Che Yinyou apologizes to her fans for tears at the concert because of her facial acne

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Che Yinyou is a member of the Korean men’s team Astro. However, at present, Che Yinyou has a job in this group, and several other members are stingy at home. There is no way that the company can’t awesome. Che Yinyou was accused of being unprofessional due to facial acne. Che Yinyou wept at the concert and apologized to his fans. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Che Yinyou is accused of being unprofessional due to facial acne

The reason why Che Yinyou can become the best in the portfolio is absolutely because of his excellent appearance. Che Yinyou has been praised by Korean netizens as the representative of Korean male love bean face praise, so Che Yinyou has received many film and television engagements and can perform many variety shows. However, Che Yinyou was photographed by netizens before because he didn’t manage his face well.

This incident also attracted a lot of satire from Che Yinyou. Many netizens attacked Che Yinyou for eating on his face. As a result, he still didn’t take good care of his face. He didn’t have a bit of professional ethics and was simply not dedicated. Later, Che Yinyou wept and apologized to his fans at the concert for this matter, and promised that he would take good care of his skin in the future. Che Yinyou’s apology also made fans very distressed. Those netizens who accused Che Yinyou of being unprofessional didn’t know him at all. Only fans knew how much pressure Che Yinyou was under now.

Che Yinyou tearfully apologizes to fans at the concert

Fans explained that Che Yinyou’s current company is facing the risk of bankruptcy. Many staff in the company, including brokers, have also resigned. Che Yinyou is basically in an unmanaged state. In the face of this situation, Che Yinyou is estimated to be under a lot of pressure in his heart after work, so there is a pox outbreak. It has to be said that South Korea has very high requirements for artists. Many Chinese men love beans whose skin and body are out of shape, and no one has come out to apologize in tears.

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