China and the United States, detente?

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On June 13 local time, Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the office of the Central Foreign Affairs Working Committee, met with Sullivan, assistant to the president of the United States for national security affairs, in Luxembourg.

Following the meeting in Rome on March 14 this year, the high-level meeting between China and the United States was held in a third country three months later. It is also the fourth meeting between Yang Jiechi and Sullivan in the past two years.

After the meeting, China and the United States almost unanimously used “Frank” and “constructive” to describe the process and results of the meeting.

The outside world has noticed that high-level communication between China and the United States has been frequent recently. Just four days before the Yangsha meeting, the defense ministers of China and the United States met at the Shangri La summit. A White House official said that “more potential meetings are expected in the coming months”.

According to international experts, the previous Rome meeting was as long as seven hours, and the Luxembourg meeting was another four and a half hours. Considering that China’s diplomatic team has a first-class English level, they spent most of the time directly communicating with the U.S. team. We can imagine the efficiency, density and amount of information of the talks.

What is the signal of the “one culture, one military” meeting between China and the United States to the world?


What are the specific areas covered by the talks between China and the United States?

The Xinhua News Agency reported that “the two sides had frank, in-depth and constructive communication and exchanges on China US relations and other issues of common concern”.

The White House also mentioned that the two sides “discussed some regional and global security issues, as well as key issues in US China relations”.

There are indeed many problems between China and the United States that need to be discussed. In particular, the United States has recently encountered setbacks on a series of international and domestic issues, some of which urgently need to communicate and coordinate with China.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for more than 100 days, and the US and Western sanctions have bottomed out. Although Russia has become the country with the most sanctions in the world, the United States is unable to force it back or even subvert it as it wishes. Instead, it has been repeatedly exposed that it has stolen Russian crude oil and fertilizer.

In May, US inflation exceeded expectations, and CPI rose by 8.6% year-on-year, a new high since december1981. Except for mobile phones and meals in staff canteens, the commodities in American people’s shopping carts are all rising. With the intensification of inflation, it is an indisputable fact that US stocks continue to be weak. At the close of the 13th, the three major US stock indexes fell together. Some economists predict that a ten-year economic crisis may be on the way.


Regarding the launch of ballistic missiles by the DPRK, the US previously proposed to strengthen sanctions against the DPRK in the UN Security Council, which was rejected by China and Russia. China has a clear attitude: additional sanctions are not an appropriate way to deal with the current situation on the peninsula.

From the perspective of public opinion, the international community has been strongly vigilant against the US “containment of China”.

Indonesian defense minister Prabowo said at the incense ceremony that China is “a pioneer of the anti imperialist movement and has always been a good friend of Indonesia”, and called on all countries to “respect China’s rejuvenation”. Philippine President elect Marcos Jr. also said that the Philippines’ strongest partner has always been our close neighbor and good friend China.

World Trade Organization director general yvira warned that the impact of China US economic decoupling on global GDP will exceed the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis on global GDP.


Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger also said that if China and the United States can ease the “hostile relations”, it is important for the overall world peace. The United States should not play tricks or gradually create a “two China” solution.

Niyarferguson, a professor at Harvard University, published an article on Bloomberg calling on the United States to regain its “detente” policy and engage with China. He bluntly said that if Biden did not go to Tokyo to make tough remarks on the Taiwan issue, but visited Beijing on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Nixon’s visit to China, the Sino US trade war might have ended, the Russia Ukraine conflict might have been on the track of ending, and the oil crisis might have been alleviated.

Despite the pressure of international and domestic public opinion, we have noted that the Biden administration has not given up its comprehensive competition strategy against China. On the one hand, it has “little thunder and little rain” in terms of helping to ease the current atmosphere, such as the cancellation of tariffs on China; On the other hand, in terms of the “Quartet mechanism” and the “economic framework of India and the Pacific”, they rallied their allies to engage in containment against China, playing all the “cards” that could cause trouble to China, such as human rights, the South China Sea, Xinjiang and Hong Kong. In particular, they played dangerous games on the Taiwan issue, which seriously touched on China’s core interests.


