Can’t cry or laugh: General Manager Zhang Xiaoquan said that the Chinese people cut vegetables in the wrong way!

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Original: housha source wechat official account: housha has been authorized to reprint

On July 6, a consumer in Guangzhou bought a Zhang Xiaoquan kitchen knife online and patted garlic with it.

Garlic fought with the knife to the death, and finally the kitchen knife broke.

Consumers went to Zhang Xiaoquan’s East online store to report quality problems, and the customer service replied that the kitchen knife “can’t shoot garlic”. On July 14, the chat screenshot was posted online. “Zhang Xiaoquan’s customer service said that the kitchen knife could not shoot garlic” was posted on Weibo for hot search.

On July 15, Zhang Xiaoquan’s official wechat official account released a statement saying that the name of the company’s product purchased by consumers in this incident is “Longque cutting dual-purpose knife”, which is characterized by high sharpness, good durability, and longer than the slices and knives of food materials. The customer complained that the knife purchased by the customer was made of 50cr15mov stainless steel with high hardness.

Originally, this is a very small thing. In the network era of information explosion, the attention is very limited.

If Zhang Xiaoquan can compensate others for a knife or refund in the after-sales processing stage, this will be over. After all, patting garlic can break the kitchen knife is a “strange news” that violates people’s cognition of daily life.

However, from the customer service reply and official wechat statement, Zhang Xiaoquan’s attitude is quite blunt, and he also wants to find reasons from the perspective of technology and materials.

This response to public opinion can only be said to be a disaster. What is “50cr15mov stainless steel material”? How many customers and netizens can understand?

When Zhang Xiaoquan uses this attitude to deal with quality disputes, the price it pays is not one, ten or a hundred kitchen knives can solve.


The witty “pockmarked Wang” immediately arranged people to broadcast the kitchen knife to shoot garlic on a certain tone, and also noted the commitment of “shoot garlic, shoot it off and replace it”, which is very targeted. It can be seen how fierce the competition among peers is, and one foot is one foot.

At this stage, netizens are still mostly in the mood of watching dramas and ridicule. After all, zhangxiaoquan is a time-honored brand with nearly 400 years and still has a deep social foundation in quality recognition.

However, when a video of Zhang Koizumi’s general manager Xia Qianliang’s media interview was posted online, netizens were no longer easy to ridicule, but angry and scolding.

What did he say?

“The reason why Michelin chefs cut thinner meat slices and more transparent cucumber slices is that there is a fulcrum in front of them. We tilt the head in front of the knife, which is not a sense of design, but consumer education.”


We also said, “the way you have learned to cut vegetables for decades is wrong. All Michelin chefs don’t cut like this.”

Left a “Michelin Chef”, or a “consumer education”, you sell kitchen knives, what’s your look?

After looking at his face and listening to these words, he is actually the general manager of China’s century old brand “zhangxiaoquan”.


Worshiping foreign things and fawning on foreign countries to such an extent, is he worthy of Zhang Xiaoquan in the tomb? Without Zhang Xiaoquan’s hard work by the Qiantang River, which created the signboard of “Zhang Xiaoquan” knife and scissors, can Xia Qianliang get an annual salary of 1.36 million in the company today?

The “Michelin” he cherished was a tire seller. Zhang Koizumi became famous in 1628, and Michelin didn’t start to star restaurants until 1900.

However, he said that “Chinese people’s method of cutting vegetables is wrong”, and the right one is “Michelin Chef”.

It can be seen from the turtleneck he is wearing that this is an interview in winter (March). Now the video is “hot”, which does not rule out the promotion of competitors. I don’t want to analyze these more.

But today, he was scolded as a dog by netizens, which was purely deserved, and also dragged down his boss zhangxiaoquan.

According to public information, Xia Qianliang, born in Shanghai on October 15, 1984, has a Bachelor of law from Fudan University and a master of business administration from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He has written a book about fortune chicken soup. Since May 2018, he has served as the director and general manager of Zhang Xiaoquan. The annual salary last year was 1365400 yuan.

