries in that year clearly stated that the transfer of Leopard 2 to a third country was prohibited without the consent of Germany.


It can be said that the tank crisis in Ukraine has a lot to do with Germany’s attitude. In short, Germany is not active.

Why? Does Germany have two minds about the United States? Is the Beixi pipeline, which is closely related to Germany’s energy supply, blown up?

That’s not so bad. The Germans still have the awareness that the United States will not fight back or scold back. They will not turn against the United States for the sake of being blown up by their industrial lifeline.

They have always refused to send tanks, but in fact, they also have their own reasons.

Tangled Germans

Germany has been burdened with a heavy historical burden.

Because of Germany’s “feat” of dragging all mankind into the water in the last century, Article 53 of the Charter of the United Nations has an “enemy clause” for him and his Japanese friends. The original text is too mouthful. Friends read it in the article:


It simply means:

The normal peacekeeping war needs the authorization of the Security Council, but if a country like Germany and Japan invades another country again, the anti-fascist allies can start directly without the authorization of the Security Council.


Therefore, in order to avoid leaving Russia with a handle to attack itself, Germany has always prohibited German tanks from appearing on the Russian-Uzbekistan battlefield.

Because if the German Leopard 2 tank really went to the four states of Udong, that is, the Russian territory claimed by Russia, would trigger the effect of “German tanks invading Russia” in the Russian concept, it is hard to say.

In the eyes of others, this is too cautious. Is it true that Russia will beat Germany because of the presence of German-made tanks on the battlefield?

How to put it? No one can say that Russia will beat Germany directly for this, but who can say that Russia will not? In June last year, the State Duma member of the Russian Federation, Gurushev, said in a television program that if the world war broke out, the first target of Russia’s bombing would be London, the British capital. In August of last year, Gurushev said that he hoped that the Putin government would “bomb London”, which would “end the British royal family”. The Englishman may not believe all of this, just as he is a threat, but who dares not believe all of it. If the German Tanka arrived in the four states of Udong, it would be considered as the German invasion of Russia. It all depends on Russia’s words. Say you are you, say you are not.

At that time, German fascism was crushed under the flood of Soviet tanks. Germany must not forget this point, because only a few decades after the end of World War II.

So every time they hear Zelensky’s tank call, the Germans will recall the fear of being dominated by Soviet tanks.


However, fear comes from fear. The Germans can’t stand it up to now. The situation is stronger than people. Who calls you the leader of the European tank industry?

Ukraine needs you. Your allies urge you. If you don’t go to hell, who will go to hell?

After a lot of wrangling, Germany finally agreed to support the Panther 2 tank.

However, this matter is still too sensitive after all, so the Germans put an insurance on themselves before agreeing, and asked the United States to send it first, and then dragged the eldest brother into the water.


The United States had to agree to this proposal in order to let Germany hand over the tanks. This is not easy for the United States, mainly for two reasons:


The M1 tanks in active service in the United States have secrets such as depleted uranium armor. If they were captured by the Russian army on the Russian-Uzbekistan battlefield, they would be leaked.


American tanks also need to be exported. If the Ukrainian army is not skilled enough to drive these treasures to death everywhere, it will inevitably damage the reputation of the products.

However, the United States, as the leading brother, cannot take the lead without setting an example.

Finally, after hesitation, the United States agreed to support 31 M1 tanks. However, it is imperative to remove depleted uranium armor and depleted uranium bombs.

This is not a big problem, but the problem is the time, because to provide such “special tanks”, we have to build them now. All the ready-made items in the warehouse contain “depleted uranium”.


Considering that the production capacity of American tanks is 12 per month, and it is also followed by orders from other countries. The American media estimated that it would take “a few months” to build all the 31 free cars. US Army Secretary James Holmes has said: “None of the options we are discussing can be realized in a few weeks or two months.”


While the two big men were still fighting, the British Empire took the lead. They did not hesitate to contribute their own ballast challenger tanks, up to 14.

