Cao Cao killed Xun Yu and Yang XiuTu. The dog was cooked before he died

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At critical times, counsellors offer advice. The battle of Guandu is very illustrative. The reason why yuanshao failed was that he could not correctly use these advisers. Xun Yu was also yuanshao’s man, and later took refuge in Cao Cao. In addition, there were some talented advisers like Tianfeng, who yuanshao eliminated. His inability to trust and use these advisers was the biggest reason for his failure. Cao Cao, on the other hand, won by using the tactics of his advisers.

Scheming contest


Battle of Chibi

Besides the battle of Chibi, there are not many words describing the battlefield in the book. The words describing the burning warships are very good and wonderful, but there are not many words. A large number of words are about the contest of wisdom before and after the war. The real battlefield description is only 45 chapters and 49 chapters. But the whole battle of Chibi was written from forty-three chapters to fifty chapters.

In the battle of Chibi, Cao Cao, as a powerful party, failed, and the sun Liu alliance won. A very important reason here is the victory or defeat of the plot. The victory or defeat of the plot determines the victory or defeat of the war. For example, before the war, someone from the Cao Cao clique had come out to dissuade Cao Cao from attacking Wu. This person was the very famous Kongrong. At that time, he was also a great adviser under Cao Cao. But Cao Cao did not listen. He not only did not listen, but also killed Kongrong. In the war, Cao Cao also always failed in the plot contest, such as using Chiang Kai Shek as a cadre. Jianggan Zhongji is a very dramatic plot in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao asked Jiang to cross the river, which was also a plan. Because Jiang Gan told Cao Cao that he and Zhou Yu were old classmates, Cao Cao wanted to use this relationship to persuade Zhou Yu to surrender. After Jiang Gan crossed the river, Zhou Yu “took the plan”. As a result, after Jiang Gan fell into the plan, he conveyed false information to Cao Cao, causing Cao Cao to kill two naval generals, Caimao and Zhang Yun, by mistake. This is a typical failure in the plot contest.

Jianggan went to Jiangdong again for the second time, but he was caught in the trap again. Zhou Yu arranged for him to meet Pang Tong. Pang Tong made Jiang Gan fall in the trap, which enabled Pang Tong to successfully realize the chain plan and let Cao Cao connect all the warships together so that no one could run away when the fire attacked. Cao Cao’s failures were all related to his fall into trap. The victory of Soochow also depended on the success of these schemes. For example, after the war began, the series of victories were linked to the previous series of schemes. Zhou Yu played Huang Gai’s bitter meat trick, because Huang Gai used this trick to convince Cao Cao, and then Kan Ze’s deceptive surrender. The realization of this series of tricks led to the military victory of the eastern Wu. This shows that advisers played a decisive role in some specific battles. In the battle of Chibi, Zhugeliang and Zhou Yu also had a strategic contest. Zhou Yu was narrowly written, and he always wanted to get rid of Zhugeliang. Zhugeliang avoided Zhou Yu’s trap, so he used a series of tricks. Therefore, the whole battle of Chibi ran through a series of strategic contests between Cao Cao and sun Liu, and between Zhou Yu and Zhugeliang. In this way, the role of advisers is highlighted. This writing method also improves the aesthetic level of the war description in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. It is not about the excitement on the battlefield, but a kind of intelligent thinking, which is the characteristic of the romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Good for Cao Cao

Instead, he was killed

My adviser

We know that the advisers in the romance of the Three Kingdoms have very different personalities and destinies. In ancient China, we emphasized “self-cultivation, family harmony, governing the country and pacifying the world”, which is the content of Confucianism. These advisers all decided their actions under such an ideological system. We also have a saying that “learning to be literate and martial arts, goods and the emperor’s family”. Everyone who learns to be literate and martial arts is to sell to the emperor, that is, to serve the emperor. This is the basic pattern of our traditional Chinese culture. The counsellors in the romance of the three kingdoms are very keen to give advice to the monarch. They all appear in such a cultural pattern, so they can play their role when they choose the Ming Lord; Otherwise, their development will be affected, which is the road they must take.

Let’s look at the counselors in the Caowei group. The fate and character of some counselors under the shadow of Cao Cao. Xun Yu, the great counselor under Cao Cao, is a very talented person who is well written in the annals of the Three Kingdoms. Then the romance of the three kingdoms also fully demonstrates his wisdom and talent, which is well written. For example, several important events of Cao Cao were decided by Xun Yu on his behalf. When Xun Yu went to Cao Cao, Cao Cao said, “my son’s house is also my son.” you are my Zhang Liang. He fully realized Xun Yu’s talent. However, because of one thing, Xun Yu dissuaded Cao Cao and was killed.

The romance of the Three Kingdoms says that Cao Cao wanted to be the Duke of the country because he was originally granted marquis. On this issue, Xun Yu put forward his dissuasion, saying that now is not the time to do this. Cao Cao immediately said that Xun Yu would not help me. The book said that he hated him deeply and killed Xun Yu. How did he die? According to the official history, Xun Yu fell ill and died in a melancholy mood. Peisongzhi said that he died by drinking medicine, that is, by taking poison. The descriptions in the romance of the three kingdoms are very detailed and wonderful. Cao Cao felt that “if he didn’t help me, he would hate him.” he wanted to kill him. Instead of grabbing him and killing him, he gave Xun Yu a beautiful and exquisite empty box. Xun Yu understood that this was to kill him, so Xun Yu committed suicide at the age of 50.

Guo Jia never dies

Cao Cao

Not necessarily invincible

Xun Yu’s fate showed that Cao Cao loved and knew talents. However, there is a tragedy of “those who obey prosper and those who go against perish”. Xun Yu, such a great counselor, made such a great contribution to Cao Cao. Once he disobeyed him, he was also good for Cao Cao. As a result, the rabbit was not dead, but the dog was cooked. And Yang Xiu, killing Yang Xiu is actually a very complicated problem, which is caused by many factors. But one of the main reasons is that Yang Xiu can see through Cao Cao’s scheming, that is to say, Yang Xiu’s wisdom and talent surpass Cao Cao. Therefore, Xun Yu’s fate showed that he could not disobey him, and Yang Xiu’s fate showed that he could not surpass him. In short, the results of such advisers in Cao Cao’s place were tragic. Therefore, choosing the subject is a key issue for counselors.

So the most admired advisor of Cao Cao, or even the most emotional adviser, was Guo Jia. After the battle of Chibi, Cao Cao burst into tears. He thought that if Guo Jia were here, he would never be defeated. But the problem is that Guo Jia died early. Who knows what will happen if he doesn’t die? Because there are many negative factors when Cao Cao uses talents.

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