Chen Zhipeng worked as a waiter for unknown netizens for 300000 yuan

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Although Chen Zhipeng’s development in the entertainment industry in recent years is not very high, his status is still very high for many netizens. After all, the little tigers are the youth of a generation, and Chen Zhipeng has also participated in some variety shows in recent years. Chen Zhipeng even went to work as a waiter for an unknown netizen for 300000. After the news was released, it also attracted the attention of many netizens. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Chenzhipeng worked as a waiter for 300000

Although the current Internet celebrities are inferior to stars in the eyes of gourmet people, their income is no less than stars. So now many netizens also like to spend money to find some stars to platform for themselves, which is also a matter of special face. Netizens found that recently, Chen Zhipeng attended a 60th birthday party held by an unknown online celebrity for his mother.

At the party, Chen Zhipeng pushed the birthday cake, walked behind the couple, and then appeared in front of their mother. Although Gai wanghong introduced Chen Zhipeng as his friend, it was obviously not from the scene atmosphere. As a singer, Chen Zhipeng didn’t speak all the time during the live singing of the song. He sang by himself with a microphone. Chen Zhipeng is only responsible for pushing the cake behind the Internet celebrity. If he doesn’t know Chen Zhipeng, he may really be regarded as a waiter.

Chen Zhipeng worked as a waiter for unknown netizens

Insiders revealed that Chen Zhipeng charged 300000 yuan for pushing the cake to netizens this time. This fee does not include singing, so Chen Zhipeng will not sing at the birthday party. For the news of Chen Zhipeng, some netizens complained that roast was too low to accept this kind of activity. He felt that there was no bottom line for money. He was the most unprofessional person in the little tigers. He used to be the youth of many people. However, many netizens think it’s good. If you don’t steal or rob money by yourself, there’s nothing to be looked down upon.

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