Cao Ge and Wu suling live apart. The woman brings her children to a new home

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Although Cao Ge is more famous than his wife wusuling, many netizens think that Cao Ge is not worthy of wusuling. Everyone thinks that Wu suling is a good mother and wife, but Cao Ge is not a qualified father and husband. Recently, Taiwan media reported that Cao Ge and Wu suling were separated, and Wu suling had moved into a new home with a pair of daughters. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Cao Ge and Wu suling separated

Recently, Taiwanese media photographed wusuling having a party with her friends and directly picking up her daughter to her new house. Taiwanese media said that after several days of follow-up, it was found that Wu suling and Cao Ge’s family were separated, and the two children were taken care of by their mother, Wu suling. The conflict between Cao Ge and wusuling broke out at the end of March, even involving LAN Xinmei, the godmother of Taiwan’s entertainment industry.

Cao Ge complains that wusuling doesn’t return home and that Lan Xinmei takes her wife to meet other men. Wusuling then took photos, suggesting that she had been subjected to domestic violence. Cao Ge is often exposed to the scandal of fighting, so netizens also believe that Cao Ge did something to wusuling. When things got to this point, people naturally felt that the marriage between Cao Ge and wusuling had come to an end, and they were definitely going to divorce. With wusuling’s conditions, even if she divorced with two children, she could still live a good life, and even find a boyfriend who treats her sincerely.

Wusuling brings her children to a new home

Although wusuling is a cold and gorgeous beauty in appearance, she is actually a very traditional woman in her heart. After her marriage to Cao Ge, wusuling was really a husband and child coach. It was only in the past few years that wusuling began to work again. It’s really good that wusuling can tolerate so many scandals before Cao Ge. Now netizens all think that Cao Ge is not good enough for wusuling and shout that wusuling should divorce Cao Ge and get out of the misery as soon as possible. Wusuling and Cao Ge have now separated. It is estimated that they will not be far away from divorce.

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