Carefree ferry lineup officer Xuan Ren Jialun starts a romantic love journey with song Zuer

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Wuyoudu is adapted from the novel “Pinellia” written by half Ming and half Mei. It is a big IP that iqiyi attaches great importance to. Before, this play has also slipped through many stars. The lineup of worry free ferry was officially announced, and Ren Jialun and song Zuer started the Oriental fantasy romantic love journey. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Official announcement of wuyoudu lineup

Worry free ferry has been a star for a long time. Everyone is curious about who will spend it. Finally, the official announcement is Ren Jialun and song Zuer.

In fact, the name of Wuyou Du is better than Pinellia ternata, which is very consistent with the content of this work. Worry free ferry is about many people and “ Ghosts ” Feelings between. The hero is Xuanye, who is known as the most handsome yin-yang teacher in history, and the heroine is Banxia, the strongest salesman who came through. Just task setting and theme, worry free ferry is very attractive.

When wuyoudu official announced the lineup, Netizens found that the names of Ren Jialun and song Zuer were tied, but the official wechat later wrote a script, putting Ren Jialun and song Zuer in the first row and the second row respectively, which also caused a lot of heated discussion among netizens. Netizens all doubt whether Ren Jialun is grabbing a place, which we should not wronged Ren Jialun. From the beginning of its publicity, wuyudu has always put Ren Jialun in the spotlight.

Ren Jialun and song Zuer play carefree ferry

Wuyudu is a play of iqiyi. This play began to contact Ren Jialun in June last year. Screenwriter Lin Yufen wanted Ren Jialun to play this play very much, and finally it was a two-way trip. Ren Jialun has several works that have become popular after iqiyi broadcast, so iqiyi naturally attaches great importance to Ren Jialun and is willing to give Ren Jialun the best treatment. I hope iqiyi and Ren Jialun can win-win this time, and I hope that wuyaodu’s play can be shot smoothly and become popular after broadcast.

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