During the talks here, Yang Jiechi’s remark that “China US relations are at a critical crossroads” attracted wide attention from international public opinion.

Yang Jiechi mentioned that “for some time, the US side has insisted on increasing all-round containment and suppression of China, which not only can not solve the problems facing the US itself, but also lead to a very difficult situation in China US relations, which has greatly damaged bilateral exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. This situation is not in the interests of China and the United States and other countries in the world”. The outside world has noticed that Yang Jiechi highlighted the “problems facing the United States itself”. The outside world believes that China is reminding the US ruling team that since the United States has a desire for China, it should be frank with the reality and not make an attempt to harm China’s interests and ask China to cooperate. The Chinese can’t resist it.


Following weifenghe’s successive statements on the Taiwan issue at the Hong Kong meeting, Yang Jiechi once again solemnly expressed China’s position at the meeting. Yang Jiechi mentioned that the US side should not have any misjudgments and illusions, must abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, and must carefully and properly handle Taiwan related issues. This is a slap in the face of the US side’s “cutting sausage” to “swallowing sausage” and accelerating its collusion with the DPP authorities. The US side has repeatedly claimed that to control China US relations, it must first maintain the utmost soberness and restraint on the Taiwan issue.

During the meeting, Yang Jiechi pointed out that the US side should correct its strategic understanding of China, make a correct choice, translate President Biden’s “four no’s and one no intention” statement into practical action, walk with the Chinese side, and earnestly implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state. The outside world has noted that China has reiterated this attitude in almost all high-level talks between China and the United States over the past few days. This is to tell the US side clearly and repeatedly that the biggest contradiction in the current China US relations is that the US side’s words and deeds are inconsistent. To ease the China US relations, the US side must implement more in the right direction, and the Chinese side will listen to the US side’s words and observe its actions.


Some public opinions have noticed that the “Yangsha meeting” is relatively sudden, and even the western media with sensitive sense of smell rarely reported it in advance. However, scholars on international issues said that the “Yangsha meeting” seems sudden, but it is inevitable. The fundamental reason is that a stable bilateral relationship is needed by both China and the United States.

For China, striving for a stable external environment is conducive to peaceful development. China does not want to defeat anyone, but to achieve the second Centennial goal through hard work.

The same is true for the United States. At present, the Biden administration is facing chicken feathers everywhere. If it makes a big fight in China US relations at this time, it will be even worse.

Experts frankly say that no matter how the United States tries to suppress China, it cannot stop China from moving forward. The history of the past 70 years has also taught the United States a lesson. Never underestimate the determination of the Chinese people to move forward. Before, the United States wanted to stop China from developing the “two bombs and one satellite”. As a result, we not only did it, but also did it faster than the United States did at the beginning. The same is true of the trade war. After fighting for so long, it was the American people who suffered the most.


Experts believe that before, some members of Biden’s team took the goodwill released by China as a request to the US side, so they had a rebellious attitude and even had no fear. They are the “celestial faction” in Washington, who superstitiously believe that they can fight a “star war” with China. After being repeatedly beaten by reality, at least their public attitude has been restrained. Some Western journalists also disclosed on social media that some US personnel were in a trance and stuttered at the press conference after facing the amazing momentum of China’s diplomatic team.

No matter how Anti China American politicians are now, I am afraid they have realized that if they are enemies of China, they will not win or at least take advantage of it. As for cooperation with China, the United States itself knows how much benefits it has received over the years. On the whole, China and the United States will benefit from cooperation and lose if they fight.

Experts also remind that the Taiwan issue is the biggest risk point in China US relations at present. The risk of “Taiwan independence” has never been as high as it is today. The move of the United States to spare time for the one China principle has never been as substantive as it is today. The ambition of relevant countries, especially Japan, to push the United States into the pit of confrontation between China and the United States has never been as obvious as today. This is also the reason why China keeps sending the same signal on the Taiwan issue.

It has to be said that China US relations are indeed facing the opportunity of a stable turnaround, but at the same time, the two countries are also facing great strategic risks because the United States is stepping up its manipulation of the Taiwan issue.

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