Chapter 48 of the romance of the generals of the Yang family: Yang Zongbao is trapped in Jinshan. Zhou Fu is the main rescuer

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The biography of the Northern Song Dynasty (also known as the biography of the Yang family general, the biography of the Yang family general, and the romance of the Yang family general) describes the deeds of the Yang family general in resisting the Liao Dynasty. The author has extensively collected the stories of Yang family generals, the drama books of song and Yuan Dynasties and the related plays of Yuan zaju, which were widely spread in the song and Yuan Dynasties. So the following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction to the 48th chapter. Let’s have a look!

However, it was said that the soldiers of the Song Dynasty wanted to compete for merits, just like a tidal wave. When Deng Wen saw it later, he immediately admonished him: “the thief soldiers do not use magic. If they see that the array is easy to lose, there must be an ambush. Moreover, this place is far away from the city. If the marshal doesn’t go back soon, he will be killed.” Zongbao said, “speed is the most important thing for a soldier. If he drives forward with integrity and conceals the unprepared soldiers, he can be captured with a drum. Even if there is an ambush, why should he be afraid?” After hearing this, all the troops are brave enough to increase by a hundredfold. When they got close to the foot of the mountain, the people left countless pieces of luggage, clothing and armor. The song soldiers did not doubt that they had been chasing into the cage.

As the sun was approaching, the Russian army heard a loud signal from the signal cannon, and Jiang Jiao’s ambush rose together to stop the cage. After the army informed Zongbao, Zongbao was shocked and said, “if you don’t believe in the good advice, you will find your way.” Even if all the generals fight hard. Huyanxian and dengwen were the first to fight out. The soldiers at the top of the mountain shot wood, stone, arrows and arrows at random. The song army was injured and killed countless people. It can’t be concluded. After arriving at the back of the mountain, there was no way out, just as:

The hero suffered a disaster in January because he fell into the wrong trap.


Zongbao and the people were trapped in the valley, and their hearts were terrified. Dengwen said, “the Fanzhong stick to the valley mouth. Even if they have wings, they can’t fly away. They have to be patient and plan out.” Zongbao said, “I am not familiar with the geography, but I have hidden the opportunity. There are some people in Xiongzhou, but I still don’t want to protect them.” The text said: “when the governor of the hill heard that we were trapped, he would stick to it and think about it without loss. But the grain grass is scarce and there is no relief.” Zongbao said, “the imperial court relies on me as the most important thing in Mount Tai. Since it is trapped by incense soldiers, you can think of a good plan to save it.” Huyanxian said, “the army of Yingzhou is so powerful that it can send a secret person to ask for help to solve this problem.” Dengwen said, “it’s hard to find a place where thieves come and go in Yingzhou. If you don’t go to Bianjing to tell them, once the army arrives, it will be the enemy of the crowd.” Zongbao said, “the camp is tight, but who can go?” After the Tao came, a man came in and said, “Xiao Ke is willing to go.” It was Liu Qing, nicknamed Liu Zhaozi, who was widely regarded as “Liu bold” and “dare to do anything”. Zongbao said, “what is your plan to make a camp?” Liu Qing said, “the marshal didn’t hear that there was a crowing and stealing guest under mengchang’s door? It’s possible that he would sneak out.” Zongbao was overjoyed, so he repaired the rescue document and paid it.

Liu Qing, leaning on the left side of the dusk, secretly came out of the cage. He saw Fanbing gathering in clouds and fog, so he turned into a green dog and ran out of the camp. The local people are only the animals in the road camp, and there is no doubt that they will guard against it. Liu Qing reached a solid wall. The sun has already sunk to the west, and it is time for people to gather in the wild to eat. Liu Qing walked into the grain and grass stockade and piled up like a high mountain. He took flint, led it with sulfur and fireworks, and threw it into the grain and grass stockade. The night wind was blowing, and when it fell, the sky was filled with smoke and flames. Seeing that the food and grass were on fire, the local people immediately informed the commander to rescue them. They were in a panic. Liuqing stole a fast horse and went to Bianjing at night. As evidenced by poetry:

Trapped in Jinshan, Liu Qing is brave and resourceful.

First teach the food and grass to become smoke and ashes, and then get the Fanying steed back.

Yin Qi ordered the tribe to put out the fire, and half of the food and grass had been burned. Only then did he know that someone in the song army had left the camp, and there was no time to regret. Because he ordered the night patrol to be on guard.

