China begins to lead the world in development!

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In the final analysis, the problems of the world today are still problems of development. To put it bluntly, the interests of human development are not enough. There are two reasons why this score is not enough:

First, the western developed countries are becoming more and more greedy

The most striking point of this increasingly greedy body is that after the global financial crisis in 2008, the United States tasted the sweetness from the large-scale release of liquidity, so it continued quantitative easing to push up asset prices. You can see how much U.S. stocks have risen, how much U.S. GDP has risen, and how much U.S. debt has risen. The U.S. stock market is the result of desperately printing money.

The west, led by the United States, is desperately printing money, pushing up asset prices and increasing the wealth of capitalists, but in fact it does not engage in production. In this way, it means that the West led by the United States must take away the bulk of the interests of global economic development in order to maintain its own development. So we see that the United States and the West are becoming more and more greedy.


Second, developing countries need sustainable development and improve people’s livelihood

Today’s world is a large global market, with production mainly in East Asia and energy mainly in the Middle East and Africa. However, North America and Western Europe are the main countries that enjoy the benefits of development. Under the circumstances of relatively high-speed development of the global economy, people can still exchange the incremental food. However, with the outbreak of economic crisis in the west, the market has become saturated and no incremental. This pattern is absolutely unsustainable.

However, the logic of capital is that it can not stop. Once it stops, there will be a recession. In addition, the West has too much deficit in the past few years. Both development and historical deficits need more interests to fill. At the same time, the development of developing countries has also encountered the problem of sustainable development after the market peaked in developed countries. At the same time, there is a strong demand to improve people’s livelihood. All these determine that the contradictions between developed countries and developing countries are becoming more and more irreconcilable in the plate of stock.

This irreconcilable contradiction is actually led by China and the United States. If you still remember, in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, our Party pointed out that the main contradiction in our society has been transformed into the contradiction between the people’s growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development. Obviously, in addition to continuing development, it is more important for us to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life, which means that the interests of China’s development should remain within the Chinese market. However, the United States is used to the benefits brought by China’s demographic dividend. Now China says it wants to eat by itself. Of course, it will not do it! Moreover, as far as the United States is concerned, China’s development makes it think that China has challenged American hegemony and American hegemonic interests, so it wants to destroy China’s development momentum. So we can see that since 2018, the United States has taken the trade war as an opportunity to enter an all-round Anti China hysteria.

China needs to improve people’s livelihood, and other developing countries also need to improve people’s livelihood. How can the United States and the West occupy all development interests? Based on this logic, the line propositions for the development of the two major worlds led by China and the United States came into being.


The United States holds that the current problems in the world are caused by China’s development, so we must unify the will of the western developed countries and deal with China in unison. As for this core goal, we saw it at the NATO summit held at the end of this month. This NATO summit has not only invited the leaders of Japan, South Korea and Australia, but also one of the most important agenda is China – how to deal with the challenges such as China’s growing influence and tough stance.

Japan, the Republic of Korea and Australia have all invited the past. Isn’t that preparing to integrate the Asia Pacific into the NATO system? Or to pull NATO into the Asia Pacific system. Therefore, although Japan, South Korea and Australia will not join the summit, the United States is operating to join them as the situation develops. We should have a clear understanding of this.


The United States wants to make up its own deficit by containing China and robbing China of its development interests. This is the logic of the United States. To put it bluntly, the U.S. approach is to rob others of its own cake when it has run out of food. In addition, it is finally ready to choose military means, that is, use the new cold war to rob developing China, including China, under the circumstances that the financial war, trade war and scientific and technological war are not good enough.

Why did the United States make such a choice? Two root causes:

First, the United States has lost its ability to lead the world. You can pay attention to it. After the global financial crisis in 2008, the United States also tried to continue to lead the world by normal means, and created a series of hot spots including 3D printing, big data, artificial intelligence and so on to continue to lead the world. However, the market scale of these things is too small, and they are also mined in the stock market in essence, so they have failed to play a role like the Internet in promoting global economic development. The United States can not decide on a new growth point. Instead, China has set up the biggest growth point – 5g, which makes the United States even more unhappy and worried that China will replace it.

Second, China is developing faster than the United States. After 2008, the development of many countries has stagnated, including the EU. Even without the impact of brexit, the growth in more than a decade has been almost zero. The world’s major economic growth comes from China and the United States. Among the two countries, China’s development speed is much faster than that of the United States. In 2008, China’s GDP was only $4.6 trillion. In 2021, China’s GDP reached $17 trillion, nearly quadrupling in the future. This is still in the context of the global financial crisis. In the view of the United States, this is a huge challenge.

