Chen Jon voiced his denial that pregnancy had caused a misunderstanding. Thank you for your concern

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Chen Jon first met Allen because he participated in love synthesis. After they were together, Chen Jon and Allen focused on their love life, and even didn’t work for a long time. At the beginning of this year, Chen Jon and Allen registered for marriage. Although they have not yet held a wedding, they are already legal husband and wife. Chen Jon denied pregnancy, saying that it had caused a misunderstanding, and he also thanked everyone for their concern. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Chen Jon voiced denial of pregnancy

Chen Jon has just updated a time limited update on INS recently. Below is our anniversary, which begins at first sight and ends with a white head, and then comes with four photos of Allen. The above essay is fascinating “ Along the way, stumbled, bitter and sweet, noisy and noisy, from the world of two to the family of three ”. The last sentence immediately became the object of heated discussion among netizens, a family of three? Naturally, everyone understands that Chen Jon is announcing the good news of his pregnancy.

It turned out that Chen Jon then sent a Weibo denial, saying that he was transferring the dynamics of INS, usually just looking at the beautiful photos, and didn’t care what the content was written, so it caused everyone’s misunderstanding. That is to say, when Chen Jon sent this INS, he should have used a template. This text is self-contained on this template, and Chen Jon didn’t notice the words on it at all.

Chen Jon caused a misunderstanding. Thank you for your concern

However, many netizens still leave messages, hoping that Chen Jon can really get pregnant. However, many gourmet people think that Chen Jon is really pregnant, but they just don’t want everyone to discuss it and don’t want to be public. Some people complain that roast will see it better next time. Chen Jon’s age is not small. Before, there were also people on the Internet who had been holding Chen Jon to recuperate in order to get pregnant. Xiaobian also wishes Chen Jon and Allen to become parents as soon as possible, so that their marriage can be happy.

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