Liu Qing came to Peijing in a few days and informed the Privy Council first. The next day, the nearest minister told him, “the commander of the border court was trapped and asked for help.” When Zhenzong heard the play, he was shocked and said, “who is the leader of the fan people? Is this strange?” Because Xuan Liu Qing asked before entering the hall. Liu qingzou said, “in the past, there were victories and defeats in the battle with Xifan. Recently, he even lost several senior generals, and the marshal fought in anger. Unexpectedly, the fanren ambushed in jinshanlong and led our army into the ambush, so they were besieged by them. Moreover, the Xiong state was in a great hurry, and our army had no food and grass. I beg your majesty to send reinforcements early, so that the common people would not delay the work.” When the emperor heard of the play, he said, “I’d like you to leave. I’ll discuss it with my ministers.” Liuqing thanked her for her kindness.

The emperor asked his ministers, “who can move forward?” Chai yuzou said, “the generals along the border have no choice but to guard the territory. It is difficult to dispatch them. Your Majesty must publish a list in the Department and recruit those who are brave and resourceful among the generals to serve as marshals and pioneers and lead the troops.” Emperor allowed to play, that is to say, the draft list of the bachelor’s college was put up without any questions.

But he said that Liu Qing had invested in Wutong mansion and reported to lingpo that he knew Zongbao was trapped. She was so surprised that she asked, “have you ever told the emperor?” Qing said, “I’ve already told you, and then I’ll see you.” Lingpo said, “when will the Lord send troops to help?” Qing said, “Chai’s consort-in-law said that the imperial court has no good generals. If you can’t afford this trip, you will issue a list of articles, recruit new generals and send troops.” Nanai stopped crying and said, “saving soldiers is like putting out a fire. My grandson is trapped in the array and lives like a year. If he is to be recruited temporarily, will he know if someone has come to join him? If he delays for another month, the Pope will die!” After his words, he continued to mourn.

At that time, Muguiying, Ba Niang and Jiu Mei all went out to inquire about the cause. She cried and told her that Zongbao had been defeated by the regiment. GUI Ying said, “this is a major event of the imperial court. Why don’t people tell the imperial court and ask for help?” Lingpo said, “the country’s unscrupulous generals want to be recruited temporarily to fill this trip. I’m afraid I’ll delay things, so I’m annoyed.” GUI Ying said, “don’t let your mother-in-law be superior. My concubine should be saved by the army.” Lingpo said, “how can you get there alone?” Eight niangs and nine younger sisters said, “the two girls are willing to help each other.” She did not respond.

Twelve widows in front of the hall – madam Zhou (Yang Yuanping’s wife, the most knowledgeable), huangqiongnv (the wife of the six ambassadors, who is good at using double sabres), Princess Shan Yang (the daughter of the empress Xiao), Yang Qijie (the daughter of the six ambassadors, who has not yet been married), madam du (the wife of Yang Yansi, the wife of the twelve wives, but this one was born at the foot of the sky. He was taught the secret arts of the nine Chinese immortals, and learned to hide the art of receiving blades. His martial arts are outstanding. He has three throwing knives and can hit a hundred goals. People inside and outside the Yang family respect him Masai Ying (Yang Yande’s wife, who is good at using jiugu to practice rope), gengjinhua (nicknamed Geng Niangzi, Yanding’s wife, who is good at using broadswords), dongyuee (Yang Yanhui’s wife, who has sharp eyesight, but is able to walk through the Yang with a hundred paces), zoulanxiu (Yanding’s second wife, who is very good at shooting), mengsiniang (Taiyuan Meng Ling’s adopted daughter, who is Yuanping’s second wife, is powerful and good at fighting, and is called Meng siniang in the army), Chongyang woman (also the wife of six envoys, who is good at using double Swords) Yangqiuju (Yang Zongbao’s younger sister, who is excellent in martial arts and archery) – let’s move forward together. Mrs. Zhou said, “since my nephew is in trouble, with our martial arts, one of us will help the imperial court, and the other will save my mother’s trouble. We must save zongbaoye.” “I can see that you and others are working together and are really worthy of this trip,” she said That is to say, we will quickly prepare guns, knives, clothes and armour, and wait: eight niangs and nine younger sisters will go to the site by themselves. No questions.

However, she said that she had ordered her mother-in-law to go to the court early and say, “when I heard that Zongbao was trapped, all the soldiers had to go to the rescue and make contributions to the court. I begged her majesty to allow her to play.” When the emperor asked his ministers, Chai Yujin said, “I am afraid that no one will be recruited. I am about to ask for orders. Your majesty will allow him to play. The success of his discipline is imminent.” Emperor Dayue said, “if I can share my worries and save the marshal, I will be named as a gold stone to show the merit of the Yang clan.” Thank you. The emperor bestowed a pair of gold and silver coins. The imperial edict granted Yang Yuanping’s wife, Zhou, the position of general. The Ministry led 50000 elite soldiers to help.

