Capital’s off the shelf business!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Recently, some Western forces have nothing to say about us. After all, science magazine has published an article saying that the new crown is Russian roulette. Omicron will not be immune to infection, which has smashed the faces of politicians. So they thought of another move and began to talk about environmental protection.

The French say that China’s epidemic prevention is causing an ecological crisis. There is a risk of “improper disposal” of a large number of medical wastes, including cotton swabs, which will “pose a threat” to the environment and people’s health.

Before talking about others, you’d better look at yourself first. The number of newly infected people in France is about to reach six. These people’s masks are also medical waste. Have they been properly disposed of?

The French pose a greater threat to their own environment and the health of their own people. They have the face to come and talk about us, mainly because there is really nothing to talk about, but they can’t help it. Before Russia presses down the heads of Germany and France, the French media have to say something.

The British people’s heads were pressed down, so their report that “the regime that the shameless ruler Putin will perish” became “Putin will win a major victory in Ukraine”.

This is the case with the western media. They like to engage in the business of becoming a non resident. Talking about Hong Kong is a beautiful scenery. Talking about occupying the Capitol Hill is an attempted coup.

Americans have even come up with an argument that every time the Chinese eat a piece of meat, a puff of smoke rises from the Amazon rainforest. In contrast, the United States has one of the world’s largest meat consumption. Not only does it mean that Americans eat meat is equivalent to cutting down trees, but also, on the contrary, we are engaged in the three North shelterbelts, which is also a felony and a destruction of nature

Eating meat is like cutting down trees, and planting trees is also like a crime. Not only do we not believe in such media, but the American people also do not believe it. Public credibility is lost. There are too many lies. When it comes to the need for epidemic prevention, the American people will think that the vaccine is bilgaitz’s conspiracy.

The French media did the same. They didn’t say that their masks were polluted. On the contrary, we, Musk’s factories in the United States and Germany, could not continue to operate without epidemic prevention. Only the Shanghai factory was profitable. As a result, the American media said that epidemic prevention was damaging the economy every day.

Capital likes to do the business of being a non resident. It is particularly prominent in the media. Regardless of its own credibility, it is necessary to do whatever it is today.

This household is not only reflected in the credibility of the household.

70% of Japanese young men have no partners. They earn less than 4million yen (about 200000 yuan) a year and cannot get married in Japan. Japanese men have low incomes and high social consumption. The media instill exquisite life into girls all day, which leads to higher social consumption of girls.

This has led to the fact that most boys can’t afford a wife after they get married. In addition, some Japanese media eat female boxing meals and male boxing meals. The confrontation between men and women is extremely serious.

In order to curry favor with women, men have to earn money to go home and have to bear the burden of work. Under the heavy burden, and facing the media of female boxing, Japanese young men realize that marriage is not as good as their own.

So they spend money on personal consumption, buying and eating.

After reading the women’s boxing media, women feel that if they want to live an exquisite life, they can only fail to teach their husband and children. Under the single-minded independence, Japanese young women miss it and are not as happy as themselves when they get married.

So they spend money on personal consumption, buying and eating.

To advocate consumerism and fight men and women to eat is beneficial to the manufacturer. After all, if men fight men, men will pay for themselves. If women fight women, women will pay for themselves. If you advocate consumerism, more money will be spent.

Who would spend money on the family? The little fairy and the little fairy man didn’t earn money in the same month and spend it in the same month. Did they want to take it home?

As a result, the social division of labor has changed from men earning money to support their families and women helping their husbands and children to men eating, eating and buying, and women also eating, eating and buying. The low marriage rate is normal, and the high marriage rate is abnormal.

Not to mention, 70% of Japanese young men have no partners, and 30% have. However, 50% of Japanese young women have no partners, which means that 50% of them have. In this way, it is obviously impossible for men to outnumber women by 2.

This means that only 30% of young women are targeted at their peers, and the remaining 20% of young women are targeted at small fresh meat or old men, needless to say.

In the final analysis, it is because the delicate life costs too much. Japanese young men can’t afford it. Not only Japanese young men can’t afford it, but also American young men can’t afford it. How can a young man with a salary of $3200 afford it?

So young women in the United States have also found an old man. Sugar daddy is a good example. A considerable number of young women find an old man to be sugar daddy in order to maintain their expenses. It’s called sugar daddy, but it’s actually an object.

Some university professors have said that once the fertility rate drops, it is irreversible. Now that Japan is playing like this, what will it do in the future? Capitalists earn a lot and can emigrate. What will the Japanese do in the future?

Not to mention South Korea, where there is a more serious confrontation between men and women, has been judged to be a country that will disappear naturally. The capital has made a fortune and gone. What should the Koreans do?

Not to mention, Japan has a population of 125million. In 2021, the number of newborns was 810000. The total population of Jianghu is 110million, and the number of newborns is only 600000.

Cut off the future of all people and the present of some people. Are there only American and French media and Japanese and Korean enterprises?

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