Less often, but the British people have released all their strength. There are so many cars that can be driven in the British warehouse.


The British army began to plan to gradually cancel the tank establishment ten years ago, and of course, it did not feel distressed about what it did not want.

Moreover, because the mobility and firepower of this type of tank are not as good as those of Leopard 2 and M1, it is not popular in the European market, and the production line has been closed.

It’s no use anyway. Now it’s no problem to pull some stock from the warehouse and pawn the cannon fodder.

It’s just a pity that most of them can’t be used immediately. They need to be repaired first.

Therefore, the leading role of Britain is mainly to show off and make a statement. The actual effect is average.

France is a chicken thief. Although they promised to send tanks, they said “wheeled tanks”.

This thing is actually a thin-skinned wheeled assault vehicle. It weighs only 16 tons and has no heavy armor. It can’t carry even heavy machine guns or shrapnel fragments. If you want to charge like a tank, you can see God immediately. So whether this thing can be called a “tank” is enough.


Therefore, the focus of the future tank war is mainly on the German Leopard 2 and the American M1, the two mainstream tanks in Europe and the United States.

Opposite them will be Russian T-64/72/80/90 series tanks and a small number of T-14 tanks. (The figure below is T-90)


Next, we may see the first frontal battle of the main battle tanks of the East and the West on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield (of course, the premise is that Germany and the United States are trustworthy and really provide tanks to Ukraine).

So what is the level of “new” German leopard 2 and American M1?

–Hello, guys–

At the peak of the Cold War in the 1960s, the Soviet Union led the Warsaw Pact Group to put out a torrent of steel consisting of 40000 tanks, ready to bulldoze Europa at any time.

The sword of Damocles is hung on the head of European people.


At that time, anti-tank weapons were generally not developed enough. The best weapon to fight tanks was not other than tanks themselves.

Therefore, in order to cope with the “tank sea” that may roar at any time, the United States came to the Federal Republic of Germany at that time and planned to work together to build the world’s strongest tank.

With the cooperation of Germany and Germany, in 1966, the prototype of MBT-70, the super tank that condensed the essence of the whole western industry, was born


The configuration of this product can be described as “super luxury at the top”:


The main gun caliber reaches 152 mm (the current mainstream caliber is 120 or 125 mm), which can not only launch artillery shells, but also launch anti-tank missiles;

·Equipped with automatic loader, the crew only needs three people (vehicle commander, artillery commander and driver);


The hydraulic and pneumatic lifting suspension system is installed on a tall platform;


Anyway, all the top industrial configurations that the West could offer at that time were installed, and the cost was not considered at all, just to be able to crush the Soviet tanks in all directions.

After the sample car came out, it really amazed the world. The paper data directly affected the products of the Soviet Union.

Then, in a cheerful atmosphere, Germany suddenly withdrew.


Two words: too expensive. Four words: Can’t afford money.

The cost of data crushing the competitors is that the R&D costs exceed the standard by four times, and the German wallet is directly squeezed out, which can’t be played any more.


The United States also backed away from the event, and the project had to be suspended with regret.

However, although the project died prematurely, the legacy is still there. After all, all the vehicles have been churned out, and there are still some research and development achievements.

So Germany and the United States began to reduce costs and subtract on the existing basis. After a reverse evolution, the United States reduced M1 and Germany reduced Leopard 2.

So American M1 and German Leopard 2 can be regarded as cousins.


These two brothers are more economical and applicable than the “super tank” of their ancestors:

The main gun was reduced from the original exaggerated 152mm heavy gun to 120mm smoothbore gun, and the expensive hydro-pneumatic lifting suspension system was abandoned, even the automatic loader was saved, at the cost of having to insert a strong man to load human flesh.

Human body loader of M1 tank:


However, facts have proved that “affordable men” are still very popular.

The two cousins, the M1 tank and the Panther 2 tank, were widely praised as soon as they were launched, and became the two largest tanks in the West.

