Chen Xiao cheated on Chen Yanxi really? When did Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi get together

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Recently, due to the popularity of Menghua recording, the past relationship between Chen Xiao and zhaoliying has once again become the object of heated discussion. Chen Xiao cheated on Chen Yanxi really? Did Chenxiao break up with zhaoliying because of chenyanxi? When did Chenxiao and chenyanxi start dating? Xiao Bian will introduce it to you one by one today.

Chen Xiao cheated on Chen Yanxi really

Recently, there have been a lot of news about Chen Xiaozha’s cheating on the Internet. These news are rumors made by Chen Xiao’s black fans. Black Fan said that Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi had visited zhaoliying’s class during the filming of the divine eagle heroes. Obviously, the two had not broken up at that time. As a result, Chen Xiao was with Chen Yanxi later. He accused Chen Xiao of having zhaoliying as his girlfriend during the filming of the Condor Heroes. He also flirted with Chen Yanxi. It was just a two-way street.

But in fact, it’s not what black Fan said. Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi filmed the divine eagle heroes for four months at that time, but at that time, they really didn’t communicate and didn’t have a relationship between men and women. At that time, when Shendiao Xiake was promoting, Chen Xiao told roast that she was very homely in an interview, saying that she had asked Chen Yanxi to come out for dinner several times, but Chen Yanxi didn’t come out. At this time, both of them are just colleagues who have worked together.

When was Chenxiao and chenyanxi together

Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi’s feelings began when Chen Xiao went to Taiwan to shoot. At that time, in order to film the mysterious family, Chen Xiao went to Taiwan and met Chen Yanxi again in Taiwan. As the host, chenyanxi also treated Chen Xiao with great hospitality, and the two people’s private contacts naturally became frequent. During this process, Chen Xiao fell in love with Chen Yanxi, and then took the initiative to express to Chen Yanxi that the two talents were together. So there is no such thing as cheating and stepping on two boats.

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