Childhood shadow: why Qin Shihuang didn’t establish a queen all his life

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I think this abnormal condition is closely related to the double harm of his mother to his body and soul.

Ying Zheng ascended the throne at the age of 13 and took office at the age of 22. For nine years, Qinshihuang did not establish a queen; During the 28 year reign of the emperor from the age of 22 to 50, Qin Shihuang never established a queen. Why on earth is this?

The answer is still his mother.

Because the psychological shadow brought by his mother accompanied Qin Shihuang all his life, he became a woman’s enemy and regarded all women as unclean things, just like his mother. But his feelings for his mother are strange. Few people noticed that after the death of his mother, a strange woman appeared in the life of Qinshihuang.

This strange woman is called Qing, a widow in Bajun. There is a few words in the “historical records? Biographies of goods and colonization”: “the widow of Pakistan in the Qing Dynasty, who first gained Dan acupoint, and was good at benefiting her for generations, and her family was not Zi. In the Qing Dynasty, the widow was also able to defend her industry, defend herself with her money, and avoid infringement. The emperor of Qin thought that she was a chaste woman and a guest, and cherished a clear platform for building a woman. The widow of the poor village in the Qing Dynasty, who was polite and anti Wancheng, was famous all over the world, so she was not rich and evil?” – The ancestors of the Qing Dynasty became billionaires because they operated Dan mines. The Qing Dynasty, as a descendant of the family, inherited this family business and had a huge private armed force to protect the family business. This is called “self defense with money, inviolable”. Qin Shihuang thought that Qing was a chaste woman and was very polite to her, and he took Qing to Xianyang, the capital of the Qin Dynasty, to spend his later years in peace. After Qing died of illness, Qin Shihuang transported Qing’s body back to his hometown for burial. Not only that, Qin Shihuang specially built a luxurious monument named “huaiqingtai” for her in the place of burial because he missed Qing Dynasty, so that Sima Qian sighed: Qing Dynasty is just a widow in a remote place, who “resisted all kinds of Rites”, sat on the same level with Qin Shihuang, and became famous all over the world. Isn’t it because she is rich?

Sima Qian’s sigh may be far from revealing the essence of the relationship between the Qing Dynasty and Qinshihuang.

Qin Shihuang’s courtesy to Qing Dynasty was amazing. The strangest thing is that after the unification of the whole country in the Qin Dynasty, in order to prevent the rebellion of the people of the six countries, all the weapons in the country were collected and melted, cast into chimes and 12 bronze men weighing 30000 kg, and placed in the palace. The strict Qin law also expressly stipulates that weapons under heaven must not be hidden privately. But Qinshihuang could allow Qing to have a huge private armed force! This courtesy has long gone far beyond what Sima Qian thought was to commend the wealth of Qing Dynasty. Some scholars believe that Emperor Qinshihuang spent his life seeking immortals and immortality, and the Dan mine operated by Qing Dynasty is the largest enterprise smelting dansha; In the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, “Mercury is a hundred rivers and seas, instilled by mechanism, with astronomy on the top and geography on the bottom”. It is conservatively estimated that there are about 100 tons of mercury, which also needs Dan ore smelting and extraction. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty is treated with extraordinary courtesy. However, after Qing’s death, Qinshihuang has lost the interest motive to continue to miss Qing. How to explain the deep-seated love of “cherishing Qing Tai”?

Xia Cheng of the Song Dynasty criticized Ba Qing in his “female Huaiqing Tai Ming” for “women crossing the boudoir and anticipating foreign affairs, which is immoral; for the sake of reproduction, it is immoral to forget to wash and feed; for the sake of quarrying pills, it is immoral to abandon weaving; for resisting the king’s ceremony, it is immoral to be a good wife”, accusing Qin Shihuang of praising Ba Qing as “women are not what they show, they are greedy and competitive; Taiwan is not what they build, and they build disasters and chaos”. With a keen sense of smell and perhaps unknown information, Xia Cheng’s attitude was obscure, and at the same time, he clearly overthrew the title of “Zhen Fu” of Qin Shihuang to the Qing Dynasty. What on earth does Xia Cheng suspect?

I think what Xia Cheng suspects is that widow Qing of Ba is the lover of Qinshihuang! In Qing Dynasty, it reflects the strange feelings of Qinshihuang towards his mother. On the one hand, this feeling is hatred, on the other hand, it is entangled with inexplicable Oedipus complex. Especially for the introverted Qinshihuang. Qing is about ten years older than Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang transferred this feeling to Qing, who is the “imaginative replacement” of Qin Shihuang’s mother. After Qing’s death, even if the luxurious “Huaiqing platform” was built, the first emperor of Qin still couldn’t eliminate his deep love for Qing, and soon died on the cruise, following the soul of Qing.

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