In contrast, the M1 tank of the United States is still more wayward, equipped with depleted uranium penetrators and depleted uranium armor with strong performance but easy to cause pollution. The gas turbine with faster startup and acceleration is also used for power, which also leads to high maintenance costs and high fuel consumption.

The German Leopard 2 is more grounded. It is powered by a traditional diesel engine. It is easy to maintain and saves fuel. Armor and artillery shells also do not use depleted uranium, a material that makes Europe talk about nuclear weapons, so European partners have to pay for it.


Now, except Britain and France, most other European countries use Leopard 2 as their main fighting vehicle.

So which of these two “economically applicable men” is more powerful than the Soviet tanks in Russia?

The so-called “economic applicability” of M1 and Leopard 2 is relative to their previous big brother, the local tyrant; If it is compared with the Soviet tanks of the Russian army, it is a “rich second generation”.

Although the Soviet tanks used the automatic loader and the 125mm large-calibre main gun earlier, influenced by the experience of World War II, they positioned the tanks more as cheap goods in pursuit of quantity. They initially positioned them as “less money”. Of course, if a tank costs less, it can naturally build more.

The Russian army requires that the technology of tanks should be as simple as possible, convenient for mass production, and less stringent for quality and protection; Moreover, the tank tonnage is smaller than that of western tanks, mainly for the convenience of peers and cost saving.

As a result, the weight of Western tanks has generally reached about 60 tons, while that of Russian tanks is only over 40 tons. The tank is small and the turret is small, so the armor-piercing shells used by Russian tanks are shorter than those in the West. The barrel technology is also lower and the power is relatively weak.


Both sides are more like heavyweight champion vs middleweight champion.

Of course, the tanks of the United States and Germany are powerful.


So does this mean that the war situation is about to change, and the Ukrainian army can rely on powerful NATO tanks to regain the battlefield initiative?

Maybe before, but not now.

Because times have changed

–Embarrassment of the king of land war–

There is no doubt that the current tank is still the king of land war, but the value of this “king” has been shrinking. It used to be called “emperor”, but now it can only be called “princes”.

This is because the development of military technology today, anti-tank weapons have been very advanced, and the cost of anti-tank has also dropped rapidly.

At present, even small soldiers can launch anti-tank missiles with one hand, and the means of armor penetration of various forces are even more diverse.


So the tank is no longer the invulnerable body of King Kong, but an iron can that can be opened at any time.

And now there is also a thing that makes tanks very headache: UAV.

As a kind of land equipment, tanks are afraid of attacks from the sky, so they dare to go overboard only when their own side is in control of the air.

But the UAV is a special thing. On the one hand, it is small and not easy to be found. On the other hand, it is cheap and does not involve human life risk; So even without air control, it can be used on a large scale.


As a result, in the modern battlefield, tanks have to face such a situation:

It seems that our side has mastered the control of the air. It seems that the front is smooth, but when we really rush forward, we will hit all kinds of missiles, bombs, rockets from all directions of the ground and the sky

The reason why the tank is still the “king of land war” is not because it is still as invincible as before, but just because its “mobile meat shield” function cannot be replaced at present. In other words, it is not that he can beat others, but that there is no better player than him on land.

This equipment is equipped with heavy armour and can resist the attack of machine guns and general howitzers; The high-power engine allows it to rush to the front of the opponent in a flash.


So no matter how rich anti-tank weapons are, tanks are still the most reliable first movers in ground attack.

However, we have to admit that the tanks are more fragile than ever in history, which is one of the important reasons why the Russian army suffered more damage than expected at the beginning of the war and the results were less than expected.

In fact, in the current battlefield, the real weapons of attack are precision-guided weapons such as missiles and precision-guided bombs.

So technology is the first battle force, but the price is a little expensive.


Neither Russia nor Ukraine is rich, and there are not many precision-guided weapons in their pockets. In fact, not only Russia and Ukraine are short, but also NATO is not able to give much. America’s assistance to Haima Si is also used up in a few times.

