Chen Qiaoen sent a long article to respond that it is not important whether you are pregnant or not. It is important whether you are happy or not

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Chen’s recent ins triggered people’s speculation about her pregnancy. Later, Chen Qiaoen denied that she was pregnant, but netizens complained that Chen Qiaoen was deliberately concealing her pregnancy, and questioned Chen Qiaoen’s speculation. Chen Qiaoen sent a long article in response to pregnancy, saying that it is not the most important thing to be pregnant, but whether you are happy or not. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Chen Jon sent a long message to respond to pregnancy

Perhaps it was the case that Chen Qiaoen was made an Oolong fake pregnancy that attracted too many bad comments, so Chen Qiaoen again prudently responded. Chen said that since she got married, the outside world has been very concerned about whether she is pregnant. After she had eaten too much and touched her stomach, everyone would question whether she was pregnant. Then the team and the agent began to face various phone calls from reporters, and many friends also came to ask Chen Jon whether it was true or not.

However, when she came out to clarify, she was scolded by netizens. She was even questioned that she had given birth but was unwilling to admit it. There were also artificial rumors that Chen Jon had miscarriage. Chen Qiaoen appealed to netizens not to be so malicious towards a woman, and hoped that everyone could be more rational. Chen Qiaoen said that it is not the most important thing to be pregnant or not. Happiness is the most important thing. There are always many unknown surprises, people and things in life.

Chen said it doesn’t matter whether she is pregnant or not

Chen Jon’s response is really sincere. I believe it is also what Chen Jon would like to say to everyone. In the Internet age, it is impossible to avoid fabricated news and those who have nothing to do. Fans say that as long as Chen Jon is happy every day, he can not care too much about some negative comments from the outside world. Boring and unfortunate people like to stare at others, evaluate others, and suggest others, but never bless others. Therefore, Chen Jon still relaxed and ignored the comments of some netizens.

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