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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Kremlin, Putin’s office. Medvedev came in with a stack of documents. As the vice chairman of the Russian Federal Security Council, he is currently the actual helmsman of the Russian Federal Security Council and is directly responsible to the chairman of the committee, Vladimir Putin. Since the war began, the Kremlin’s hands have suddenly become tense. The various institutions that originally had their own responsibilities are now operating at full capacity. Medvedev, who retired from the position of prime minister, had previously been sick and rarely directly intervened in the work of the security committee. Because under normal circumstances, these matters will be handled by officials at all levels, and there is no need for him, the vice chairman, to fight in person. But now, his body is better, his illness is gone, and his spirit is refreshed… Under his personal command, the Federal Security Council glowed with new brilliance. Western media have been speculating about the discord between him and Putin. But only Medvedev and Putin know that they are true comrades in arms and comrades. Their relationship is not tied to interests, but to beliefs and the goal of national rejuvenation. For this belief and the national rejuvenation of Russia, there is only a common goal between them, and there is no personal contradiction. As the elder and younger students of the same school, Putin has always called his younger brother Medvedev with a nickname. “Jima, is there anything important?” Putin saw Medvedev come in with a serious face, knowing that he must have obtained vital information, and this matter is not good for Russia. “Mr President.” Medvedev maintained his due hierarchical etiquette. For so many years, he has been used to following this hierarchy. It is one thing that Putin is willing to be close to himself, and it is also necessary for him to maintain the necessary humility. He then said, “the European intelligence analysis group of our commission has come up with an intelligence analysis report. I’m afraid it’s hard to hold Snake Island.” “Because German and French howitzers arrived in Odessa?” Putin asked rhetorically. He knows this news. Recently, France and Germany have successively provided Ukraine with medium and short-range howitzers, French PZH 2000 self-propelled howitzers and German Caesar howitzers. With a range of 40 kilometers, it is just possible to attack Snake Island from the coastline of Ukraine. Putin has long known this intelligence. To this end, a high-level meeting was held to discuss the threat of these artillery to Snake Island. The result of the meeting was that the defense minister Shoigu said that Snake Island was not only located at the throat and controlled the estuary of Ukraine’s Black Sea, but also had a very high military symbolic significance and could not be easily discarded. German and French howitzers have a range of 40 kilometers, while Snake Island is about 36 kilometers away from the nearest place on the Ukrainian coast. There are not many places where these howitzers can be deployed. If Russia increases its air control and ground intelligence collection in this area, it can be completely destroyed before these howitzers pose a threat to Snake Island. At the same time, Shoigu stressed that Odessa, as the largest military port city in Ukraine, must be an important target for Russia in the future. It must not be given up because of a temporary threat, even if the Russian army will suffer a certain degree of casualties. Moreover, after these months of construction, snake Island has been built into a fortress that will not be easily broken. Giving up easily is not conducive to Russia, It is also unfavorable to the current stalemate in Wudong war, because it will make the morale of the army fluctuate. Foreign Minister Lavrov analyzed the importance of Snake Island from the diplomatic aspect. At present, Europe is short of energy and food. A large amount of Ukrainian wheat has been stored in Odessa, which can completely relax Europe. The final result of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the attitude of Europe has a very important indicator. If Europe can be forced to bow down through the food and energy crisis and is finally willing to sit on the negotiating table with Russia, it will be very important for Russia. Therefore, it is also very necessary to use Snake Island to lock up the maritime passage between Ukraine and Europe. Therefore, the meeting decided to stick to Snake Island without suspense. Now, less than half a month before that meeting, Medvedev has put forward a new intelligence analysis. “A week ago, a senior aide named Arthur in the White House Office arrived in Romania. [see my book the informant] Ron Klein, you know, the chief of staff of the White House, Arthur is a confidant of this chief of staff. After he arrived in Romania, he sank into the sea, and our intelligence personnel were in Bucharest [the capital of Romania] Lost this man. Then we found an American mercenary force in Turca, a coastal city on the border between Ukraine and Romania, with about 30 personnel. These people are active on both sides of the border and often contact the local Ukrainian national defense force, which seems to be training these Ukrainian soldiers. At present, this senior White House aide named Arthur should also be in Turca. Although we have no direct evidence to prove that he is related to this group of mercenaries, the United States’ hippocampus rockets are about to enter Ukraine. If German and French howitzers can only attack Snake Island in a limited range, this kind of hippocampus rocket can expand the attack deployment range several times. Moreover, you should know that the artillery coverage of hippocampus is not inferior to that of Katyusha. In this way, Snake Island is basically not a defense, but a dead loss. Use countless soldiers’ lives to consume the artillery fire of the United States, France and Germany. If this situation is true in the end, the spiritual blow to our