China’s most famous detective (Encyclopedia of Chinese Detective)

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In the film and TV series “Detective Di Renjie”, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty is not only upright, but also a master of solving cases. But in fact, in ancient times, Di Renjie was not the only detective. Let’s take a look.


Huang Ba was a famous minister in the Western Han Dynasty. He went on the road of official career in the capacity of waiting for an imperial edict. At first, he did not go well, and even was dismissed from office. But he still achieved the prime minister with his own ability and became the elder of the three dynasties. The classic case he has sentenced is the case of child dispute.



Xu Yougong

Xu Yougong was the most famous official in the Tang Dynasty. It is also a rare and upright judge and official in history. He has judged hundreds of classic cases, such as the Yi Yan Qu case. He was also a banner who insisted on fighting with Wu Zetian in the era of Wu Zetian. He was framed for a long time during his tenure, dismissed from office three times, and was exiled and nearly executed by Wu Zetian.

Bao Zheng

Bao Zheng believes that many people are familiar with him. He is a very fatal historical figure. Because he was awarded the “Bachelor of Longtu Pavilion”, he is often called Bao Longtu. And because he is selfless, wise and decisive, and dares to defend the people against injustice, there is “Bao Qingtian”. He has done a lot of practical things for the people and has a high level of judgment.

Song Ci

He is the descendant of Song Jing, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, a famous forensic doctor of the Southern Song Dynasty, and a criminal officer of the Southern Song Dynasty. “Criminal officer” is the abbreviation of “handling the public affairs of the prison”. As the name implies, it is responsible for the management of the prison affairs.

Song Ci is regarded as the originator of forensic medicine in the world. His book The Collection of Justice is the earliest monograph of forensic medicine in the world. He has judged that the classic cases are: drying sickles.

Kuang Zhong

Although we think he is a clean official, in fact, his ability to solve cases is also very outstanding. It can be said that no matter how big or small the case he tried, the people can basically not be wronged, and the local tyrants dare not do evil again.

Kou Zhun

The famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, it was under his power that the Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty personally attacked and defeated the Liao army. During his reign in Kaifeng Mansion, he was known as “Kou Qingtian” for arresting thieves, handling cases like a god, being fair and honest. But his ending was not good and ended in tragedy.

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