Chen Jianfeng’s recent photo shows that his face has been destroyed, and he is so vicious that people can’t recognize him

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Chen Jianfeng was loved by many audiences, even the childhood god of many 8090 children, by virtue of his works such as the TV series “Beauty Trick”, “Beacon Fire Beauty”, “Hero List” and so on. Chen Jianfeng’s face has been destroyed in recent photos, and the whole person has become very fat. He has already lost his handsome looks in the past. It is no more appropriate to describe Chen Jianfeng’s face with evil spirits. Netizens exclaim that they can’t believe that this person is Chen Jianfeng. The editor will introduce him today.

Chen Jianfeng’s face is ruined in recent photos

The young Chen Jianfeng is really very sunny and handsome, but the recent photo of Chen Jianfeng is very fat. Chen Jianfeng not only has a very dark glaze on his skin, but also his face looks swollen. The whole person is very big, just like a rough man. Netizens said that the fat Chen Jianfeng was not just as simple as the greasy uncle. Now Chen Jianfeng looks vicious and makes people a little scared.

In fact, Chen Jianfeng has not acted for a long time. In that year, Chen Jianfeng was caught in the soft sand of the mainland entertainment circle because he was suspected of Hong Kong independence. Then Chen Jianfeng returned to Hong Kong for development. Chen Jianfeng, whose career in Hong Kong was on the decline, finally chose to become a diving instructor. Unexpectedly, another accident occurred, which led to the stagnation of Chen Jianfeng’s career in Hong Kong.

Chen Jianfeng is so vicious that people can’t recognize him

Now that so many years have passed, Chen Jianfeng has also begun to try to make a comeback and accept some low-cost online dramas. The former Chen Jianfeng is the white moonlight in the eyes of many audiences, and everyone is looking forward to his comeback. As a result, as Chen Jianfeng is now, no one should expect his new works. Since Chen Jianfeng now wants to resume his career as an actor, he should pay attention to his appearance. At least he should lose weight. Don’t exaggerate his appearance to be unrecognizable. Otherwise, he will only ruin his acting career that he has finally regained.

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