Chinatelecom’s “summer on the cloud” performance season is brilliant

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In May 2022, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on promoting the implementation of the national cultural digitalization strategy, which made it clear that by the end of the “14th five year plan” period, the cultural digitalization infrastructure and service platform will be basically completed, and a cultural service supply system with online and offline integration, interaction and three-dimensional coverage will be formed. The publication of this opinion points out the direction for the development of cultural digitalization strategy, and provides strong policy support for online broadcasting. In the future, the two parallel lines of “offline performance and online broadcasting” will gradually become a new normal. As the national team and main force of digital infrastructure construction, Chinatelecom will actively participate in the construction of cultural digitalization, give full play to the advantages of cloud network integration, empower the cultural performance industry with digital technology, and jointly explore the new ecosystem of online broadcasting of “cloud performance, cloud broadcasting and cloud watching”.


The 2022 “summer on the cloud” performance season is jointly created by Chinatelecom and 10 first-class troupe performance institutions, including the Central Opera House, the China Philharmonic Orchestra, the Shanghai Conservatory of music, the Liaoning Opera House (Liaoning Symphony Orchestra), the Hunan Flower Drum Opera Theater, the Xi’an Symphony Orchestra, the Shanghai National Orchestra, the Shaoxing Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, the malanshan Chinese original musical base, and the Qingpei (Beijing) cultural and art exchange center.

The performance season, with the theme of “start again, pay tribute to the classics”, starts on July 29 and lasts for 9 weeks. A total of 36 classic performances are broadcast online every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The opening performance of the performance season was “starting from Yan’an – the night of Chinese Opera Aria”, which continued the red blood of the Central Opera House and carried forward the Yan’an spirit, followed by the Shanghai National Orchestra’s passionate creation of the new era Shanghai style folk music concert “drinking the river and gathering the Chinese feelings”, which reflects the great unity of the Chinese nation. The Xi’an Symphony Orchestra paid tribute to China’s aerospace industry in the name of music, The symphony concert of great powers: flying to space, which was performed in the same frame with the rocket at Wenchang base in Hainan, was created by Liaoning opera house and selected into the folk opera Cangyuan of the stage art boutique creation project of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China at the Ministry of culture and tourism. The Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra launched Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on a large scale for the first time on the whole network, And the original musical Peter and the wolf, performed by “lark in the mountains” left behind children in rural Hunan, will be staged in turn, breaking the time and space constraints of offline performances and presenting to hundreds of millions of audiences in the form of “cloud performance”.


Chinatelecom synchronously broadcasts all the programs of the performance season through the three platforms of Tianyi Ultra HD, Tianyi HD (IPTV) and Tianyi cloud VR, and uses 5g network, 4K Ultra HD and VR technology to provide full process technical support for some performances in the performance season, presenting users with unique online art + scientific and technological innovation viewing experiences such as “4K Ultra HD enjoyable viewing, multi angle cutting, large and small screen interactive viewing”, Let the stage art break through the limitation of time and space, resonate with the wider audience, and restore the classic stage art to the greatest extent.


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