Chen Yating boldly challenges the hotness of “3D invisible skirt”, and women will blush when they see it

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Speaking of the discipline inspection committee in the entertainment industry, Wang Sicong is the first thing that everyone thinks of. Although Wang Sicong has restrained a lot recently and rarely disss entertainment stars on Weibo, there is never a shortage of popularity and topics about him. As the son of real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin, Wang Sicong has a unique advantage. Many people want to know what kind of girl can keep such a rich boy.

Almost all the girls who have been in love with Wang Sicong can make a big splash with the fame of “Principal Wang”, such as the well-known Douder and Sydney. Although these typical net red beauties are just passing water around Wang Sicong, in the process of dating, Wang Sicong is generous to his girlfriends, and it is common for him to send cars and houses. They couldn’t keep Wang Sicong’s heart for long, and they didn’t let themselves leave empty-handed.

Among Wang Sicong’s many rumored girlfriends, Chen Yating is not the most eye-catching, but it is impressive. Before she fell in love with Wang Sicong, she was just an 18th-tier star; after falling in love with Wang Sicong, she instantly became the hot search list and became the focus of media attention.

Don’t look at her breaking up with Wang Sicong, but her popularity has never diminished. After all, such a beauty is hard to be forgotten after being paid attention to. Chen Yating’s figure is also very good. Not long ago, she wore a very fashionable “3D invisible skirt” when she participated in the event, which directly caught the attention of the media and became the headlines of many information platforms.

Netizens couldn’t help but sigh, they didn’t expect that she could bring such a big surprise after a careful dressing up. It’s no wonder that Principal Wang, who has always been very vicious and sophisticated, took a fancy to her at first.

The advantage of this fashionable gauze skirt design lies in the 3D effect of the figure. The outside is a tulle shawl-like design, and the inside is a fashionable figure design. The inside and outside are matched, which is both fashionable and ingenious. The cutting of the whole skirt just fits the curve of Chen Yating’s figure, so that it can perfectly show the concave and convex S line.

Chen Yating, who is taking pictures with Ren Jun, looks quite temperamental, and her neat shoulder-length short hair gives her a unique fashion charm. Compared with Wang Sicong’s previous girlfriends, Chen Yating is obviously more stable. She looks different from most internet celebrity faces, her appearance can quickly catch people’s attention and make people unforgettable after seeing it. The self-confidence revealed in her gestures is not fake, such a beauty is indeed worthy of a wealthy boy like Wang Sicong.

Life is colorful, beautiful and fashionable, love or floating clouds, self-reliance is the magic weapon. For these beauties who have interacted with Wang Sicong, this relationship may just be a cloud in their lives, and it is their self-reliance that can make them liked by more people. What do you think about this?

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