China has won a beautiful battle in Hong Kong!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

On July 1st, 2022, the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return.

These two days, almost all the people around me are sighing, “how time flies!”

The 25 years since the return of Hong Kong are the 25 years that China has continuously implemented and improved the “one country, two systems” with practical actions and repeatedly criticized the western media in Hong Kong. It is also the 25 years that China competed with various anti china forces against Hong Kong and finally won a decisive victory.

In the summer of 2019, the Anti China and anti Hong Kong elements took advantage of the issue to try to “seize power” with street violence, so as to cooperate with the International Anti China strength and turn China’s Hong Kong into the front line of Western Anti China and Anti China.

At that time, the black and violent forces were rampant, patriots and Hong Kong lovers were suppressed, anti China and Hong Kong media fanned the flames, and irresponsible judges arbitrarily released the black and violent elements. Some Hong Kong citizens, students, enterprises, etc., who had been provoked and abetted for many years, directly or indirectly stood on the side of the Anti China and Hong Kong elements.

The situation is not difficult.

Moreover, out of the need to contain China, the United States has constantly added fuel to the chaos in Hong Kong. Some American politicians have called the black storm in Hong Kong “a beautiful scenic spot”, with an extremely sinister intention.

At that time, many Chinese people were full of resentment and anxiety.

It is sad that Hong Kong has been returned to China for more than 20 years, but the deep penetration and wide manipulation of the West have made relatives painful and enemies happy.

Everyone is worried that Hong Kong, originally the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, has fallen into the situation of black storms. Where is the future of Hong Kong.

What is more worrying is that if the situation in Hong Kong gets out of control, the PLA or the armed police will have to fight in the end. Once it leads to new bloodshed, it may cause a situation of losing more.

In particular, the game between China and the United States was in full swing at that time. If the Hong Kong issue was not handled well, it would not only affect the future and destiny of Hong Kong, but also affect the morale and confidence of the people across the country.

At this critical moment in history, the central government firmly supports the Special Administrative Region Government in disposing of the black and violent elements according to law and the Hong Kong Police in restoring social order. In the whole process, the central government maintained a strong strategic determination.

In the end, in less than a year, the national security law of the port area was issued, which constituted a devastating blow to the Anti China Hong Kong chaos elements, and also cut off the black hand of the United States, Britain, Taiwan, China Democratic Progressive Party and other external forces in interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs, laying a solid foundation for Hong Kong’s future from chaos to rule, from rule to prosperity.

Through this struggle, with the support of the vast number of patriots and Hong Kong loving people and the expectations of the people of the whole country, the central government further improved the “one country, two systems” and opened a new chapter of “patriots governing Hong Kong”. In this process, the problems existing in constitutional order, justice, education, public opinion and other aspects since Hong Kong’s return have been sorted out one by one.

Looking back, the black storm incident in the summer of 2019 is both a bad thing and a good thing.

It awakened many patriots and Hong Kong lovers, and made the central government make up its mind to thoroughly solve all kinds of chaos in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s entry into the rule of law from chaos proves once again:

——In the face of such major, sensitive and complex issues as the chaos in Hong Kong, the central government has sufficient strategic determination and strategic wisdom, as well as strong executive power, which can well resolve contradictions and solve problems;

——The United States, Britain and other western countries want to use the Hong Kong issue to interfere in China’s internal affairs, and want to bring China down and mess up. In the end, they are lifting a stone and hitting themselves in the foot. The gain is not worth the loss. The more they incite contradictions in Hong Kong society, the more they incite some people in Hong Kong to be anti China and Anti China sentiments, the more they will strengthen the determination of the central government to thoroughly solve the chaos in Hong Kong, and on the contrary, they have objectively accelerated the “second return” of Hong Kong. Many people also believe that the problems in the implementation of “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong have also raised a wake-up call for China to thoroughly resolve the Taiwan issue in the future, and the relevant parties will certainly prepare for a rainy day;

——In order to contain China, the United States keeps picking things up, but it can only move from failure to failure. They have failed on the Hong Kong issue, and will continue to fail on the Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan issues. It is impossible to use China’s internal affairs to interfere with China’s development and slow down the pace of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Here, we should applaud and pay tribute to all those who have taken part in the work of bringing order out of chaos and bringing order into Hong Kong. Maybe the public doesn’t even know their names, but everyone knows that without their efforts day and night, Hong Kong’s “second return” will not be so smooth.

