CCTV host caoqing talks about being abused by the rich when she goes to the United States for a good day

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It is a distant dream for many people to be the host of CCTV. But some people give up this position, such as Cao Qing. CCTV host caoqing talked about going to the United States for a good day. However, when she came to the United States, she found that it was not as beautiful as she imagined. The United States was waiting for her to be abused by her rich husband. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Cao Qing resigns as host of CCTV and goes to America

Cao Qing graduated from Communication University of China, and later joined CCTV as a host. She once hosted programs such as reading time and fashion dress garden. Originally hosted by CCTV, Cao Qing resigned in 2015 and then flew to the United States to live. Cao Qing’s decision had to start with her knowledge of Tu Zhongheng, a wealthy businessman. Tu Zhongheng is a Chinese American. He is a doctor. At the same time, he also invests in real estate. He is also a rich man.

Tu Zhongheng fell in love with Cao Qing at first sight, and then began to pursue Cao Qing. Although Tu Zhongheng was 20 years older than Cao Qing, Cao Qing was quickly captured by Tu Zhongheng. Cao Qing fantasized about living a loving life with Tu Zhongheng after she went to the United States. Despite the opposition of his family, he resigned directly from CCTV and flew to the United States after his wedding with Tu Zhongheng in China. It’s a pity that Cao Qing’s life is like a nightmare.

Cao Qing was brutally abused by the rich in the United States

When Cao Qing was a CCTV host, Tu Zhongheng really treated her well. However, when Cao Qing resigned and came to the United States to become a housewife, tuzhongheng was very indifferent to her, and even treated Cao Qing as a nanny. Later, Tu Zhongheng even put Cao Qing under house arrest and only gave her some leftover rice every day. Cao Qing was tortured badly. Later, when she could not bear it, she exposed Tu Zhongheng’s evil deeds to the media and began to sue Tu Zhongheng to pay her living expenses. But Cao Qing refused to divorce because she wanted Tu Zhongheng to apply for a green card for her.

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