Chen Xiao jumped and ran away to avoid the hidden rules. Chen Xiao is really brave

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The recent fire recorded by Menghua has caused many netizens to pay attention to Chen Xiao again. Many netizens lamented that Chen Xiao is so handsome and his acting skills are so good. Why didn’t he become a top performer? This is probably related to Chen Xiao’s character. In order to avoid the hidden rules, Chen Xiao jumped out of the car and ran away. Few stars in the entertainment industry are so brave as Chen Xiao. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Chen Xiao jumps and flees to avoid hidden rules

Chen Xiao graduated from the Central Academy of drama. In the eyes of many students, Chen Xiao likes to be alone. If you have seen Chen Xiao’s speeches in some variety shows, you will find that he is actually a straight man with a very straight personality. For example, when he recently recorded live broadcasts with Menghua and other actors, he said that Liu Yifei had been at school, and Chen Xiao disdained Liu Yifei “ Laugh;. It is estimated that Chen Xiao is the only one who dares to speak about immortal sister in public.

After graduating from Chinese opera that year, Chen Xiao began to live a life of playing tricks. His handsome appearance soon attracted Huayi. In those days, Huayi was a bear boss in the entertainment industry. To sign up for this company meant that it was half a step into the ranks of famous artists. As a result, Chen Xiao quit and left Huayi.

Chen Xiao is really brave

It is reported that at that time, a Huayi senior management took a fancy to Chen Xiao and wanted to make a hidden rule of Chen Xiao. At that time, the senior executive also found the opportunity to make the same car with Chen Xiao, thinking of using resources to force Chen Xiao to give in to himself. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiao didn’t agree. He jumped out of the car and ran away. He even scratched his arm at that time. Later, Chen Xiao began to terminate his contract with Huayi. Since Chen Xiao was not well-known at that time, Huayi let Chen Xiao go if he wanted to pay some liquidated damages. Later, Chen Xiaocai went to Yu Zheng’s studio and became popular with the TV drama legend of Lu Zhen.

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