China understands! Japan and South Korea are in danger!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Will NATO target China next?

The answer is basically yes. At least this is the clear intention of the United States. The purpose of provoking the Russian Ukrainian war is to strengthen control over NATO and then turn the gun against China. This US intention is clear to all, but it has not yet reached that stage.

At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 23, the Associated Press reporter did put forward relevant questions. He asked: the NATO military alliance will hold a NATO summit from June 26 to 30. One of the agenda items is how to deal with challenges such as China’s growing influence and tough stance. How does the Chinese government respond to this?

Of course, China is very clear about the intentions of the United States, so spokesman wangwenbin did not beat around the bush. His first sentence directly pointed to the essence of NATO. He said: NATO is a product of the cold war and the world’s largest military alliance under the leadership of the United States. It is a tool for the United States to maintain hegemony and manipulate the security pattern in Europe. It runs counter to the development trend of the times.


Please note that wangwenbin directly pointed out in this sentence that NATO is a tool for the United States to maintain hegemony and manipulate the security pattern in Europe. In fact, it directly pointed out that the realistic background of the current Russian Ukrainian war is the behind the scenes manipulation of the United States. There is no doubt that this manipulation runs counter to the world trend. The world trend is cooperation and win-win, and the United States is moving against the trend for its own sake.

Wangwenbin directly pointed out that although NATO claimed to be a defensive organization, it wantonly launched wars against sovereign countries in the past, resulting in the loss of a large number of civilians and the displacement of tens of millions of people. At the same time, Wang Wenbin revealed that NATO, as a military organization in the North Atlantic, has gone to the Asia Pacific in recent years, trying to copy the European “group confrontation” routine to the Asia Pacific.

China clearly pointed out the nature of NATO’s behavior in Asia in recent years, and pointed out that the “group confrontation” in Europe is the ghost of NATO. The so-called “NATO is a ghost”, that is to say, the United States is a ghost. Otherwise, Russia and the European Union would have developed a new relationship between Russia and Europe long ago. Where are there such wars and conflicts? The United States is not only messing up Europe, but has always wanted to bring NATO to the Asia Pacific region to serve its containment and suppression of China. Wangwenbin directly pointed out that such a move by the US led NATO is very dangerous and will surely arouse high vigilance and resolute opposition from Asia Pacific countries and the international community.

Why is it bound to arouse the high vigilance and resolute opposition of Asia Pacific countries and the international community? The reason is very simple. These US practices are creating regional conflicts. However, the conflict between the United States and China is not the proxy war between Russia and Ukraine. If China and the United States really fight, the probability of a world war will increase sharply. China has never taken the initiative to provoke the United States. Now the United States is showing off its prowess every day at China’s doorstep, and wants to expand the entire NATO to China’s doorstep. Of course, this is a very dangerous thing. Once a conflict breaks out between China and the United States, it will not affect the region, but the world.

Finally, wangwenbin clarified China’s position. He said: China has always been a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of the international order, and will continue to follow the path of peaceful development. We urge NATO to stop provoking confrontation with ideological lines, stop spreading false information and provocative remarks against China, and stop trying to launch a new cold war. NATO has messed up Europe. We should stop messing up the Asia Pacific and the world.

China’s final statement was forceful and forceful. In fact, it directly uncovered the United States’ painting, told the United States to stop provoking confrontation and stop taking a walk in the false information and provocative remarks against China, and also pointed out that the United States should not launch a new cold war.

Of course, we all know that the United States cannot really listen to China’s advice and stop. China’s advice is just warning the United States and NATO that the game will continue. However, Zhanhao believes that the series of statements made by the Chinese side, in addition to those for NATO, that is, for the Asia Pacific countries, especially the two countries in the Asia Pacific region, should be highly vigilant. Otherwise, it may be doomed due to the provocation of the United States.

These two countries are Japan and South Korea.

At the NATO summit, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon sik Yueh vied for it. It is also the first time in history to invite leaders from Japan and South Korea to join the NATO summit. One of the most important issues is to deal with China’s growing influence and tough stance. Let’s see. One of the core purposes of this NATO summit is to target Russia, the other is to target China, and then how to unify the consensus within NATO. This is the purpose of the US leading NATO to hold this chapter.


