Ceng Chenchen was shocked to learn that when he was 20, he announced that the broadcast would be postponed

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Now there are many love programs, which invite some plain guests to fall in love in the program. For example, Youku’s heart is pounding at the age of 20. However, the program just issued a notice, and then something happened. Zeng Chenchen was shocked by the news that the program would be broadcast later. The 20-year-old official wechat announced that the program would be broadcast later. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Zeng Chenchen is exposed to three times

The 20-year-old just issued a notice, and the official announced the plain people who participated in the program. As a result, one of the plain guests, Zeng Chenchen, was exposed to the scandal of knowing three when three. Zeng Chenchen, who looks very young and beautiful outside, was exposed in the screenshot of chatting with people. His words were very explicit. Zeng Chenchen also complained with friends that old men like college students, but they are about to graduate from college.

Moreover, the chat recording between Zeng Chenchen and his friends has also been revealed. Through the voice content, Zeng Chenchen can be guided to associate with a married man. Zeng Chenchen obviously knows three things, and through her tone, it can be seen that Zeng Chenchen has no trace of guilt and shame. After these black materials of Zeng Chenchen were exposed, the 20-year-old netizen immediately burst into a boiling pot. How can such a person who has not reached the bottom line with three incorrect views come to love complex? It is simply an insult to the program.

Heartthrob 20-year-old announces postponement of broadcast

And the 20-year-old program group, who was so excited, never expected to find such a female guest in the program. The 20-year-old official wechat also responded to this, saying that the program had to be delayed due to the guests’ personal reasons. I hope netizens can give the program group some time to adjust the content. Netizens also shouted that the program team should make amends to Zeng Chenchen and ask him to lose money. Otherwise, there will always be such a pile of people who want to be famous online through love synthesis.

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