Chinese tradition and elite choice!

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Author: wenbolingsource: the fireworks world of wenboling (ID: wenboling2020)


A while ago, I met a doctor in 985 who studied a very important major. Because it involves personal privacy, I won’t mention the specific school and major.

He told me that he had great confidence in the country and was passionate about it, but he was a little discouraged in the past two years.

This change is not entirely due to the epidemic, but with the growth of age and social contact, many dark aspects of society have been discovered, such as the cost of evaluating professional titles, the easy parachute of young people with backgrounds, and the 50 year lag in academic achievements compared with foreign countries.

He felt that these dark sides could not be changed, and his mentality had undergone earth shaking changes.

His doctoral students are also like this, all trying to get rid of it, and he is also struggling with whether to get rid of it.

In fact, to be more serious, which country does not have some dark sides, but as long as these dark sides are under control, they will not affect the operation of the whole country.

Because the country and society are composed of hundreds of industries and tens of thousands of individuals, these industries and individuals have their own inertia of operation, and combining them is the general trend of the country and society.

As long as the general trend caused by the industry and individuals is benign and does not break the irreparable threshold, there will be no major problems in this country and society.

Whether they stay or run, they are all personal interest choices, which have no impact on the whole.

However, this doctor’s idea also illustrates a phenomenon that people with knowledge and capital are more likely to become “unpatriotic” when faced with a choice against them, and iron patriots are basically ordinary working people.

There are basically several reasons for this phenomenon.


Lao Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching: “if the main road is abolished, there will be benevolence and righteousness. If wisdom comes out, there will be great falsehood.”

It means that when people learn knowledge, see the world and have wisdom, they will have more desires and will no longer satisfy their existing status. Instead, they want to use their existing knowledge and wisdom to satisfy more desires and pursue higher status.

Therefore, Lao Tzu asked the people to “abandon wisdom” and Legalists asked the statesman to fool the people. The purpose is to control people’s knowledge, and then control people’s desire, so that the people can live in peace.

Lao Tzu’s political theory of letting the people abandon their wisdom is certainly wrong, but from the perspective of analyzing problems, what Lao Tzu said is reasonable.

Just like the current types of labor, basically people with low educational background are doing it, but anyone who has studied in college is unwilling to be a migrant worker. On the one hand, it can not bring down his face, and on the other hand, it does not match the expectation of studying.

Therefore, undergraduates must be white-collar, master students want to be golden collar executives, and doctoral students have higher expectations.

Once the reality does not meet the expectations, some people can take the initiative to adjust their life goals, and some people complain, and then there is an unpatriotic and wet mood.

The same applies to those who engage in capital.

When the economic environment is good, people always say that “we have caught up with the good times”. When the economic environment is bad, the desire that has been raised for a long time will not come down. They say that “the country is no longer good, and the country does not allow us to earn money”. They begin to scold the country, the government, and run away with money.

The first reason is that desire is not satisfied.

China has a tradition of collectivism.

In ancient times, when emperors fought for the founding of the country, it should be said that those who won the hearts of the people won the world, and the generals returned to the DPRK triumphantly. It should be said that all the officers and men contributed to the success of our epidemic prevention. We should say that the efforts of medical personnel, the assistance of community workers, and the cooperation of all the people.

No one dares to say that I have done all these things by myself, and others have done nothing.

Since collectivism should be emphasized, in real work, it is necessary to deliberately reduce the factor of individual heroism. Even if individual heroes are to be commended, they are often grassroots representatives, such as Lei Feng and Wang Jinxi. It is rare to select high-level leading cadres as heroic representatives.

In such an environment, people with outstanding personal abilities may subconsciously be dissatisfied:

“My ability is stronger than most people, and I have made more achievements than most people. Why do you only give me such a little return, and why do you ask me to be the same as most people?”

When this idea emerges, their desire and the tradition of collectivism have irreconcilable conflicts, and they always feel that the state has treated them badly.

Compared with China, foreign capitalist societies do not protect the interests of the collective much, and are more willing to protect the interests of individuals. If you create value, you will get equal return. If you can’t create value, you will be mixed at the bottom. The rich and the poor are your own creation.

Although this theory is easy to create a gap between the rich and the poor, those with outstanding personal abilities can actually enjoy the environment of free competition.

The second reason is that we can’t get the equivalent return on our ability.

Whether knowledge stimulates desire or collectivism fetters individuals, whether they are patriotic or unpatriotic or moist, they will ultimately be subject to the international climate.

