China’s automobile chips are manipulated by the United States again?

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Author: animal production team leader source: official account: animal production team

In the mobile phone industry, a small chip has become the biggest obstacle to Huawei’s high-end.

The pain of chips is not the pain of Huawei, but the pain of China.

However, in China’s automobile industry, chips seem to be repeating the mistakes of mobile phones. American chip manufacturers represented by Qualcomm, Intel and NVIDIA are seizing the Chinese automotive chip market on a large scale.

Today, the global automotive industry is facing two technological upgrades, one is the upgrading of electrification, the other is the upgrading of intelligence. In terms of electrification, China has a number of power battery manufacturers such as Ningde times, BYD, AVIC lithium, Xinwangda and honeycomb energy. The electrification level of Chinese cars is in the forefront of the world.

However, in terms of intelligence, the United States is much ahead of China, including intelligent assisted driving system, intelligent assisted driving chip, intelligent cockpit chip and advanced semiconductor OEM, etc. the United States is in a leading position.

From the current technical level, the intelligent assisted driving system in the United States includes Tesla, the intelligent assisted driving chip includes Tesla and NVIDIA, the intelligent cockpit chip includes Qualcomm and Intel, and the advanced semiconductor foundry includes Intel and Texas Instruments. In the field of chips and software, the United States still maintains its global leading edge.

Among them, in the field of smart cockpit chips, Qualcomm has begun to show great dominance in the Chinese automotive market. Xiaolong 8155 chip, launched by Qualcomm in 2019, is still the world’s top mass-produced smart cockpit chip.


Tuyuan futu Niuniu

On July 11, Geely’s high-end new energy vehicle brand krypton announced that it would upgrade the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 8155 smart cockpit chip for all new and old users free of charge. In order to complete this chip upgrade, Geely will pay 300 million yuan for users, winning the praise of the owner of krypton 001, saying, “conscience Geely!”


In sharp contrast, the owner of Weilai is a little depressed. Because if Weilai car owners want to upgrade the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 8155 chip, the price of the 4G version of the smart cockpit upgrade package is 9600 yuan, and the price of the 5g version of the smart cockpit upgrade package is 12600 yuan. This price made the owner of Weilai call directly: “is your price appropriate?”


Dongfeng lantu also pays to upgrade Xiaolong 8155 chip, but the package price is only 4999 yuan. Qualcomm snapdragon 8155 chip is not cheap. One chip costs $250, equivalent to about 1688 yuan. Automobile manufacturers provide upgrading services, and charge some additional service fees and labor fees. Obviously, the pricing of Dongfeng lantu is more reasonable.


I have no intention of raising krypton and belittling Wei Lai. Different car companies have different strategies for upgrading 8155 for free or paying for it. What I care about is that the popularity and pursuit of Qualcomm chips in China’s mobile phone industry seems to be repeating itself in China’s automotive industry!

I clearly remember that mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OV and Yijia have caused countless car overturns in order to compete for the right to launch Qualcomm’s latest chip. I don’t have hard goods in my hand. The competitiveness of products depends on Qualcomm’s eyes, and I even have to pay a huge amount of Qualcomm tax. Meizu mobile phone, the only one who refused to pay high taxes, ended up in despair and had no choice but to sell to Geely.


In addition to Dongfeng lantu, Geely krypton and Weilai, the Great Wall has five models of wey Mocha, Macchiato, latte and Haval h6s / beast; Geely has four models: krypton 001, Xingyue L, Lingke 09 and smart spirit; GAC has legendary yingku and ai’an LX plus cars; SAIC has four models of Roewe rx5 max, whale, Mg MG5 Scorpio and Zhiji L7; The new forces of car making include Xiaopeng P5, lantu dreamer, Weilai et5 / et7, Zero run C11, ideal L9, Nezha u and Weima W6, almost all of which were eaten by Qualcomm 8155 chip.

Baidu and Geely jointly established Jidu automobile, which has been scheduled to carry Qualcomm’s next-generation snapdragon 8295 chip. BYD is quite unique. As a popular model with a price of more than 200000, BYD Han is not equipped with Qualcomm 8155, but with the old Qualcomm 625 chip.


Qualcomm snapdragon 625 is a consumer chip, which is mainly carried on red rice note4, nut pro, Xiaomi 5x and other mobile devices. Its cost price is about 15 dollars / piece, equivalent to 100 yuan. Although it is an old chip, its advantage lies in its low cost and stable performance.

So, how advanced is Qualcomm snapdragon 8155 chip? Why is it regarded as the core selling point by major car manufacturers in China?

This is a vehicle specification level chip and an intelligent cockpit computing platform. Almost all the intelligent networking systems in cars depend on it, such as on-board operating system, Internet of vehicles app, entertainment interactive system, automatic parking, blind spot monitoring and remote OTA upgrade. All those related to the intelligent on-board Internet basically rely on its computing support.


It is manufactured by TSMC and adopts a 7-nm process. It supports up to 3 4K screens or 4 2K screens, 4 microphones and 6 cameras. In addition, it also supports multiple functions such as wi-fi6, 5g and Bluetooth 5.0. It can be said that those models equipped with multi screen car coupling system can not do without its credit.

In the field of mobile phones, Huawei Kirin is a strong competitor of Qualcomm. In the automotive field, Huawei Kirin is still the only competitor in China that can compete with Qualcomm. The Kirin 990A chip can compete with Qualcomm 8155, but the only vehicles equipped with Kirin 990A chip are BAIC’s Rubik’s cube and extreme fox, and Thalys’s Wenjie M5 and M7, and the rest are not available for the time being.


In terms of market share, Qualcomm 8155 has an absolute leading edge.

At present, China’s automotive industry is still in the first half of electrification, but in the second half of intelligence, Qualcomm, Intel and NVIDIA have been firmly on the upstream. If Chinese auto companies do not research and develop and invest, will the soul of China’s auto industry be sold to the United States again?

Where should we start with the so-called national brand and industrial autonomy?

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