Cheng Yi’s private contact with the rich woman is true or false. The key evidence is exposed by netizens. It’s suspected that stone hammer

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There are many popular right and wrong people in the entertainment industry. None of the popular artists has no negative news. The most popular negative news of Cheng Yi should be to accompany the rich woman. Cheng Yi’s private contact with the rich woman is true or false. Netizens exposed the key evidence and suspected that Shi hammer had Cheng Yi accompany the rich woman once. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Is Cheng Yi’s private association with a rich woman true or false

Cheng Yi had a lot of fans after he became popular with Liuli. At that time, some netizens exposed that the wife of a private steel tycoon asked Cheng Yi to have dinner. His wife’s family is also very powerful. Her daughter and Li Yan are classmates. She and Faye Wong are also good friends. According to the insider, the rich woman especially likes chasing plays. After chasing a play, she likes a male star. She often uses her extensive contacts to invite these male stars to dinner, and is especially generous to these male stars. Therefore, few male stars refuse her invitation.

Netizens also posted a screenshot of the wechat group chat. The screenshot was the conversation between the rich woman and Cheng Yi’s boss zhongjunyan. The two sides agreed that on the 4th, the rich woman and her friends would meet Cheng Yi for dinner. It is reported that Cheng Yi No. 4 originally had two scenes to be filmed, but finally it was changed into one. It is suspected that it was to have dinner with a rich woman, so the crew was asked to finish the work earlier (zhongjunyan also mentioned in her wechat chat that it could be arranged).

Cheng Yi privately associates with the rich woman suspected of stone hammer

After the news that Cheng Yi had dinner with the rich woman came out, Zhong Kai of huanrui century immediately took a group photo of all the people and said that it was taken at a dinner party on October 4. However, Netizens found that a foreigner in the group photo was the general manager of a luxury brand in China, whose name was Tasso. The name of Tasso also appears in the wechat screenshot. Zhong Kai’s pictures are undoubtedly once again the evidence of Cheng Yi’s private association with a rich woman.

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