Child star shaoyibu was bullied on campus and forced to commit suicide by jumping from a building

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Although it is said that children are angels, many children are terrible in schools, so bullying often occurs in schools. Child star Shao Yibu was bullied by the campus. Shao Yibu’s mother also sent a document accusing her daughter of her misfortune. Shao Yibu was forced to jump from a building to commit suicide to seek relief because of the campus bullying. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Child star shaoyibu is bullied on campus

As a child star, shaoyibu has appeared in the following works: chasing a dream, building a dream, Galaxy tutorial, etc. However, the aura of child star did not give Shao Yibu any preferential treatment in school, but was bullied on the campus. Shaoyibu was forced to commit suicide by jumping from a building. Shaoyibu’s mother had no choice but to use her daughter’s social account to send a document and report the students and teachers who hurt her daughter in her real name.

Shaoyibu’s mother wrote that her daughter had been bullied by 9 (3) 13 students of Shanghai Xincheng school. Although the parents of these children knew these things, they were conniving. Shaoyibu’s mother also accused the class’s head teacher and grade director, saying that he sheltered the perpetrators, and even called shaoyibu’s mother to throw everything to shaoyibu. He said that shaoyibu was isolated by his classmates because he was too floating in school.

Child star shaoyibu was forced to commit suicide by jumping from a building

At the beginning, three girls in the same class spread rumors about Shao Yibu. The teacher let it go. As a result, more and more people joined the team of campus bullying. These people often abused shaoyibu wantonly in the class. Although shaoyibu resisted, he was outnumbered and finally forced to jump off a building to seek relief. Shao Yibu’s mother exposed a picture of her daughter in the hospital. After seven and a half months of treatment, Shao Yibu finally recovered his physical health. Shaoyibu’s mother sent a document to seek justice for her daughter. At the same time, she also hoped that everyone would pay more attention to campus bullying.

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