Cao Cao may not have set up a “Tomb robber” Chen Lin’s abusive Kung Fu

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Liu ziye, the abolished emperor before the Southern Song Dynasty, was a famous fierce king in history. He had been in power for less than two years, but he was confused and disorderly. Since childhood, he was often scolded by his father emperor Xiaowu, and always felt “not loved by Xiaowu”, so he immediately wanted to rip off his father’s jingningling after taking the throne. Although he was dissuaded by the Taishi, he still felt puzzled and hated, so he ordered to pour dung on jingningling and scold “Yinu” (Yi, commonly known as rosacea). However, at a young age, he likes reading books and is quite familiar with historical anecdotes. He saw that unofficial history said that Cao Cao had set up two official positions, namely “hair Qiu Zhonglang general” and “touch Jin Xiaowei”. He thought it was very interesting, so he seriously set up these two official positions, and the two official hats were worn on the heads of Wang xiuren of Jian’an and Wang Xiuyou of Shanyang respectively.

The so-called “hair mound” is actually digging a tomb, and “touching gold” is also looking for treasure in the tomb. These two official positions are popularly equivalent to the role of “director of tomb robbing office”. So, did Cao Cao really set up two official positions, namely, hair mound and gold touch? We have to start from the beginning.

In the fifth year of Jian’an (AD 200), Yuan Shao sent troops to fight against Cao Cao. Later, Chen Lin, a great scholar who was listed as one of the “seven sons of Jian’an”, wrote a call to arms article “Xi Yuzhou for Yuan Shao”, in which he denounced Cao Cao for “specially sending Qiu Zhonglang generals and Fujin Xiaowei, and all his mistakes were sudden and exposed.” It was said that Cao Cao was suffering from headache at that time. After seeing the call to arms, he broke out in a cold sweat, and as a result, his head didn’t hurt.

The author has always felt that Cao Cao may have been wronged. Generally speaking, as a high-level public official of the country, how can Cao Cao set up such an official position that obviously violates Chinese traditional ethics? Isn’t it obvious that future generations will spit on him as a tomb robber? Even in order to obtain property to pay for the army, he will “quietly enter the village, not to shoot”. How can he brazenly give others a handle? Cao Cao didn’t do tomb digging, but before him, Dong Zhuo had ransacked all the imperial tombs in Luoyang, and he didn’t see Dong Zhuo set up any special institutions and official positions. How could Cao Cao be so arrogant and stupid than Dong Zhuo? Therefore, most of this is deliberate propaganda when the enemy and the two sides meet in battle. It is possible to catch rumors, add fuel and vinegar, or even create something out of nothing. Later, Cao Cao wiped out Yuan Shao and captured Chen Lin. Cao Cao asked Chen Lin, why did you scold me so badly? Chen Lin said: the arrow is on the line, so I have to send it. It can be seen that the words scolded by the opposing parties sometimes do not necessarily count.

Although there is no clear record in the history books that Cao Cao once set up the posts of hair mound and gold touch, because Chen Lin’s abusive skills are very good, this call spread like wildfire and had a great negative impact. At that time, there was no network and media, so he could not respond, refute and eliminate the impact in time, so later people really believed it. In recent years, the novel “ghost blows the lamp” divides tomb robbing into four sects: hair mound, touch gold, move mountains and unload mountains. In particular, the school of touch gold captain is described very miraculously, which deepened people’s impression that Cao Cao once set up two posts: hair mound and touch gold.

Later generations have also proved that Cao Cao was indeed true with the two posts of FA Qiu and Mo Jin set up by Liu ziye, which the author believes is very far fetched. Xiuren and Xiu you, who led these two officials, were originally the uncle generation of Liu ziye, but after Liu ziye succeeded to the throne, he went against the law and killed the minister. Later, he imprisoned xiuren, Xiu you and other groups, abused them wantonly, and even let his biological mother, Princess Yang, force xiuren around in front of xiuren. Because they were fat and strong, they also put them into bamboo cages. One was called “kill King” and the other was called “thief king”. Therefore, Liu ziye set up these two officials, but he didn’t really want Xiu Ren and Xiu you to steal the tomb, but deliberately humiliated them with this, which belongs to the mischief of disobedient teenagers.

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