Chen Mingxi gets a photo of his third child and announces the birth of his third child

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Chen Ming is loved by many netizens because of his participation in the wonderful work. He is known as a person who stands at the center of the universe and exchanges love. Chen Ming not only has a good career development, but also has a happy love life. Recently, Chen Ming had three children. Chen Ming was also very happy to announce the birth of his three children by posting photos on the social platform. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Chen Ming has three children

Although Chen Ming looks very mature in appearance, he was actually born in 1988 and is only 34 years old this year. However, Chen Ming got married very early. In 2012, at the age of 24, he and his wife Liu Jihua entered the marriage hall hand in hand. They were still teachers and students. Liu Jihua is seven years older than Chen Ming, but she is very excellent. She is an associate professor of Wuhan University and vice director of the Department of radio and television.

Liu Jihua, whom Chen Ming had taken the initiative to pursue at the beginning, has been in good relationship since their marriage. Liu Jihua had already given birth to two daughters before, and Chen Ming also showed pictures of his daughters. Unexpectedly, Liu Jihua has given birth to a third child, a son. Liu Jihua is already 41 years old this year, so she thinks that it is very dangerous to give birth to an old woman. Because when Chen mingguan announced that he was having a third child, many netizens, in addition to congratulating his netizens, were roast about him.

Chen Ming announces the birth of his third son

Some netizens questioned Chen Ming’s preference for sons. In essence, he still wanted his wife to give him a son to inherit the incense. But Xiaobian really thinks it’s unnecessary for everyone to impose their own ideas on Chen Ming. Are you so sure that Liu Jihua doesn’t want to have this child? In fact, many parents hope that they are daughters and sons, and they can make a good word. Chen Ming is also very kind to his two daughters, and if they have a son, the quality of life of their two daughters will not be affected.

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