Che Xiao’s live broadcast with goods suspected of fake eating made the brand cry to death

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The style of many live broadcast room anchors is different, but the ones that are popular with netizens are basically humorous and grounded. Temperament actress Che Xiao also began to carry goods live, but unfortunately her live studio is not very popular. Che Xiao’s live broadcast is suspected of fake food. Netizens said that if the brand saw the performance of Che Xiao’s live broadcast, it should cry and regret to find Che Xiao to promote. Why do netizens say so? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Chexiao live broadcast with goods suspected of fake eating

In the last live broadcast of Che Xiao, a product with goods was roast sausage, and Che Xiao gave everyone roast sausage live in the live broadcast room. When introducing this product, Che Xiao said that he especially liked to eat roast sausage since childhood. Some roast sausage cost 15 yuan, but the average roast sausage sold in his live studio is only more than one yuan. Che Xiao introduced that the sausage he sold was of particularly good quality. It was full of meat, with very little starch, and it tasted particularly delicious.

Che Xiao’s introduction was really in place, but when Che Xiao ate roast sausage, his behavior caused public disgust. Che Xiao bit the sausage, and the sausage was chewing in her mouth all the time. Che Xiao never swallowed the sausage in her mouth. Instead, I was using the space of wiping my mouth with paper, quietly spitting the chewed sausage in my mouth on a paper towel, and then quickly wrapped the sausage with a paper towel and threw it aside.

The brand side cried to death after watching the live broadcast of Che Xiao

It is obvious that Che Xiao is pretending to eat. Although Che Xiao is an actor, there are so many netizens staring at the live broadcast room, and Che Xiao’s performance is still exposed. I don’t know the brand side of the sausage. How would it feel to see Che Xiao fake eating. Che Xiao himself faked it. Will netizens in the live broadcast room still buy it? However, Che Xiao must have made money, because all stars have pit fees. No matter whether they are sold or not, the brand side has to pay the stars.

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