Cao Ge claims to have been a male junior for two years. He robbed wusuling

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Cao Ge and Wu suling have been exposed by the Taiwan media that they have separated. Wu suling has moved into a new home with her children. From the current situation, Cao Ge and Wu suling must divorce. Cao Ge claimed that he had been wronged a lot before he married wusuling. It’s a pity that he didn’t cherish it. Cao Ge revealed that he had been a male junior for two years, and he stole wusuling from his ex boyfriend. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Cao Ge claims to have been a male junior for two years

After Cao Ge and wusuling got married, they made a big splash in the process of their communication on variety shows. Cao Ge said that she was introduced to wusuling in the bar. Wu suling did not dislike Cao Ge who was shorter than her. Instead, she praised Cao Ge’s musical talent. Cao Ge was also instantly attracted by wusuling, who was very handsome and gentle, and the two began to communicate.

At that time, however, wusuling had a boyfriend and was living with him. Cao Ge asked wusuling to break up with her boyfriend, but wusuling refused. Cao Ge and wusuling’s boyfriend both know each other’s existence, and they both acquiesce in wusuling’s cheating. At that time, wusuling would date with Cao Ge during the day. After the date, Cao Ge would drive wusuling back to her boyfriend. Such a relationship lasted two years. Finally, Cao Ge couldn’t stand it, so he broke up with wusuling.

Wusuling was robbed by Cao Ge

It was also the departure of Cao Ge that finally enabled wusuling to recognize her true feelings. Cao Ge was more important in her mind, so wusuling broke up with her boyfriend and got back together with Cao Ge. Later, Cao Ge and wusuling got married. Unexpectedly, Cao Ge revealed that he knew about the “three when three” incident, which had little impact on Cao Ge. At that time, wusuling was scolded miserably. However, after Cao Ge married wusuling, he didn’t cherish her much, and even suspected domestic violence against wusuling. This is what many men will not cherish if they get it.

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