China wants to occupy the moon? America is scared!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

The Chinese want to occupy the moon! The person who shouted this slogan was none other than Bill Nelson, the director of NASA.

On July 2, Germany’s “photo package” published an article entitled “NASA boss sounded the alarm: the Chinese want to occupy the moon”. The theme of the article was the warning of NASA Director Bill Nelson, who announced that “the new space race is coming – this time with China.”

In the article, Bill Nelson made a series of attacks on China’s space program. He claimed that China’s space program was a military space program, and maliciously discredited China, saying that China’s technology was “stolen”. He also believes that China’s space program is for military purposes, for example, the space station is to destroy other countries’ satellites. NASA also announced that the United States will return to the moon by 2025.

Then, we can’t help asking, as the director of NASA, why did he attack China’s aerospace like a complaining woman? What was the purpose of what he said in Germany? What will be the outcome of the China US space race in the future?

First of all, Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) wants to say that one of the most fundamental reasons for NASA’s serious move to black China Aerospace in Europe is that China Aerospace is so powerful that the United States is jealous, and has to attack China Aerospace to obtain resources and raise itself.

You should pay attention to some information revealed by NASA when attacking China, and then push back China, and then look at the United States, and you will understand everything.

He slandered China for occupying the moon, which contains at least three connotations:

First, China can land on the moon. If China had not landed on the moon soon, he would certainly not be so anxious. According to American habits, he must say that China boasts. So when will China land on the moon? According to the estimation of Chinese aerospace experts, China plans to achieve manned lunar landing around 2030 after realizing the mission of “returning to earth”. In fact, academician Qi Faren said in 2013 that China was expected to achieve lunar landing around 2025, while academician Ouyang Ziyuan later said that it should be 2030. As early as 2013, China had begun to tackle the technical problems of manned lunar landing. From this, we can see that China’s landing on the moon is realistic, and it can’t be ruled out that it will be earlier at the latest, that is, around 2030.

Second, China can establish a base on the moon. Will China establish a base on the moon? The answer is yes! In fact, China is not going to the moon to establish a base, but to the moon with Russia to establish a base. On March 9, 2021, China and Russia signed the memorandum of understanding on the cooperative construction of the international lunar research station.

According to the plan, the lunar base built by China and Russia based on the three principles of consultation, joint construction and sharing is also promoted according to China’s traditional “three-step” strategy, which is divided into three stages of “survey, construction and use”, and is expected to take 15 years. The base will be completed and put into use in 2035.

Third, the United States is really in a hurry. Why is the United States in a hurry? The fundamental reason is that although the United States took the lead in landing on the moon, it was only the product of the arms race in the last century, from which the United States did not obtain direct economic benefits, and the United States spent at least tens of billions of dollars. For the United States, its mission was completed after it proved its victory in landing on the moon, so it gave up further exploration of the moon after it proved that the Soviets could not go.

However, when the United States found that China had planned to land on the moon and was ready to establish a base on the moon, he was jealous and anxious. The United States’ jealousy and anxiety does not mean that it has found a way to use the resources of the moon, but that if China proves that it can land on the moon and the United States cannot, the United States’ economic development model will not last, because one of the hegemonic interests of the United States is scientific and technological hegemony. Imagine that in the future, when the International Space Station dominated by the United States is gone, and China and Russia will land on the moon, how will the United States deal with itself in the future? Let alone the whole world, his allies will no longer believe him.

Therefore, it is true that the United States is in a hurry. The director of NASA is also too eager to discredit China. Because if the United States really loses the commanding height of technological hegemony, NASA will not get so much money. In fact, one of the core purposes of his smear attacks on China Aerospace is to ask for money. He asks for money in two directions:

One direction is the United States Congress. Many years ago, after learning about China’s lunar program, NASA originally planned to return to the moon in 2024, but from the current situation, returning to the moon in 2024 is like a dream. Why can’t the United States return? The reason is also very simple. Returning to the moon requires a lot of research and development funds, and the United States does not have enough budget. The budget is not enough, so it can only delay time. Therefore, in November last year, NASA announced that the manned lunar landing would be postponed by one year to 2025, but that is the earliest, and may be as late as 2028.

However, the problem now is that it will be difficult to achieve in 2025 or 2028. The fundamental reason is still money. Bill Nelson said that China’s space program has made rapid progress. To cope with the competition, the United States must significantly increase its budget to ensure the manned lunar landing. In the next six years, it must increase its budget by at least $5.7 billion to meet the demand. From this statement, we can also see that the so-called return to the moon in 2025 is a real boast, and the six-year budget is 2028. Therefore, NASA director’s expectation is to increase $5.7 billion in the next six years to return to the moon. In other words, he has not received the $6.7 billion budget yet, so returning to the moon is just a piece of cake he painted.

The other direction is the European Union. Why did NASA director complain to German media? One of the fundamental reasons is that the European Union countries led by Germany want to pay to help the United States return to the moon. To put it bluntly, it is to let EU countries pay for the research and development in the name of joint return to the moon. Of course, he went to Germany to talk about the lack of money, which also shows that the money in the United States is indeed not as comfortable as it used to be, and the funds are not as sufficient as they used to be, or in terms of R & D projects, it is not enough.

The reason why NASA wants to open more projects is that there are a large number of parallel projects in China, many of which are being developed by China, while the United States is declining. For example, China’s more advanced space station is about to be built, and the International Space Station led by the United States may crash in the near future; For another example, China’s lunar exploration plan is on schedule. It will land on the moon in 2030, and the United States is left with the “slogan” of returning to the moon; There are also lunar bases that are planned by China, while the United States has not heard of relevant plans. In addition, China is also building several space bases with the size of a football field, but the United States has also not heard of similar plans.

In fact, China’s independence has made the United States nervous and afraid today. A very important reason is that in order to suppress China’s space development, the United States Congress introduced the so-called wolf clause in 2011, which prohibits the United States from carrying out any space cooperation with China, including visiting NASA in the United States. At first, the United States looked down on China, but now it has become a high-level China. This is ten years east and ten years West.

In fact, according to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), it is inevitable that China will surpass the United States in the aerospace field. There are two fundamental reasons for this judgment:

First, China’s aerospace industry is dominated by young people in their 30s and 40s. Such a young team is completely different from the old people in the United States who are often over the age of 50 or 60. It is self-evident who will win in the future.

Second, China’s resource utilization rate is very high, and the input-output efficiency of the United States is obviously low. The space budget of the United States is so large, but the space projects of the United States are not as rich as those of China, otherwise the United States will not be so nervous in the face of China’s space development. One of the reasons why the United States has low efficiency in output and export is the brain drain after private capital has been invested in aerospace, which makes it difficult for NASA to launch some major projects faster, which is in sharp contrast to China’s national system.

Finally, I have to say that the United States is a country in trouble, and the hole in the United States is too big!

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