Chaos: ancient myths & ldquo; Four evils & rdquo; First, it is opposite to those who punish evil and promote good

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Chaos (also known as chaos) is one of the four fierce animals in ancient Chinese mythology. The following is a detailed introduction to the Chinese story network. Let’s look down.

[name]: Chaos

[alternative name]: hundun, Wuer, Dijiang and Dihong

[category]: Spirit

[Characteristics]: it looks like a yellow bag, red as red fire, six feet and four wings, and has no face

[ability]: one of the four evils. He can understand songs and dances. If he has virtue, he will resist it. If he has evil virtue, he will rely on it. It is opposite to those who punish evil and promote good

Chaos, also known as hundun, is one of the four evils, originating from the emperor Hong. [spring and autumn] Zuo Qiuming’s Zuo Zhuan · the 18th year of Wengong wrote: “in the past, the emperor Hong’s family had no talent, concealed righteousness and hidden thieves, was good at evil, ugly and evil, and had no friends. It was compared with Zhou, and the people in the world called hundun.”


“Hundun” covers up morality, covers up evil, and likes to mix with ignorant people. Therefore, it is molded in the book of Shenyi: “it looks like a dog, has long hair, four feet, looks like a bear without claws, has eyes but does not see, can not walk, has two ears but does not hear, has people’s intelligence, has a stomach without five hidden parts, has a straight but not rotating intestine, and has a path to eat. People have virtue and go against it, and have evil virtue and rely on it. It is called chaos. People who live empty and do nothing often look at their tail, turn up to the sky and laugh.”

It is like a bear without claws, implying that it has only its surface; It means that they do not listen to education; But they can not see and smell, but they can know that someone is coming, and they also take the initiative to approach, implying that it is good; There is a belly without five viscera, and there is a intestine without rotation. It implies that it is a man with a bag of wine and a bag of rice. Attacking people with virtue and shielding people with evil virtue are really dogs. Therefore, he used the phrase “empty dwelling and inaction, often staring at its tail, turning to the sky and laughing.” This kind of extremely ironic description implies that “hundun” and others are indeed like dogs.

The description of hundun in Shenyi Jing is more satirical than realistic, so the image of hundun in Shanhai Jing is more recognized by the world. It is recorded in the book of mountains and seas and the book of western mountains: “there is a divine bird, whose shape is like a yellow bag, its red is like a red fire, its six feet and four wings, and its hundun has no face. It knows songs and dances, but it is really only the emperor river.”

Although “chaos” has no face, he knows song and dance, and can be regarded as a senior folk art lover. This can be discussed with the dragon “prisoner cow” who also likes music.


Shanhaijing · Xishan Jing

Three hundred and fifty miles to the west, it is called Tianshan Mountain. It is rich in gold and jade, with green and realgar. The British water flows out, and the southwest flows into Tanggu. There is a divine bird, whose shape is like a yellow bag, its red is like a red fire, its six feet and four wings, and its muddy and unsightly appearance. It knows songs and dances, but it is really only the emperor river. “


[spring and autumn] Zuo Qiuming’s Zuo Zhuan · the 18th year of Wengong

In the past, there were eight talented people in Gaoyang family, Cang Shu, decadent, Yi Yin, Da Lin, Long Jiang, Ting Jian, Zhong Rong, Shu Da, Qi Shengguang yuan, Ming Yun, and sincere. The people in the world are called eight Kai. There were eight talented people in Gao Xin’s family, including Bo Fen, Zhong Kan, Shu Xian, Ji Zhong, Bo Hu, Zhong Xiong, Shu Bao, Ji Li, Zhong Su, Gong Yi, Xuan Cihui and he. The people in the world call it eight yuan. These 16 ethnic groups also enjoy the beauty of the world, and their names do not fall. As far as Yao is concerned, Yao cannot mention them. Shun, Minister Yao, raised the eight kais, and made him the Lord of the land. He was the premier of Pepsi. There was no time sequence, and the earth was peaceful. Take eight yuan, so that the cloth five teachings in the four directions, father righteousness, mother kindness, brother and friend, brother and son filial piety, inner peace and outer success. In the past, the emperor Hongshi had a talented person, a hidden thief, a good murderer, an ugly person, and a stubborn friend. He was called hundun by the people of the world. SHAOHAO family has no talent, destroys faith and abolishes loyalty, worships and embellishes evil words, calms down and returns, and serves slander and searches for evil deeds to slander Shengde. The people in the world are called poor and strange. Zhuan Xu had no talent and could not be taught. He didn’t know what to say. If he told him, he would be stubborn. If he gave him up, he would be arrogant. He was very clear and virtuous. He was so arrogant that he would disturb the heaven and the people in the world would call him an immortal. These three ethnic groups also helped their enemies and increased their bad reputation, so that Yao could not go. Jinyun family has talented people, who are greedy for food and drink, risk goods and bribes, invade the desire to worship extravagance, and cannot get tired of it. They accumulate wealth and accumulate wealth, and they do not know how to keep track of the times. They do not distinguish between orphans and widows, and do not sympathize with the poor. The people in the world are more vicious than the three, which is called gluttonous. Shun and Yao, the guests in the four gates, and the four vicious families, hundun, poor, strange, and gluttonous, threw themselves into the four ethnic groups to resist the charm. It is because Yao died and the world was like one, and the people of the same heart thought Shun was the son of heaven. They took the sixteen phases to eliminate the four evils. Therefore, the book of Yu recounts the achievements of Shun, saying that “be careful with the five codes of Hui and the five codes of obedience”, and there is no violation of religion. He said, “when a hundred premier is appointed, the time sequence of a hundred premier is the same.” there is no waste. They say, “guests are at the four gates, and the four gates are Mu Mu.” there are no murderers.

[Warring States] Zhuangzi, Zhuangzi Ying Emperor

The emperor of the South China Sea is zhe, the emperor of the North China Sea is Hu, and the emperor of the central China is chaos.

[Warring States period] Zhuangzi · heaven and earth

He pretended to practice the art of hundun. He knew one of them and didn’t know the other. Treat the internal, not the external.

[Western Han Dynasty] Dongfang Shuo’s sacred scripture

There are animals in the west of Kunlun. They are like dogs, with long hair and four feet. They are like bears without claws. They have eyes but do not see, can not move, have two ears but do not hear. Some people are intelligent, have stomachs but no five Zang. Some people have straight intestines but do not rotate, and have food paths. When people have virtue, they will resist, and when they have evil virtue, they will rely on it. Called chaos. Empty house and inaction, often how its tail, swing up to the sky and smile. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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