The United States could not achieve its goal by normal means, so it considered to achieve its goal through the new cold war. This is why the Russian Ukrainian war broke out, why the United States was very radical on the Taiwan issue and the South China Sea issue, and also the fundamental reason why the United States wanted to pull Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries to join the military alliance led by the United States at all costs.


What the US leaders are doing now is not to develop the economy, but to create problems and do everything possible to contain China. For this reason, the United States has spared no effort to create global regional antagonism and try to cut off the normally functioning global supply chain… The United States has now become a destroyer of global development, and the purpose of doing all this is to steal the benefit cake of development from China.

The dialogue was held by video with the theme of “building a new era of global development partnership and jointly implementing the 2030 agenda for sustainable development”. BRICs leaders and leaders of relevant emerging market and developing countries attended the meeting.

China has creatively combined the fourteenth BRICs summit with the high-level dialogue on global development, enabling developing countries to reach more consensus. After the meeting, State Councilor Wangyi and foreign minister said that after the Sanya meeting and the Xiamen meeting, China hosted the BRICs leaders’ meeting for the third time. This was the most important home diplomatic activity before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It was of great significance to jointly safeguard international fairness and justice, revitalize the cause of global development, and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

When the United States pulled its allies to find ways to deal with China, did China pull other countries to find ways to deal with the United States? China has not. China is still pulling everyone together for development. China is still focusing on common development. This is the pattern. The United States cannot live without China, and China does not mention the United States at such an important meeting.

In his speech at the high level dialogue on global development, China’s top leader said that this is an era full of challenges and hope. We should recognize the general trend of world development, strengthen our confidence, work together, screw together into a rope, and make every effort to promote global development, and jointly create a development pattern of inclusive, balanced, coordinated, inclusive, win-win cooperation and common prosperity.

Let’s note that the Chinese head of state is talking about the common development of the world. He is talking about creating a balance between all benefits, coordination and inclusiveness, win-win cooperation and common prosperity. Is there such a pattern in the United States? The United States does not, the United States follows the United States first!

On development, the Chinese head of state made four appeals to all countries in the world: first, we should pool international consensus to promote development; Second, we should work together to create an international environment conducive to development; Third, we should work together to foster new drivers of global development; Fourth, we should jointly build a global partnership for development. Who wouldn’t like to hear China’s appeal so beneficial to everyone?

The Chinese head of state finally reassured the developing countries and put forward China’s propositions and positions on Development:

First, China will increase its investment in resources for global development cooperation, upgrade the South South cooperation assistance fund into a “global development and South South Cooperation Fund”, and increase its investment by 1billion US dollars on the basis of 3billion US dollars; We will increase investment in the China United Nations peace and development fund and support cooperation in global development initiatives.

China’s spending money means that we all seek development and create benefits together. What about America? A large amount of money aid to Ukraine to fight, to let Ukraine fight in the last Ukrainian. The war has left Ukraine with thousands of wounds and people displaced. Such a country cannot lead the world morally, because it is entirely an act of bandits and hooligans.

Second, China will work with all parties to promote cooperation in key areas, mobilize development resources, deepen global cooperation in poverty reduction and elimination, enhance food production and supply capacity, and promote the clean energy partnership; Strengthen innovative R & D and joint production of vaccines; Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of terrestrial and marine ecosystems; Improve the digital literacy and skills of the whole people, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrialization, promote connectivity in the digital age, and inject new impetus into the development of all countries.

Look at the contents put forward by Chinese leaders. They are all what developing countries lack and need. What about America? What has the United States done over the years? Apart from asking developing countries to reduce emissions, what practical things has he done? Not at all!

Third, China will build a platform for exchange of international development knowledge and experience, establish a global development promotion center, establish a global development knowledge network, carry out exchanges of experience in governance, and promote mutual learning and mutual learning; Hold the World Youth Development Forum, jointly launch the global youth development action plan, and bring together the broadest forces for the implementation of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

Look at all these things that China has to do. They are all major events and good things that are related to and conducive to the development of all countries in the world! China is doing everything in its power to help developing countries develop and develop together with everyone. China has never set up a small circle to deal with any country. This is quite different from the United States. It is completely two lines.

Who is leading the world in this pattern? The answer is undoubtedly China! Therefore, it is not that the United States is no longer able to do its job, but that it does not follow the right path. In this case, the global leadership of the United States does not need anyone to seize, but will naturally form a new pattern! The United States has lost its global leadership, and China is trying to guide the development of the world!

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