Under such circumstances, the leaders of Japan and the ROK took part in the meeting excitedly. Who would believe that you said you were not anti China and anti Russia? Of course, the ROK said so specifically. The ROK presidential palace stressed that the participation does not mean that the ROK will turn to Anti China and anti Russia policies. However, in fact, South Korea has done two things, one is preparing to resume the operation of the “THAAD” base, and the other is that South Korea has decided to set up a new NATO representative office in Brussels, Belgium.

This state means that as long as the United States needs it, there are no major political obstacles for South Korea to join NATO, so South Korea’s denial is not worth refuting. Of course, as for when to join, it is entirely the result of the game. However, no one believes that the ROK has no intention of Anti China, anti Russia or joining NATO.

On June 22, the Korean people held a rally to condemn NATO’s expansion into the Asia Pacific region, and said that South Korea’s participation in NATO affairs would threaten the security of the Korean Peninsula and make the road of peace, prosperity and reunification of the peninsula more difficult. Participants also said that as an alliance causing military tension, Yin Xiyue’s attendance at the summit was a bet on the lives and survival rights of the Korean people.


From the statements made at these gatherings, we can see that in fact, the political consciousness of many ordinary people in South Korea is much higher than that of Yin Xiyue. These people all know that South Korea’s accession to NATO will lead to war, and they bet on the lives and survival rights of the South Korean people.

Unlike the South Korean government, which is also secretive, the Japanese government is naked and devoted to NATO, and is actively introducing NATO to Asia. As early as June 15, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that he had decided to attend the NATO summit to be held at the end of this month. At the summit, he would call on NATO to turn its attention to Asia, and declared that “fundamentally strengthen the defense capability and raise the Japan US alliance to a new level”. Kishida nearly announced that he would join NATO.

Why is Ishida so impatient? In fact, the reason is very simple. As long as NATO enters East Asia, Japan can not only use the strength of the whole NATO to suppress and contain China, but also use the strength of NATO to quickly improve its military strength, and in fact break through the peace constitution, so as to make Japan gradually move towards national normalization. When Japan has in fact broken through the peaceful constitution, it can then completely make itself a normal country by amending the constitution. Japan’s purpose is, on the one hand, to solve its national status problem with the help of the United States and NATO, and on the other hand, to control China in the first island chain with the help of the United States and NATO.

Therefore, we should see that Japan’s sinister intentions are much more serious than those of South Korea. The Yin Xiyue government in South Korea, to some extent, is stupid; In fact, no matter who is in power, the Japanese government will basically make such a choice, so Japan is really bad!

Why are the Chinese and Russian navies circling around Japan recently? It is because Japan is too arrogant and too positive about joining NATO! Just recently today, seven warships of the Russian Navy passed by the coast of Chiba Prefecture, less than 180 kilometers away from Tokyo.


As for the Chinese warships, they are circling around Japan. According to Japanese media reports, four warships, including an intelligence gathering ship (ship No. 794), a 055 missile destroyer Lhasa ship (ship No. 102), a 052d missile destroyer Chengdu ship (ship No. 120) and an integrated supply ship Dongpinghu ship (ship No. 902), have been conducting drills around Japan. In the past four days, at least 20 Chinese and Russian warships have been circling around Japan.

Many people may think this is just a demonstration, but according to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), we could think so in the past, but now it is not! Because the probability of the outbreak of the new cold war is increasing, and the risk of NATO transferring to East Asia against China is increasing. In this case, the action of Chinese and Russian warships surrounding Japan is not a simple symbolic meaning, but a real preparation for the next contest.

However, in the face of the warning from China and Russia, Japan has no intention of stopping, which actually shows that the next East Asia is very dangerous! Japan is determined to make troubles in East Asia with the United States.

In Zhanhao’s opinion, both Japan and South Korea should have snacks. Otherwise, the consequences will be very serious. If a military conflict breaks out in East Asia, it must be the first World War, and Japan and South Korea may be destroyed! Japan and South Korea can’t afford to play big country games!

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