soldiers will be even more terrible. For us, it is not worth paying such a price. ” Medvedev told Putin all the information in his hand in one breath. Only in this way can he show his ideas to the president during the report. Let him know the seriousness of this matter. “The situation you mentioned is very important. It seems that we need to hold another meeting to discuss it.” Putin nodded that he agreed with Medvedev. “I’m afraid it’s too late. The military and the Ministry of foreign affairs know how powerful hippocampus is. Or Mr. defense minister and Mr. foreign minister also think that we can increase the investigation and attack on the coastal areas of Ukraine, but this time the White House actually sent a special person to personally supervise the war. I think there is another mystery in this matter.” “Oh. Tell me.” After all, Medvedev has served as president and Prime Minister for several times, or he is not as professional as the sauy Valley in the war, but the height of his position is not comparable to that of the sauy Valley and Lavrov. As Putin’s junior brother, Medvedev’s many analyses can be more recognized by Putin. “I think the White House sent a special person to supervise the war on the front line this time, which must be to achieve a goal, that is, to drive us out of the Snake Island in order to open the black sea channel. There are two meanings to do so. One is to open up the black sea channel and make Odessa truly become the strategic support center of Ukraine. The other is to boost the increasingly insufficient confidence in Europe through the victory of the attack on the Snake Island. Biden is currently in The European trip looked lively, which also led to the agreement of European countries to expand armaments. But Europeans have their own feelings about whether they can persist. If we can win a major victory over Russia after the NATO summit, the United States can take the opportunity to ask European countries to accelerate the implementation of the results of the NATO summit, and further bind Europe to its own chariot. ” “I see what you mean. What should we do in the direction of Snake Island?” Putin asked. “Take the initiative to withdraw, occupy the moral commanding height, and make the White House conspiracy lose its focus.” Medvedev answered firmly. “In other words, we took the initiative to evacuate and give way to Snake Island. Let the victory planned by the white house become meaningless? But isn’t it true that they have opened up the black sea passage? Although we have gained a moral commanding height, we have gained real benefits for Ukraine and the European Union. This seems to be a little more than worth the loss.” Putin hesitated. “That may not be able to benefit them. First of all, the Ukrainians laid a large number of mines in the Black Sea at the beginning, and they have not cleaned them up yet. Moreover, even if they cleaned up, whether they cleaned up or not is up to us? The control of the Black Sea is in our hands. At that time, we can targeted attack those ships trying to transport goods. Then it is said that the mines in Ukraine have not been cleared It’s caused by reason. In this way, isn’t the initiative still in our hands? Moreover, how can Ukraine have the ability and energy to clean up mines now. The most important thing is that if the howitzers of the United States, France and Germany are really deployed successfully this time, we can’t defend Snake Island, even if we pay a huge price. ” “Europe, Europe, Europe…” Putin picked up the pen on the table, turned it around a few times, and murmured the word Europe. He seemed to be weighing the pros and cons. After pondering for a while, he suddenly looked up and said, “in this matter, we need to observe China’s attitude, or we need to communicate with China. What we care about now is not the gains and losses of one city, one place, but the situation of the whole world pattern. In this matter, we may need some cooperation from China.” “What do you mean?” Medvedev asked. “In fact, the United States has moved China’s cheese in East Asia. The new president of South Korea surnamed Yin seems to be ready to be a loyal dog of the United States. NATO’s expansion intention for East Asia is very obvious. At this time, China will never and cannot stand idly by. Since the key point of the matter is Europe, it is reasonable for China to do something in this matter.” “However, we can’t place our hopes on other countries. The current situation is that the war between us and Ukraine hurts Europe and the three sides between us and Ukraine, and China and the United States are actually the beneficiaries. It’s just that the two sides benefit in different ways. The military industrial complex and energy traders of the United States made a lot of money in this war, and Biden basically fulfilled his commitments to the financiers. China has realized its commitments to Russia The double harvest of exports of goods and materials from Russia and Europe can be said to be a two pronged take all. In this case, their willingness to actively coordinate Russia Europe relations must not be very high. ” Medvedev analyzed. “What you see is a little interest in front of you. The ultimate goal of this war is not only to realize our strategic intention towards Ukraine, but also to promote changes in the pattern of the world. If the interests of China and Russia may be different in terms of the war itself, but in terms of the far-reaching significance of this war, the interests of China and Russia are the same. That is to weaken the world hegemony of the United States and strive for the unity of interests to divide the United States and Europe. ‚ÄĚPutin is confident about this idea. Long before the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, he carefully weighed the positioning and interest trends of China, the United States, Russia and Europe in this war. At present, the democratic and Republican parties in the United States have formed a political consensus to suppress China, which has reached the point of immortality.

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