The United States can use high-end equipment to hold the other side down to death, but there is only one United States in the world, and most countries may be closer to Russia in war:

The high-end equipment is finished, but the war is not finished.

There is no way. Then we can only use the low-end game. So the tank still needs to be used, but considering that it has lost its courage, the logic of use has changed:

Today’s tanks are no longer precious weapons, but are only consumables, and may even be disposable weapons.

Since it has been reduced to consumables, quantity is more important than quality.

The advantage of Russian tanks is in quantity. The reason is that we can make more because it is cheap.

–Bottomless hole–

Russia is the country with the largest number of tanks in the world. It claims to have 12000 tanks, but half of them are owners who have been lying in the warehouse for a long time. They need to be towed out for overhaul before they can move.


At present, the number of tanks that can be used is estimated to be several thousand.

At the same time, the military industry works hard and can get you a new car every day.

Ukraine’s tanks have been exhausted, and the military industry is basically paralyzed. We can’t make it by ourselves. We can only count on Western assistance. One of the highlights of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is that a country with almost no military industry can spend a year with the so-called second military power in the world, and it is still unknown when it can stop.

Because behind Ukraine stands the whole western world.


At this moment, these former powers joined hands and hearts, and closely united around Zerenski. At the beginning, they even shouted the heroic words of supporting 300 western tanks.

This number of Western tanks is enough to launch a powerful offensive in a certain direction.

The voice of the big powers was deafening.

However, only four vehicles are in place at present. It is about one percent of the number shouted by the big powers.

So how many cars can be seen in the short term?

As mentioned earlier, the British have agreed to send 14 challengers, and Germany has also agreed to send 2 leopards. The number is also 14 compared with the British.

The Germans still don’t want to be the first bird, but they also released the previous restrictions on sending leopards to other countries, which gave the Ukrainian army a lot of imagination.


After all, Leopard 2 is the “standard” in the EU. Everyone has it. If all of them are sent, the scene should not be too spectacular.

However, after Germany really released the restrictions, the European countries that had promised to send the leopard 2 and said they could not help it because of the restrictions of Germany suddenly had many reasons.

Spain said that it had not officially agreed and was still discussing;

Finland said that it was not saying no, but we had to wait until we joined NATO first;

The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and other countries simply changed their language and refused to give it away

That is to say, Poland’s “chaotic ladder climber” is really intended to send (the figure below shows the number of tanks that countries claim to send).


In fact, most countries in Europe are like this. They shout loudly. It’s really their turn to be stingy. They want to fool others into doing anything first.

The white figure in the figure below shows the number of leopards 2 in all countries (including tanks to be repaired), and the blue figure shows the number they intend to send to Ukraine:


According to this trend, it would be good if 50 leopards could arrive in Ukraine next month.

I don’t know how the Germans would feel when they saw such a scene.

To some extent, the Russian-Uzbekistan war is a war between ideal and reality. In theory, the economic and military strength of NATO has crushed Russia, but it is a very realistic metaphysical question how much will flow to Zerenski.


In addition, tanks are not the only thing NATO countries need to pay.

War is a bottomless pit of resource consumption. Before contributing tanks, all kinds of ammunition consumption have long been a headache for both camps.

At present, the number of artillery shells fired by the Ukrainian army is about 5000, while the Russian army has reached 20000 to 50000.

According to statistics, the West has assisted 1 million artillery shells, but still can not help the amazing consumption on the Russian-Uzbekistan battlefield.

The United States artillery factory has now launched a two-shift mode of full production, but the monthly output is only 20000 rounds.


The US military, which has been relying on air strikes for a long time, never dreamed of such a huge demand for artillery shells one day. Now the United States has begun to expand the production capacity of artillery shells. It is expected that the production capacity will be expanded to 70000 to 90000 rounds per month by the end of 2024.

Facts have proved that the military reserves in peacetime are simply unable to cope with a long-term national war, especially those masters in Europe who put their weapons into the open.

