Changshan zhaozilong: Zilong is full of courage

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In the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the section of Changbanpo zhaozilong riding the Savior alone is so impressive that I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it. Love me and love Wu, and pay special attention to every TV and film version of Changbanpo. In the old version of the romance of the Three Kingdoms in the mid-1990s, Zhao Zilong’s actor Zhang Shan had a white horse and a silver gun. In the process of riding the Savior alone, he picked Cao to fly with blood and flesh. With the song Zilong, Zilong, unparalleled in the world, the heroic image is still in front of him. Not long ago, I saw an exclusive interview. After the shooting of the old version of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhang Shan frankly said that he had left many regrets, especially the battle of Changbanpo. If there were current technical means, it would be an earth shaking martial arts play. At that time, the director also said that zhaozilong, as an actor, was the worst choice. First of all, he had to be heroic and loyal. This unique temperament is hard to find among today’s male actors. More than ten years later, the historical blockbuster Red Cliff directed by JohnWoo opened with the wonderful scene of zhaozilong riding the Savior alone. Zhaozilong, played by Hu Jun, is brave and handsome. In order to take good shots of every horse, Hu Jun also had an experience of falling off his horse and being unable to shoot for two months, which is exactly the case. The competition between real swords and real guns in the film is particularly brilliant. During the same period, the film “see the dragon and guard”, played by Andy Lau, showed zhaozilong’s heroic spirit and courage incisively and vividly through the scenes of spear picking chariot and horse jumping canyon. In Gao Xixi’s version of the Three Kingdoms, zhaozilong, played by Nieyuan, gives people a dynamic image of heroic spirit. In particular, the 36th episode of zhaozilong riding the Savior alone is no longer the legendary fierce and invincible, but focuses on describing the difficulties and dangers in the process of the Savior. A lone hero can’t defeat thousands of silver spears even though his martial arts are unparalleled. When he was trapped in the iron bucket array and the white dragon horse was injured, zhaozilong, who fought alone, had to fight hard to kill the enemy and protect the young master. His life hung on the line all the time. Finally, the exhausted zhaozilong was lifted into the air by Cao Jiang. The moment he was about to fall into the gun forest, the injured white dragon horse jumped up, took over the fallen owner steadily, and roared out of the iron bucket array. It can be called the masterstroke of this long Banpo battle. Zhaozilong in the new edition of the Three Kingdoms has both the reality of the battlefield and the processing of art; The battlefield pictures taken by high-tech means depict an extraordinary “God of war” in a mortal way, giving people a more realistic and atmospheric feeling.

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