China and Russia must and will unite!

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Author: ye Lihua source: qiushichu (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

A woman from Ukraine got 400 grams of explosives and tied them under a car, waiting for Alexander dukin to get on the bus.

Du Jin didn’t get on the bus. Du Jin got on the bus behind him. It was his daughter who got on the bomb truck. The murderer mistakenly thought that Du Jin’s life was doomed and detonated the bomb on the spot. But Du Jin didn’t hate the northwest. In the end, it was the white haired man who sent the black haired man.

Wolfk Pavlovna ran into Russia in a suit car, and finally drove the suit car to Estonia.

When dukin’s daughter was killed, the air in Russia became grim.

The Russian Security Service said that the murderer was a female soldier of the Asian speed camp. The Ukrainian side said that it was not and that it should get rid of this matter.

An assassination took place on the streets of Moscow. The car to be bombed was the car of Putin’s think tank dukin. In broad daylight, it was just as easy to kill. If some people in Ukraine admit it, I am afraid the consequences will not be acceptable to them.

Who is dugin?

Du Jin, a famous Russian political theorist and the thinker of the grand alliance strategy, put forward the famous Moscow Tehran New Delhi alliance concept against Brzezinski’s theory. Brzezinski, an American strategist, was afraid that the continental countries of the Eurasian continent would launch a summing up alliance.

Economically, it engages in the internal circulation of Asia and Europe, politically blockades the United States, which is isolated overseas, militarily defends the continental coastline, gradually occupies the surrounding islands, and realizes a complete blockade of the United States.

There is no way for the United States to engage in self circulation. Just like the offshore Britain, Britain dominated the world in the 19th century by relying on the British mainland policy. Only when the mainland countries are allowed to fight, can Britain turn its back to the clouds and turn its back to the rain.

It is good to mediate contradictions. It is also good to create contradictions to mediate without contradictions.

In ancient times, the Yamen had two ends to eat in a lawsuit. This is the reason. Only by provoking the contradiction between France and Germany, fighting a Franco Prussian War, and France and Germany falling into internal friction, can Britain exert great pressure on France and Germany. Only by provoking a war between czarist Russia and Ottoman and waging a Crimean War, can Britain force Czarist Russia and Ottoman.

Brzezinski takes history as a mirror. The United States is like Britain in the 19th century. It is isolated overseas and has a strong navy, but its land combat capability is very ordinary. When the British fought on land, they could not only defeat France and Germany, but even defeat South Africa.

When the Americans tried to directly intervene in the Asian and European continent, they were not only defeated in Vietnam and North Korea, but even defeated the Afghan guerrillas.

Like France, the French army led by Napoleon I swept through Europe and defeated all the powerful countries. However, under the leadership of Napoleon III, they tried their best to avoid war and hide their strength and bide their time. Under the leadership of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union kicked the United Nations army, and the world powers fought all over. Later, we began to hide our capacity and bide our time.

Russia is like Prussia. National unification has not yet been completed. Austria and Prussia, which share the same language and culture, will not deal with it, nor will Ukraine and Russia.

Bismarck kicked Austria out of Germany through war and diplomacy.

If France and Germany had not fought over the Alsace Lorraine issue in history, whether they were united around Paris or around Berlin, this sacred alliance would have blocked the mainland in the first World War and completely destroyed the life of the empire that never sets. Britain, which has lost its mainland, is nothing.

However, history has no ifs.

Now, Russia led by Putin has also launched special military operations against Ukraine. Can historical tragedies happen once, but will they happen again?

Du Jin understood the future and kept on promoting friendship between China and Russia. It is better for Putin and China. It’s better to reach an alliance. Only in this way can the United States not rely on offshore balance to maintain its hegemony forever, just as Britain did in history.

The relations between China and Russia have indeed reached the closest point in history.

Ukraine really hurts me and I can’t stand it. It seems that Ukraine has no choice but to make such a bad decision.

But where is Ukraine in the pattern of dugin?

There are other people behind the scenes, and it is definitely not Ukraine that can mobilize Estonia’s border defense. This is not the first time these people have taken action.

The hegemony of the Empire was faltering, and they felt that through their efforts, the glory of the British Empire could be restored.

The first history is tragedy, and the second is comedy. The more vicious they are, the more hopeless they are.

Terrorist means can never stop the tide of history. Jing Ke can assassinate Qin, but the world will be unified.

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