After the imperial edict was issued, Mrs. Zhou and others were all fully prepared. Before they left the hall, they said goodbye to her mother-in-law and set off. Lingpo said, “the military situation is urgent. All of you should move forward. Fan manren is stubborn. He knows that the rescue troops are coming, and he must take advantage of the situation. Everyone should be careful not to take the Lord’s orders. Now Zongbao has been trapped for a long time, so he must send someone to inform him in advance to calm his heart. Just this advice, everyone should keep it in mind.” Mrs. Zhou took orders.


On that day, after drinking the preserved fruit wine, a cannon sounded. Twelve female generals went out of the house together, each holding a weapon, sitting on a horse. They were awe inspiring, and under the white soap flag, their military power was 100 times greater. Songzhenzong and Wenwu were watching from the city tower. Gu Wei said to his courtier, “today, I see the Yang family female general sending troops. The army is as sharp as a border general. This time, I will defeat the enemy.” Chaiyu said, “as your majesty said.” It is the day when the monarch and the minister scatter.

Just say that Mrs. Zhou and other soldiers left Zhijing and took Liu Qing as the outpost. They looked forward to Xiongzhou. It was February with mild weather. But see:

The horse is like a flying dragon riding the purple fog, and the man is like a fierce tiger chasing the long wind.

Apricot blossoms flutter to the nostrils, and the wild water flows rapidly.

Song soldiers marched for a few days. Looking not far from Xiongzhou, Liu Qing said, “close to the city are the camps of Senluo and Heishui. Madam had no choice but to live here and fight with Xu.” Mrs. Zhou said exactly what she said and ordered to divide into three battalions: Chongyang female, Jiumei, yangqijie, huangqiongnv, and Princess Shan Yang. She led twentythousand soldiers to garrison the left wall; Yangbniang, Madame Du, Masai Ying and gengjinhua led twentythousand soldiers to the right wall; Since then, together with Muguiying, dongyuee, zoulanxiu, and Meng siniang, they have stationed 10000 troops in tunzhongbi. Divide the troops among the people and help each other when the troops are handed over. The Chongyang women were ordered, and all the troops were stationed separately. No questions.

However, the news came to the third prince stronghold. The third prince said, “if we delay the rescue for ten days, all the generals of the Song Dynasty will have given their heads, and the Xiongzhou will be destroyed overnight.” That is, call Yin Qi to discuss the strategy to meet the enemy. Qi said: “according to the sentinel horse report, Song people are all female generals. The country’s unscrupulous generals can be known. Now they are divided into three camps. If only one place is attacked, the two soldiers will come to help. Before and after the troops are divided, order Meng Xin and Bai Sheng to fight first, judge their movements, and then try to break it.” The third prince, however, sent a message to Meng Xin and others. Meng Xin received the order and accepted the promise with joy. The army and horses were ready at the whole point.

The next day, at dawn, they lined up in the wilderness of Pingchuan to invite the battle. Song Zuoying’s nine younger sisters and Yang qiche went out to meet them. At the opening of the red flag, nine younger sisters immediately pointed to the enemy general and scolded: “Hu man, retreat well, forgive your death; otherwise, kill them all.” Meng Xin was so angry that he suddenly rode a horse and danced with an iron hammer to fight. Nine younger sisters came to meet them with swords. The two horses meet, and the two fight together. Meng Xin pretends to be defeated and leaves. Nine younger sisters drive their soldiers in. Princess Baihua led a light cavalry to cut off from the side, and fought with nine younger sisters for several times. Baihua was defeated again. Nine younger sisters don’t give up, so they ride after them. The princess was closer than him. She took out the meteor hammer, turned around and let it go. Nine younger sisters were sitting in the middle of the horse. Their horse was in pain, and nine younger sisters fell in the array. Princess Baihua is about to be cut off with a knife. However, sister Yang Qi shoots Princess Baihua in the left arm with one arrow, falls off her horse, and song Bingjing catches her. Meng Xin tries hard to save her. Liu Qing leads his troops around. Senluo’s army is defeated. Meng Xin goes to Bai Sheng’s camp alone. Yang Jiumei and others are returning to camp. All the people took Princess Baihua to the camp to see Mrs. Zhou. The lady said, “let’s imprison the guard cart, waiting for the troops to come down.” The military academy was ordered to imprison Princess Baihua.

Suddenly report the battle of the Heishui tribe. Mrs. Zhou summoned the second battalion to discuss. Then she said, “who will send troops to meet the enemy?” The Chongyang woman answered, “the young general is willing to go.” Mrs. Zhou said, “it’s more beautiful for a person.” Muguiying said, “I will help you out.” Madam Dayue, pay 10000 soldiers to go with them. The Chongyang woman was ordered to raise the flag and fight with GUI Ying’s troops. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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