Canada: kill those Mexican drug lords!

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Author: villa owner source: mikuangtouzi (id:mikuangtouzi)



“What exactly is the beginning of this article? What does the first sentence say? How can I express my thoughts implicitly and clearly within a hundred words?”

This problem has been bothering me for an hour. I really don’t know what to say

So, in the end, thousands of thoughts and thoughts converged into one sentence: lying in the trough! Canada zhennima magic!

This “Jiama Da” really dares to be the first in the world!

After successfully winning the title of “the world’s first drug addict” in 2018 and becoming the first country in the world to allow citizens to legally smoke marijuana, it is now ready to be the world’s first again.

Heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, ecstasy and opioids, which are notorious worldwide, will soon be legalized in Canada from January 31 next year.

At that time, people over the age of 18 will be allowed to carry and legally take less than 2.5 grams of strong drugs every day.

As long as it does not exceed 2.5G a day, drug taking and drug possession will not be regarded as a crime, nor will the police confiscate drugs, nor will they punish drug addicts and drug collectors.

According to their congressmen, they are in the protection of human rights. After this provision takes effect, if the police find that someone is taking and hiding strong drugs, they should help and protect their drug taking and drug hiding behaviors, so as to avoid unnecessary harm to drug addicts.




Right… You are right. The second paragraph begins with a row of ellipsis, because I don’t know how to express my mood at this time!

In any case, according to them, drug control in Canada can no longer be banned. In the past two years since the legalization of cannabis, more than 3700 people have died from drug abuse.

This legalization process of strong drugs is mainly to eliminate people’s sense of shame about drug abuse and drug possession, and encourage people to seek help from the government when taking drugs, so as to reduce the harm to citizens’ health.


Because the rate of soft drugs is too high and the number of deaths is too large, in order to alleviate this situation, let’s give everyone more strength?

This… Is very democratic! Very human rights!

After all, the vote of drug addicts is also the vote, and the life of blacks is also the life, isn’t it?

I really don’t know what to say about the urine of Western-style democracy. No wonder that Greenspan, the “king of the Federal Reserve”, said in his public speech a few days ago that there are no so-called strategists in the United States and the west, and the rest are a group of politicians who only care about immediate interests.

Of course, because of this remark, Greenspan has also been evaluated as “an old thing” by “careless politicians”.

I don’t want to make any more comments on the Western-style democracy of “voting is justice and everything coexists” and the White left logic of “for the health of the people, we should encourage everyone to take drugs reasonably”.

It is more difficult to explore the bottom line of conscience of Western politicians than to punch holes in the sun.


But Chairman Mao told us that we should look at problems dialectically. Since a thing has a bad side, it naturally has a good side!

For example, from an economic point of view, after the legalization of drugs in Canada, it may not be the Patriots in Canada but the drug lords in Mexico who are most likely to collapse.

Although in terms of strong drugs, drug abuse is only legal, and drug trafficking and drug production are still illegal, once this gap is opened, it is only a matter of time before drug trafficking is legalized.

After all, when marijuana was legalized, it was said that only marijuana smoking was legal. As a result, within a year, the state-owned drug trafficking company in Canada was established?

Moreover, there are clear data showing that the price of cannabis in Canada has been falling all the way since the Canadian government opened a state-owned drug company.

Canada’s state-owned drug companies, with a “constant flat” sales protection price, are coping with more than 27 million losses every year, hitting the black market marijuana price at about $5.5 per gram.


The international drug cartels had to seize the Canadian private market in the form of small profits but quick turnover while frantically improving product quality, which in a disguised way lowered the global price of cannabis and restricted the income level of international drug lords.

This time, after the legalization of heroin and other narcotic drugs, the price war between Canadian state-owned enterprises and Mexican drug lords will rise to a comprehensive dimension.

As a result, the international drug lords will inevitably be involved.

At the same time, because the legal drug market price in Canada is too low, it is likely to lead to a decline in drug prices worldwide, which in turn reduces the difficulty of drug control in other countries.

After all, it’s dangerous and low profit in other places. It’s better to go to Canada for a small profit but quick turnover!

Just like the thief never thought that it was not the police who killed him, but Alipay.

The drug lords in Mexico may have never thought that what may kill them is not the anti drug orders all over the world, but the drug liberalization in their dreams

From this point of view, the Canadian people are indeed great and noble. Sacrifice me a happy family!

It is the beacon of the world and the gospel of the world

At the same time, from a dark point of view, Canada is likely to create a “world drug city” such as Macao and Las Vegas because of the legalization of strong drugs.

The holy land of drug addicts!

It’s a great move to attract the world’s most deadly drug lords and addicts to Canada to achieve world harmony. Really

Really, this kind of “Jiama Da” spirit, which is never for oneself but specially beneficial to others

I don’t know how to describe it. I really can’t make it up anymore… So I can only borrow the opening sentence: sleeping trough! Canada zhennima magic!

But to tell the truth, I sincerely believe that what their politicians preach is “reducing drug prices, making more people able to afford drugs, protecting citizens’ property from drug trafficking exploitation, reducing the resulting vicious crimes, and legal drug use can make people happier.” This kind of logic is just bullshit!

Putting aside the magnificent cloak of democracy and human rights, when drugs begin to spread legally, everyone must face a very “human rights” but realistic problem.


Q: who will protect the country in the future? vote? Virgin? Or rob?!

The harm of drugs to people’s health is not only a problem of social economy, public security and individuals themselves, but will thoroughly rot everything of a nation.

Since Lin Zexu destructed opium at Humen in 1839, the Chinese people who had risen from the brink of the extinction of their families had waged a long war with drugs for two centuries.

How much harm can drugs cause? I think no one has a better say than the Chinese.

Half of the four words “sick man of East Asia” come from drugs.

Taking drugs has a serious impact on all organs of the human body, such as the heart, kidney, liver, gallbladder, bladder and other organs.

Long term smoking can also have a serious impact on the spirit, such as depression, hallucinations and various dangerous mental diseases.

There was a woman in the United States who showed her photos on Facebook before and after taking drugs for a year.


Within a year, she had become like this, skinny and festering, almost completely reduced to a useless person.

At present, according to a research report published by the statistical agency on JAMA Pediatrics, the marijuana smoking rate of Canadian teenagers in grade 12 (equivalent to high school) has doubled only in the seven years from 2013 to 2020.

In 2018, the cannabis smoking rate of Canadian high school students has exceeded 30%, and in 2020, this figure has exceeded 50%!

Meanwhile, on october17,2019, Canada legalized the long-awaited derivatives of marijuana smokers, such as marijuana snacks and beverages.

This is the so-called “marijuana 2.0”, that is, through the development of marijuana derivatives, marijuana and its extract can enter thousands of households and be integrated into people’s daily life.


At present, Canada has completed the historical achievement of “all people smoking hemp”, which is higher than the Opium penetration rate of “my Qing Dynasty”.

Well, I would like to ask… If war breaks out, will Canada, which has taken drugs all over the country, still be able to form an army? Who will form the army?

A Canadian version of “Double Lance” with a rifle and a smoking gun?

When a country or a nation falls into the abyss of drug abuse, what fate will it face? How much will it cost to climb out again?

I think not only the Chinese know it best, but also anyone with a little insight.

Canadian politicians are bound to know better, but they still did so, destroying everything of the whole country and nation in exchange for immediate votes and power.

This is really “after my death, never mind the flood”!

No wonder Greenspan is so angry. There are no strategists in the West. There are only politicians who are busy with the opposition parties and drug lords.

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