Check the top ten European and American horror films with heavy taste, all of which are of restricted scale

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With the audience’s enthusiasm for horror films, more and more film and television workers are shooting films with the same theme. In particular, European and American film and television workers, in order to attract attention, their horror films are all sensitive subjects such as fierce ghosts, ghosts, zombies, abnormal murderers, and most of them have been made into restricted films. The scale of each film is big! Let’s watch the top ten European and American horror movies!

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A group of young people went to the farm to shoot pornographic movies. They were hunted and killed by the abnormal old couple, but the female No. 1 escaped. The retro style of stories and images is a tribute to the marginalization of pornographic and horror films in the last century. This film extremely shows the fear and helplessness of human beings for aging. The scenes of mutual cutting in the play are also very interesting. It not only paves the way for the transition, but also makes fun of the tragedy of pornographic film shooting and the passing of youth. Photography, music and editing are also very good!

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9. a group of corpses playing across the world

This is the budding work of PeterJackson. The strange looking rat monkey was caught, brewing a series of evil consequences. This is also the most authentic and unscrupulous work to show his black humor based on bloody nausea. The New York Daily News called it “the bloodiest work to date”. These bloody and disgusting have also cast its classic status in the film history, and the director Jackson has since won the title of “master of terror”.

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8. martyrs

A horror film with a strong religious meaning, the depressing atmosphere and the bloody and cruel abuse scenes are unforgettable. In the film, cruel and straightforward lens language is used to record in detail the inhuman torture such as beating and skinning. At this time, it is not only the heroine in the film who is suffering, but also the hearts of the audience who seem to be suffering an unprecedented test!

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7. there are eyes across the mountain

There is nothing new in the plot of this film. It is worth mentioning that the material images after the nuclear explosion and human infection began to be broadcast in the film. With the subtitles of 331 nuclear tests in the New Mexico desert in the story, this arrangement led the audience to a special background that was never seen in the original film. The film’s variant shape infected by the nuclear test after superb makeup, coupled with the crazy killing and tense atmosphere, makes the bloody scene look quite enjoyable!

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6. human skin Inn

This film is not so creepy, but it is mixed with a little political and new ideas. In the first half, the protagonists are attracted by sex, with the protagonists’ pursuit of beauty as the introduction, the sexy and hot figure show and exposure show of beautiful women as the main material, and the funny speech and behavior seasoning. In the second half, the male protagonists are sent to the underground slaughterhouse for the abnormal rich people to dismember for fun. He escapes and takes revenge at the hands of the murderer. All kinds of sex, plasma and violence are big!

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5. cruise ship of terror

The biggest selling point of this film lies in its logical and circular plot, which is similar to the modern version of Western European myths and fables. Jesse, a single mother, and her autistic children have created a fashionable sense of mystery. The same group of visitors staged the reincarnation of killing, which can also be understood as a supernatural Wonderland generated by the dead soul, with a “dying film” artistic conception. The whole film is not shocking with bloody scenes, but immerses people with exquisite plot structure and fatalistic twists and turns.

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4. orphan complaint

The original intention of this film is to build a seemingly calm but in fact dangerous family relationship with the innocent appearance of Laurie and the deep melancholy and finally crazy killing! This film not only makes you feel goose bumps, but also has a lot of thoughts wrapped around your mind, which is a bit like you can’t stop. Director zomihilla’s performance in the picture and rhythm is even more amazing. It can be called the amazing masterpiece in large-scale horror films.

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3. soul striking Valley

A group of British soldiers strayed into an inexplicable death zone. Unknown sounds and strange deaths made this group of soldiers close to the edge of crazy collapse. The film is praised by film critics as a masterpiece of a mixture of “no war on the Western Front” and “zombies out of the cage”. In addition to shooting shocking horror scenes on a large scale at a low cost, the film is also full of anti war flavor. The director will teach the audience to scream, make your heart beat faster, and even feel the experience of the characters in the film.

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2. the silent lamb

According to the novelist Thomas It is adapted from Harris’ novel of the same name and won the best film Oscar. The policewoman had to turn to another murderer in order to catch one murderer. Hopkins plays Dr. Hannibal. Even if he just sits silent, his expression is also very strong, which makes people both awed and fascinated by him. Using Hitchcock’s suspense technique and the psychological analysis method of modern horror films, the plot of the whole film is complicated and confusing. At the same time, the scale of such elements as bodies, killings and metamorphosis is also very large.

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1. chain saw series

This low-cost film series has achieved the perfection of all the elements of a horror film, such as tension, suspense, blood, thriller, etc. in addition to the endless and new ways of killing people, the unexpected ending of each episode is imminent, which makes people deeply shocked. Although the villain “jigsaw” has died, the information and ideas he left can be used to excavate a brand-new plot, which is truly “haunting”, adding countless attractions to the film.

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