He has nothing to do with knife making, metallurgy, craftsmanship and cooking. He is a “management talent”. However, Zhang Xiaoquan’s performance in the past two years is not very good.

Why is the Chinese way of cutting vegetables wrong?

When the Chinese developed their kitchen knife technique to perfection, Westerners still solved it by hand on the table.

Kitchen culture

Xia Qianliang may not know that the west, which he adores very much, did not have a real social food culture in the same period as Zhang Xiaoquan (17th century).


This is the western table decoration we are very familiar with today. But even the European aristocracy and the rich did not have everything until the 18th century.

Let’s talk about this napkin first. Many people think it’s the stress of Westerners. In fact, napkins have to be used frequently because Westerners eat with their hands.

Further on, there is no napkin, so you can only wash it on the table with a finger bowl.


The last supper has only plates, knives (one for public use), kettles, wine glasses and finger dishes.

Because of grasping, you must wash your fingers frequently, and then use napkins instead.

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), a French literary giant and thinker, ate with his fingers all his life. He was also an aristocrat.

Why do people eat with their fingers? It’s because the meat and vegetables are big pots, and the chef didn’t cut them carefully, so it’s far from the knife method of cutting vegetables.

Chopsticks are widely used in China, on the premise that the dishes can be clamped up, which means that there must be a process of cutting vegetables until they are fine.

There was no knife in the West. When rich people eat, servants carry knives around their waists. Who has too much meat in his hand? Shout, and the servant comes and cuts it. Click, now cut it.

But not every family has servants, so they have a public knife. Later, there was a knife for each person.

However, there are no forks. Forks were invisible in European oil paintings before 1599. Forks first appeared in Jacob wave in 1599 In Bassano’s works.

Forks were not widely used in Britain until about 1750. In other words, before the middle of the 18th century, most Westerners still cut vegetables with knives and then eat with their hands.

Is it all right without napkins? Wipe your nose and grab the vegetables?

The spoon appeared earlier than the knife. It is matched with the basin to hold soup.

In the late 18th century, western table manners were popularized from the aristocracy to the middle class.

The main food for civilians is: wheat bread, rye bread, fried onions, beans, sometimes lard, but the meat is only a small amount of bacon. Fresh meat is a luxury. Ordinary people eat it for sick families.

In the past, some people on the Internet said that it was impossible for westerners to eat meat all at once. Because it must have two conditions:

1? Developed livestock industry and sufficient meat supply;

2? The development of refrigeration technology and the emergence of refrigeration equipment.

The so-called eating meat, for civilians, is mainly bacon and farmers’ game. Only the people at the seaside and the river often have fresh fish to eat.

As for the real knife technique of cutting vegetables, the West will not pay attention to it until the 20th century.

In the past, Westerners (missionaries and businessmen) came to China and thought that the Chinese people were too fastidious in diet and the processing of food materials was too fine to understand.

In Europe, only Swiss people don’t directly reach into the vegetable basin, because they carry all kinds of knives.

It was not until European colonists plundered others and accumulated wealth that table manners gradually became a culture.

When western culture has an absolute advantage, some people begin to worship them, including food, and forget the distant civilization of the Chinese nation. Once self-confidence is destroyed, the only thing left is inferiority.

Xia Qianliang belongs to the inferiority complex “elite” who completely worships western culture. Everything is indiscriminate. As long as he is different from the west, the Chinese are wrong, and the west is always right. Even in cutting vegetables, even if he is the head of a kitchen knife enterprise in China.

The reason why this is so funny is:

Many netizens who scold Zhang Xiaoquan hope that Zhang Xiaoquan’s knife and scissors can be better and better, correct problems, and carry forward this time-honored brand.

The person who despises Zhang Xiaoquan in his heart is precisely the person in charge of Zhang Xiaoquan. Let such people lead Zhang Xiaoquan. Is there a future for this enterprise? This also shows the seriousness of the monopoly of discourse power in the West. A few days ago, there was the “horse skirt incident”.

Maybe Zhang Koizumi should talk to him personally and ask him if he has the ability to sell the kitchen knife to Michelin?

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