China, do not hesitate to fight! At all costs!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

“The reunification of the motherland is absolutely necessary; peaceful reunification is the greatest wish of the Chinese people; if anyone dares to split Taiwan, we will fight to the end at all costs and at all costs.” This is not what ordinary Chinese netizens said, but what Chinese State Councilor and defense minister weifenghe said. On June 12, weifenghe made a keynote speech at the Shangri La dialogue meeting, explaining “China’s vision for regional order”, which is a statement that weifenghe expressed China’s solemn position on the Taiwan issue.

This position was clearly stated by the Chinese defense ministers at the June 10 meeting between China and the United States before the opening of the Shangri La dialogue two days ago. This is the first face-to-face meeting between China and the United States after two and a half years. The last direct meeting between China and the United States was in November 2019, two and a half years ago. At that time, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng and defense minister esper during the trump administration met in Bangkok, Thailand.


Within three days, the Chinese side has made such a statement twice, first in the face of the US defense minister, then on a formal occasion such as the Hong Kong incense Association, or on the solemn position on the Taiwan issue made in the keynote speech on “China’s vision for regional order”. The nature of this matter is very unusual.

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), the statement made by the State Councilor and Minister of defense on such an occasion within three days indicates at least four points:

1? China has drawn a clear red line for the United States

We should see that the occasions for China to express its position twice in three days are extraordinary. In particular, the China US defense ministers’ meeting on June 10 marked a clear red line for the United States.

We have all seen that over the past period of time, the US Defense Department has actively sought to meet with Chinese military leaders. The reason why it is so positive is that the US government hopes to establish a so-called security “fence” with China at the security level. The so-called security “fence” was expressed shortly after Biden took office. The logic of the US side is to prevent military miscalculation between the two countries.

So why is the United States worried about a military miscarriage of justice between China and the United States? The reason is very simple. The United States is prepared to carry out more dangerous provocations in China’s sensitive areas, especially on the Taiwan Strait issue. The United States is worried that it cannot grasp the fire and will directly break out military conflicts with China before it reaches its ideal state, so it needs this so-called security “fence”. According to a report in the US Foreign Policy magazine, the Pentagon hopes to establish more defense hotlines with China, not only to establish communication channels with China’s top military officials, but also to establish a communication mechanism with theater commanders.

The US side hopes to establish this so-called mechanism. Its own purpose is not to improve relations with the Chinese military, but to ensure its own security when the United States carries out various provocations against China. In other words, he does not want to abide by the red line proposed by China, but to avoid uncontrollable accidents after touching the red line. Therefore, in essence, the so-called “fence” of the United States is set up to provoke China’s security.

Of course, China is well aware of this, so it only responds to the United States one by one. China just wants to tell the United States where the red line is through communication based on the “fence” appeal of the United States, and it will bear the consequences. That’s why weifenghe pointed out in the talks that “the United States must rationally view China’s development and growth” and “China opposes the simple use of the word competition to define Sino US relations” and will not hesitate to fight a war and at all costs on the Taiwan issue.

Therefore, the definition of “fence” given by China is that the United States must correctly view China’s development, and do not expect China to swallow the bitter fruit of U.S. containment. The United States also does not want to take risks on the Taiwan issue. Once the gun goes off, it means “at all costs” and will fight to the end. This means that if the United States wants to intervene, it must bet the entire Western Pacific on fighting China to the end. The United States should weigh the weight of these words.

2? The situation in the Taiwan Strait is already extremely grim, and China is ready for reunification

The wording of China’s position this time is extremely clear, clear and very tough. No matter who gets involved in the war, it means that no matter how much the United States invests in fighting with China, it cannot make China yield. If the United States comes, China will fight with the United States and its allies to the end.

In the past, China rarely used such words to make such a clear statement, and often only expressed that it would not give up the use of force. But now the Secretary of defense directly tells the United States and the world that China will fight to the end at all costs, regardless of war. This means that China is absolutely ready and ready to act at any time on the issue of military reunification of Taiwan. From this, we can clearly see that the situation in the Taiwan Strait is already very serious. The fundamental reason why the situation is so severe that China has to prepare for military reunification is that the United States is trying to curb China’s support for “Taiwan independence” forces. In the past, the ultimate goal of the United States was to maintain the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. Now it has changed. Its goal is to help Taiwan achieve “independence” after containing China, so as to completely “shut down” China in the Pacific.