Here, we should also express our admiration to all the patriotic and Hong Kong loving people in Hong Kong. Under the miasma of 2019, they dare to adhere to and fight, and finally evil outweighs good, turning Hong Kong’s chaos upside down. They are true believers and practitioners of “one country, two systems”.

The term of the SAR government, which has just expired, is also very difficult. Many of them were under great pressure in the face of complex situations, and even were vilified, attacked and sanctioned by International Anti China forces, but they survived and finally fulfilled their mission. They also worked hard.

The new SAR government is about to begin to perform its duties. It is believed that under the principle of “patriots governing Hong Kong”, the “one country, two systems” will be more comprehensively implemented.

Today, with regard to the future of Hong Kong, the common aspiration of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people is that Hong Kong’s social stability is guaranteed, Hong Kong’s economic development is promising, and Hong Kong’s people’s livelihood is expected to improve.

You would also like to see that Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, can continue to play the role of a bridge and window connecting China and the world in the new era, integrate the development of Hong Kong into the overall situation of China’s development, and make Hong Kong’s unique contribution to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Finally, I have two personal regrets:

First, in the game between China and the United States, we really need to be patient and firm in confidence.

The more the United States tosses us around, the more we need to calm down and do our own things in a down-to-earth manner.

Today’s China has reached this stage. It is no longer what the United States can suppress if it wants to suppress, nor can it contain if it wants to contain.

Whether it is trump or Biden, whether it is a trade war or a battle for Hong Kong, the United States cannot win China, let alone collapse China.

A few years later, when we look back at the current period of history, we will clearly see that the containment, suppression, containment and slander of the United States against China once made us very uncomfortable, but in the end, they are only the grinding on the road of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. All that did not defeat China will only make China stronger.

Second, in the past few years, China’s complete settlement of the Hong Kong issue has also provided a lot of enlightenment for the subsequent complete settlement of the Taiwan issue.

Both Hong Kong and Taiwan are inseparable parts of China’s sovereignty and territory, and will eventually be fully integrated into China’s embrace. This is a historical trend that outsiders cannot reverse.

From chaos to rule in Hong Kong, we can see that China has enough wisdom to solve such complex problems at the least cost.

The same is true for Taiwan.

Today, we see the United States vigorously playing the “Taiwan card”, which makes the Chinese indignant; We see that the DPP sells its country for prosperity, which makes the Chinese people very shameless.

However, in this complex chess game of thoroughly resolving the Taiwan issue, China still has many backhands and many clever tricks. I believe that next, we will all have the opportunity to see these backhands and tricks. Perhaps, just like the national security law of the port area, once China takes action, the situation in the Taiwan Strait will be completely changed.

All those who care about national reunification can wait quietly.

Further, some “national hating parties” on the Internet saw that China’s development had achieved a thriving situation and that China was constantly defeating the Anti China plot of the United States in the Sino US game. They were not happy for their country, but rather coquettish and said some strange things.

They love to say two things:

“Your country is winning”;

“The United States has lifted a stone and hit itself in the foot”.

I just want to say to these people that as long as the eyes are not blind, the heart is not bad, and the hips are not crooked, you can see that China is winning a little bit in the game between China and the United States. The realization of the “second return” of Hong Kong is clear proof, as is the dilemma of the United States in the trade war.

If China wins, it will win. We win fair and aboveboard, and we take it for granted.

However, we are far from winning. We firmly believe that if the game between China and the United States continues, China’s greater victory is still to come.

As for whether the United States has lifted a stone and hit itself in the foot, the “anti Nationalist Party” can ask the United States itself what results they have achieved in playing the “Hong Kong card” in addition to accelerating the “second return” of Hong Kong? What have they gained from fighting a trade war, in addition to raising their inflation? They cut off supply to China, in addition to accelerating China’s solution to the bottleneck problem, can they really stop China from continuing to develop?

In 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong said in “lose your illusions and prepare for the struggle”: “make trouble, fail, make trouble again, fail again, and die out — this is the logic of imperialism and all the reactionaries in the world in dealing with the cause of the people, and they will never violate this logic.”

Isn’t that the truth?

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