Now the entire NATO ammunition depot is rapidly bottoming out. Tenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, had to appeal to Uzbekistan to “save”.


Russia still has tens of millions of shells in stock, which can be squandered for a period of time. Moreover, their production capacity is about 10000 rounds per day, so they are also able to pour tens of thousands of shells every day to suppress the Ukrainian army.

The difference lies in that Russia is a wartime economy, while NATO is just doing a favor in peace.

In order to completely reverse Ukraine’s weakness in military resources, NATO needs to enter the wartime economy as well as Russia, and concentrate a large amount of resources on arms manufacturing.

But the question comes again: Is it worth it for Ukraine?

For Western politicians holding hands around Zerenski, this is a soul torture.

Western aid is not unable to change the situation, but the key is to give enough. If you can’t do “unlimited renewal”, it’s useless.


And if you really want to make a difference, these Western giants must speed up now, because if you keep on grinding, Ukraine may have no people.

Since the outbreak of the war, 18.8 million people in Ukraine have fled to neighboring countries. In addition to the 7 million people in the Russian-occupied areas, the original 44 million people in Ukraine have lost 25 million people.


No one, no matter how many people, what’s the use?


–Conclusion The future of tanks–

One problem illustrated by the Russian-Uzbekistan war is that with the upgrading of human war methods, tanks have become the “king of land war” and become “land war consumables”.

Since it is a consumable that can be reimbursed at any time, the future development trend must be that the fewer operators, the better. The fewer people, the smaller the cost of human life.

So the tank layout of three or four people in the past is outdated:


The Russian tank is a three-man crew (vehicle commander, artillery commander and driver);

The Virtue tank is a four-man crew (vehicle commander, artillery commander, driver, and loader).

In the past, these mainstream tanks were equipped with personnel in the turret and sat with the shell, with a high risk factor and a high probability of reaching the sky.

The next generation of tanks is bound to take the route of unmanned turret, so that people do not have to shoulder to shoulder with a pile of shells all day.

The reasonable way is that all members sit in front of the car body, and there is armor to separate the personnel from the turret shell. In this way, even if the turret is punctured and the shell is killed, people will not follow the bad luck.

At present, the Russian T-14 and the American Abrams X tanks have three tank crews in front of the vehicle body, realizing the unmanned turret.

Russian T-14 tank:


China’s next generation tank is likely to adopt the same design, and the crew will be further reduced to 2 people, achieving higher efficiency.

In addition to reducing the cost of life and improving the survival rate of personnel, there is also an important trend to expand the combat function of the tank itself.

At present, there are too many means of anti-tank, and it is very unbearable to rely mainly on their own armor and hard shoulder as in the past.

In addition to various traditional active defense technologies, the future tanks may also use unmanned equipment technology to control unmanned equipment to protect themselves.


That is to say, in the future, we may see that the tank is no longer a single combat vehicle, but the leading core of an unmanned combat team.

It will lead all types of unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned combat vehicles to fight together on the battlefield and become a real “king”.

However, such high-end playing methods must not be seen in the Russian-Uzbekistan battlefield. The scale of this war is likely to expand further, but the technical level is difficult to be significantly improved.

This also means that the battlefield will continue to burn a lot of resources in an inefficient manner.

So the key to determine the future of both sides in this war is not who has acquired what new equipment, but who has more determination and ability to burn down resources.

Having said so much about tanks, I accidentally said that the Chinese great man said: “Soldiers and civilians are the foundation of victory.”.

Or, use a modern popular variable method to say: Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia as one side of the war, Ukraine and the United States and the West behind it as one side of the war, who wins and who loses in the end? Most fundamentally, it depends on the will of the soldiers and the people on both sides to fight.

Who can carry to the end, who wins!

This is the law of any war in the world. The same is true of the war that China may face in the future.

Who has strong will between China and the United States? In the future, we will always have a lot of fun. Every Chinese is an essential factor in the future.


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