“ Chinese & rdquo; Why use & ldquo; Inflammation & rdquo; Put it in front& ldquo; Yandi & rdquo; Who is it?

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Why do “Chinese people” put “inflammation” in front? Who is “Yandi”? Interested readers can follow Xiaobian to have a look.

After years of development, the title “descendants of the Yellow Emperor” has become popular. The word “descendants of the Yellow Emperor” was officially established and widely spread around the end of the Qing Dynasty, but its origin can be traced back thousands of years. In the Chinese people, the word Yan stands for the Yan Emperor, also known as Shennong. The Yellow character represents the Yellow Emperor, also known as Xuanyuan.

In the ancient times, as an early leader, Shennong gradually declined in the change of generations. Due to the lack of sufficient force, the feudal tribes under Shennong’s opponents basically lost control, and they could only watch helplessly as they merged with each other and bullied the people. Heroes emerge in troubled times. Xuanyuan takes advantage of the situation to rise and fight to subdue the rebellious princes under his command.

At that time, Yan Emperor probably didn’t want to lose his position as leader completely, so he sent troops to snatch back those defected feudal tribes. According to the records in the records of the history ยท the book of the five emperors, the princes returned to Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan was used to cultivate morality, invigorate the army, govern the five Qi and five kinds, nourish the people, control the four directions, and teach bears and tigers to fight Emperor Yan in the wild of Hanquan. Three battles, and then one’s ambition.

Sima Qian mentioned the great war between Yan and Huang several times, and there is basically no record of killing resentment in other documents. Therefore, some people suggest that the two tribes of Yanhuang and huanghuang are competing for supremacy internally. The birthplace of Yan Emperor is in Jiangshui, and the birthplace of Huang emperor is in Jishui. In terms of location, it is not too far away. It may indeed originate from the same tribe.

After the Yellow Emperor defeated the Yan Emperor, the two clans merged into a super tribe, which established a good foundation for the Yellow Emperor to defeat Chiyou and become the head of the five emperors. However, Yandi is not a name, but a title. According to the records in the book of the three emperors, the water of Shennong’s nabenshui surname is called listening to concubines. As a concubine. Sheng Di Kui, Kui Sheng Di Cheng, Cheng Sheng Di Ming, Ming Sheng Di Zhi, Zhi Sheng Di Yu, Yu Sheng Di AI, AI Sheng Di Ke, Ke Sheng Di Yu Wang. Where eight generations, 530 years.

The Yandi defeated by the Yellow Emperor should not be the original one. Yandi’s life experience is rich in mystery. Many documents say that Yandi is his mother; Born of the Dragon;, He is a man of courage and wisdom. It is said that Emperor Yan planted grains and opened up markets. The civilized people use hemp and mulberry to weave cloth, wood to cut into bows and arrows, and pottery pots to improve their lives.

Like a prophet, Yan Emperor led and promoted almost everything that was in line with the survival and development of that time. Human resources are sometimes poor. Theoretically, human beings do not have the ability to master all knowledge. Domestication of grain, improvement of agricultural tools, and mastery of farming time can never be achieved overnight. It takes a long time to accumulate knowledge. Indeed, the grain that people often eat was cultivated in the middle and late stages of Shennong.

Therefore, some people suggested that Yandi could monopolize these achievements, perhaps because they were in a leading position, held higher power and had greater prestige at that time. The people of Yandi tribe or their descendants concentrated these auras on the symbol of Yandi, making it a deified spiritual belief.

This phenomenon occurs not only in Emperor Yan, but also in Emperor Huang. For example, the well-known Huangdi Neijing is the collective wisdom compiled by later generations in the name of Huangdi. Mr. Qian Mu, a historian, once commented on this phenomenon. In ancient times, those who had major inventions and innovations were not saints or wise officials. This was not because they had invention patents, but because only in their name could new inventions be known, valued and remembered.

If the Yan Emperor defeated by the Yellow Emperor was really the successor, then the title of Yan Emperor should have appeared earlier than the title of Yellow Emperor. According to Sima Qian, the Yellow Emperor was able to become the first ancestor of humanity because the later sages and wise kings such as Yao, Shun and Yu were all descendants of the Yellow Emperor. Later Qin, Jin and other princes, including barbarians, belonged to the descendants of the Yellow Emperor. As the loser in the battle of Hanquan, if Yandi only leads in time, he should not be able to pass on to the future generations as the same ancestor as Huangdi.

The reason why the title of Yandi has such a high status may be that it has taken the credit for creating agriculture. Food is the most important thing for the people. For thousands of years, almost all the leaders of China have regarded agriculture as the top priority. Under the rule of the subjugated monarchs, land annexation and people’s livelihood are the basic culprits.

In comparison, the Yellow Emperor, who tamed wild animals such as bears, tigers and so on, was more nomadic. In his life, the Yellow Emperor went to many places, from Mount Tai in the east to Kongtong in the west, to the Yangtze River in the South and meat porridge in the north. According to the records of the historical records, (the Yellow Emperor) moved to and fro from impermanent places, and took division soldiers as camp guards. The official names are all named after Yun, who is called Yun Shi. Put the left and right prison in charge of all countries. The Yellow Emperor is a man of culture and martial arts, and the Yan Emperor is a man of improving people’s livelihood. Before the troops and horses move, food and grass go first. Putting the Yan Emperor in front of the Yellow Emperor may also be a consideration. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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