Chen Turin lotus building has caused controversy, and four changes have been revealed

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Lotus tower, as a big production drama of Huan Rui, has been hotly discussed from the beginning. In addition to the three male protagonists, the choice of the heroine Qiao wanchu was also of great concern to netizens. Finally, the role was changed and the actor Chen Turin was appointed. The position of the lotus tower in Chen Turin has attracted controversy. Chen Turin has changed from a special feature to a four part one. What is the truth behind it? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Dispute over the location of lotus tower in chenturin

Chen Turin has just won the attention of many netizens with her TV series beautiful scenery on a beautiful day. She entered the lotus building, and everyone is also very concerned about how many times she will be. At the beginning, judging from the official wechat’s post, Chen Turin wanted a special role, and when the official wechat official announced the artist, he actually put the special Chen Turin at the end. Later, Lianhua building official micro edited this news, and Chen Turin also changed from a special feature to four times. His name was mentioned as the leading actor, but fan was behind the three men.

For this matter, some netizens who claimed to be staff broke the news, saying that Chen Turin didn’t want to be overwhelmed by some people, so he asked the crew for a special role. The result is that the play’s propaganda doesn’t include Chen Turin. For example, the name of official and micro official propaganda actor Chen Turin is placed at the bottom, which feels dispensable. Seeing this embarrassing situation, Chen Turin’s team changed Chen Turin’s special performance into four times, otherwise it would be too meaningless.

Chen Turin has made four changes to uncover the truth

Chen Turin fans are also very angry about this matter, saying that huanrui is following Chen Turin to hype the lotus building. Moreover, roast Chen’s role in this play is to be the judge tool man, because there are not many female characters in the lotus building, afraid of being added urgently because of being said to sell corruption, scolding Huan Rui for bullying actresses, and so on. Lotus building has just held the opening ceremony, and so many things have happened. I don’t know what will happen when the play is broadcast.

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