Caterpillar of the future world!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source: wechat official account: the Dao of the big shopkeeper has been reprinted with authorization

This is a very common insect in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I don’t know the specific name. I just asked you, “do you dare to eat it?” Friends in Guangdong may be brave and elegant, but if they are really allowed to take this as their staple food, I’m afraid they can’t catch it.

Caterpillars who are about to become food

But now this kind of food has become the main food for the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, especially for infants and young children. Its function is equivalent to replacing milk powder. This is not a special custom possessed by the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but a last resort. Because of the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war and the severe drought in Africa this year, the food available to the African people has become increasingly tense. With no alternative, this caterpillar, which was originally regarded as a characteristic food, has become the main source of infant food. While our mothers are still worried about whether to eat four stage milk powder or three stage milk powder, and whether to choose domestic or imported milk powder, the babies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are eating caterpillar powder.

The specific method of this kind of caterpillars is very simple. After catching the caterpillars, dry them with fire, and then grind them into powder with a stone mill. Of course, it’s hard to swallow this way, especially for infants and young children. Therefore, it will be combined with local avocado and palm oil. This kind of food combination seems to be good, which is very in line with the health concept of some petty bourgeoisie [since cat dung coffee powder can smell good, caterpillar powder is naturally not a problem], but if African mothers are allowed to choose, they would prefer milk or wheat flour. It’s a pity that they don’t have them. They only have caterpillars, and even these caterpillars have to meet the needs of the children first.

African stone mill and caterpillar nutrition powder

On June 30 this year, a Security Council vote was held at the United Nations. As we know, the Security Council is composed of 15 countries, including 10 non permanent members and five permanent members. The content of this vote is about whether to continue the sanctions against the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The voting result was that China, Russia and the three African members [Ghana, Gabon and Kenya] abstained, while the United States, France and other ten countries voted in favour. Thus, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is already in crisis, continues to be sanctioned. Of course, there must be a good reason for such sanctions to be passed. However, in the face of such a serious domestic crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I do not believe that sanctions are the best way. At least, the United Nations should give consideration to people’s livelihood.

The reason why we say the sanctions against the Democratic Republic of the Congo is actually that the world is now in a crisis. Although the United Nations does not have the energy to turn the tide, it must at least measure the current situation in the world and make some reasonable decisions. If those Member States of the United Nations are still scheming and scheming for their own interests at this time, perhaps one day a world-wide catastrophe will start to break out from an insignificant country.

The drought and food shortage in Africa this year have basically become a foregone conclusion. As I said earlier, although the United Nations and Türkiye have jointly transferred some food from the Ukrainian, the food has only played an emotional role in calming the world’s food crisis and stabilizing food prices, but it can not solve the crisis. Because this year’s drought and food shortage are global, especially in the northern hemisphere. Let’s not talk about the severe drought in Europe, because these countries will certainly intercept Ukraine’s food to ensure that there will be no food crisis in Europe. However, the United States is a major grain producer, but this year’s corn planting in the United States has been deliberately reduced, and more than 4% of the land has been left idle. In addition, this year’s drought has led to an inevitable decline in US grain production, and the global food shortage situation is only serious.

Of course, as a Chinese, we still need not worry about food shortage. After all, in our generation, “have you eaten yet?”, It used to be the most popular greeting. The food security awareness engraved in the bones makes it difficult for China to have a real food crisis. Unless we encounter extreme events, or we encounter an era of chaotic government management. We dare not say that we can’t touch the former, but we can definitely say that in the foreseeable future, our society will be managed in an orderly manner, and our people’s satisfaction with the current society is also high. Although under the influence of the epidemic era, people’s quality of life has indeed been affected to a certain extent.

At present, the first place where the current world crisis breaks out must be the third world countries, which is due to their lack of comprehensive national strength. Among the third world countries, there are roughly three kinds of countries that are most prone to crisis. One is those countries that lack resources but have uncontrolled population growth, the other is countries with poor government management, and the other is countries that encounter sudden disasters. Once these countries with weak economic strength and management strength encounter some sudden disasters and drastic changes in the external environment, the crisis will inevitably intensify.

At this time, the most guarantee for a country’s stability and crisis is the strength and efficiency of the management institutions. As long as the managers have a high degree of public trust for the people, a reasonable and efficient material allocation plan will be more easily accepted and understood by the people. Like the mountain fire in Chongqing, when the pictures of the three light bands were presented in front of us, I was really shocked and wet. This is our country, our nation and our culture. The long and profound culture has brought up this excellent nation, and finally created a nation with a strong sense of responsibility and an efficient and responsible management structure. Thus, when this crisis comes, we become calm and unhurried.

Sketch map of the Chinese nation

But even so, we can only ensure our relative stability and security when this crisis comes. The world’s crisis still needs all countries in the world to respond together. Back to the Security Council’s vote on the resolution on the renewal of the sanctions on the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Obviously, we can see from this vote that the world is not ready for the coming crisis. The phenomenon of tit for tat and intrigue has not eased because of the approaching crisis, but has become more intense because of the interest competition before the crisis. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country that is less concerned about Western interests. After all, in geopolitics, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is far less important than Ukraine, the Middle East, East Asia or Southeast Asia. But even in such a place, Europe and the United States still refuse to let others live their own lives. It seems that other countries can not lead a good life, and they can only rely on the gifts of Europe and the United States to these countries. This is the “dignity” that Europe and the United States must maintain. However, in this era, when the crisis is coming, and when the stability of western countries is difficult to guarantee, what else can you give to others? Let go!

Unfortunately, they will not. They must make the world become a ruin eventually, because they have a delusion that they will be the rescuer and the reconstruction of this ruin. Because they have done this in history, and they have been so successful in history.

Some of the food shipped from Ukraine will be intercepted by Türkiye and Europe, and the other part will be used to pay for US arms aid. Only a small part will be shipped to Africa. And even for this very small part, except for the food used for the show, which is free of money, Africans may not be able to afford the rest. These are not the most important. What is important is that an era of crisis has come.

In such an era, the Congolese are lucky to be able to eat caterpillars, because the areas where they live belong to forests and grasslands. At least caterpillars can be caught. However, those African countries in the Sahel have nothing except sand and wilderness and relief from other countries in the world. The spreading and accelerating global crisis will inevitably bring greater crisis to these countries, or countries with such attributes in the world. Although I am not a compassionate master, I can also imagine the cruelty of the future world to these regions.

The crises that we can see are visible to all the major countries in the world, and they were even foreseen long ago. Why don’t they seek to avoid it? For example, does Russia really want to go to war with Ukraine? Does he really want the land in Wudong? No, he just had to resist after being pressed by Europe and America. Can you accuse Russia of creating a global dilemma? Yes, this is what European and American countries have accused. However, they skillfully avoided the evil deeds that they had pressed step by step before.

And for China, will they do so? Will China retaliate like Russia? In fact, all this depends on the ambitions of Europe and the United States, as well as the essential understanding of world security by those countries around China. If they really want to be pushed to hell by western countries, no one can stop them. What we can do is to maintain our own social stability and basic living security while maintaining our own security. By doing this, we have actually surpassed more than 80% of the current countries.

We can be full of confidence in this, and we believe that we will certainly be able to do better. Or it’s happy to be a caterpillar in China. African caterpillars must think so.

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