Just imagine that the United States has closely linked its great power strategy with “Taiwan independence”. Of course, China is ready for Wutong at any time. According to this situation, Wutong is almost the final inevitable option, and the opportunity for peaceful reunification is very, very slim. Just imagine that even the Kuomintang has completely voted for the United States, and the chairman of the Kuomintang has gone to the United States to kowtow. You can imagine how serious the nature of the current situation is.

3? China is ready for all-round confrontation with the United States and its allies

The situation that the United States wants to create now is to deal with China together with its allies, especially the US Japan Australia alliance and Britain. These countries are very likely to break out direct confrontation with China on the Taiwan Strait issue in the future. In fact, both Japan and Australia have made clear statements about their involvement in the Taiwan Strait. Of course, the precondition is to follow the big brother of the United States. As for the United States, Biden has also made a clear statement on its involvement in the Taiwan Strait, so it is a matter of great probability for the United States to intervene in the Taiwan Strait at least on the surface. Whether to finally make such a decision depends on the situation at that time, but China must be prepared for the involvement of the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries.

In the face of the United States and the world, China has made a statement that it will fight to the end at all costs. In fact, it is ready for a comprehensive confrontation with the United States and its allies. To put it bluntly, as long as the United States and the “Taiwan independence” forces thoroughly break the red line on the Taiwan Strait issue, China will unify Taiwan by force at one stroke. If the United States and its allies intervene, we will fight to the end at all costs!

In fact, China’s strategy is also very clear. The more you dare to tear your face, the more I tell you that I dare to tear my face. If you have seed, you can go. Let’s try. The tougher China is, the more the United States will be. Now the United States wants to prepare well to overthrow China’s power. Let it prepare. China also continues to develop and prepare its own. It depends on who prepares quickly!

4? China is using its strength to stabilize regional order

We should see two points in China’s statement of position this time. One point is the direct statement of position towards the United States. This is face-to-face confrontation. If we can’t, let’s try. China doesn’t want to fight, but if it wants to force China to fight, China will fight you at all costs. Aren’t you good at America? Succession! In fact, what the United States says is, how can we build a “guardrail”? Don’t hit it. You should follow the “guardrail” activities I made for you in the United States. This is a direct contest!

However, in addition to making such a statement during the meeting with the US side, the Chinese side also made a very clear keynote speech at the incense conference. This keynote speech is about regional order. The Chinese side’s expression of this is very euphemistic, which is called “China’s vision for regional order”. The Taiwan issue was originally China’s internal affairs, and China did not want to talk about internal affairs on this occasion. However, due to the provocation of the United States’ support for “Taiwan independence” forces, the Taiwan issue has become a part of regional security, so China has to talk about it on this occasion. Under the current situation, the Taiwan issue is certainly a very important part of regional security. Therefore, the keynote speech of the Chinese Defense Minister means that the Chinese side made the most harsh words in a very “gentle” tone on a very formal occasion, direct and clear. If not, let’s come!

Therefore, such a powerful keynote speech by Chinese military leaders objectively means that they are using their strength to stabilize regional order. China has set aside its words. Anyone who refuses to accept and wants to practice should speak with their strength. If everyone wants peaceful development, they should speak well, do well, and look for less mistakes!

In fact, after such a speech, China is telling the world that the United States is a destroyer of regional peace. If the Asia Pacific region loses peace, the responsibility lies with the United States rather than China, which is caused by American interference in China’s internal affairs. Of course, this also tells all parties that they must not get involved in this matter and must stand on the just and correct side.

The statement that China will fight to the end at all costs, regardless of war, is enough for all parties to digest. Each party should choose its own line and position, and should consider what price it will pay. This is great power deterrence!

Taiwan’s reunification is inevitable and necessary. This is the historical mission of the 1.4 billion Chinese people. The national strategy of the United States is to contain and suppress China and to cut off the road of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in order to maintain its hegemony. Taiwan is an important tool, and the “Taiwan independence” forces are becoming more and more rampant. There are very few people in Taiwan who support reunification. Even the Kuomintang kowtow to the United States. Under such circumstances, the possibility of peaceful reunification is very, very low. At this time, China must use its strength to make all parties understand that in order to challenge the “one China”, some people have to pay a declaration price, and some countries have to pay painful national security and economic interests!

I said to unify, but you said no, let’s try who has the most power! The great change that hasn’t happened in a hundred years, when people are desperate to see, is who has the power, fist and fist!

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