Since ancient times, China has been the world, and only the surrounding barbarians have moistened China. There has never been a case of Chinese elites moistening the barbarians. Unless they commit a major crime, they can not survive in China.

In this international climate, we can only hate corrupt officials, not the emperor Lao Tzu, not to mention our ancestors. Those elites can only roll in China and never have the idea of moistening.

In other words, no matter what your heart thinks, the real environment forces you to be patriotic.

But now it’s different from ancient times.

Nowadays, transportation and information are very developed. The environment in many parts of the world is no worse than that in China. Those developed countries in Europe and the United States have their own strengths. There will always be one that can meet the needs of the elite.

In particular, the United States, which was founded on immigration, as the base of capitalism, has become the last resort of the elites of all countries in the world.

Then the problem is simple. People who are dissatisfied with China for various reasons are prone to think that they are unpatriotic and then go abroad.

There is a way out for the third reason.


In the final analysis, people with knowledge and capital have more desires. Chinese collectivism can’t satisfy too many individual desires. Foreign social environment may satisfy their desires.

We, the general public, have limited knowledge and capital, so we have no desire beyond our ability. We will be satisfied if we can achieve a well-off family and a smooth life. Moreover, due to the limited knowledge and capital, it is highly likely that we will fall into the disadvantage in free competition, so we need collectivism to provide us with the bottom of our lives.

I can say so.

Our life depends on the country, and we have a deeper connection with the country, so we can only choose patriotism.

The elites do not depend on the country for survival, so they can choose to be patriotic or unpatriotic, stay in China or go abroad.

No matter what choice is made, it is based on personal interests.

Since the elites do not have deep ties with the country, if they all run away because of their personal interests, will the country be unable to operate?

The loss of the elite trained by the state is of course the loss of the state, but it is not too serious.

Those elites come from the people, and the people account for the majority in every country. As long as the country is making progress, there will be games and struggles. After being tempered by strong winds and waves, talents will continue to emerge from the people with a large base.

For example, in the early years of the Han Dynasty, one-third of the generals were from Peixian county. Liu Bang took in another one-third on his way from Peixian county to Xianyang, and the rest took the initiative to join Liu Bang.

Are the elites all born in Peixian County, or in Henan Province, such as Liu Bang?

Of course not. The reason why the cloth generals in the early Han Dynasty were elites was that they were trained in the chaotic times of Chu and Han, and the secondary reason was that they followed Liu Bang and got the opportunity to exercise.

Most of the emperors, generals, talents and beauties of the Sui and Tang Dynasties came from Wuchuan. No matter how poor they were, they also came from other towns in the six northern towns. Is it really a gathering of Royal spirit?

It’s definitely not royal spirit. The main reason why those people can make contributions is that they were born in the turbulent times of the northern and Southern Dynasties, and the secondary reason is that they followed such fierce people as Yu Wentai, Yang Jian and Li Shimin.

So now that the elites have gone, the loss of the country is not too serious, and the people who remain can still produce talents and build the country.


However, there is a problem that the people have trained talents in the face of great storms. According to the inertia of history, it is very likely that they will degenerate into elites of the previous generation, feeling that their abilities are outstanding, that the state has treated them badly, and then they will not love their country and want to enrich themselves.

This brings us back to the starting point of the problem.

Therefore, after cultivating elite talents, the country should consider more how to retain elite talents, otherwise, it will be like a doll, and the cultivation will be endless, even if it is not successful, it may not be true patriotic.

To achieve this, we need to make some compromise and balance between collectivism and individual heroism.

For example, academicians who have made significant contributions should not always publicize that they live in a house of more than 100 square meters and eat humble meals. Their monthly salary is not as good as that of white-collar workers.

For example, leaders of important projects, who have not been promoted for decades, are depressed under the pressure of lay bureaucrats, and want to publicize that others are willing to be ordinary.

This is that collectivism has gone too far.

Hard work and plain living are indeed virtues, but young people who want to make contributions to the country are too persuaded to retreat when they see these.

They can’t help thinking that such a powerful person is not well treated, and young people like me are even more hopeless. This country can’t accommodate me. I’d better go abroad and get a high salary.

People’s hearts are hurt and talents are lost.

If this problem is not solved, it will not be solved if people with knowledge and capital are unpatriotic. Patriotic ordinary people who grow up and want to moisten can not be solved.

If our country wants to develop, we can’t rely on the beliefs and moral integrity of the people. We must open up the economic foundation and the upward channel, so as to form a positive cycle of training and using elite talents.

It is a helpless move in the era of material scarcity to only talk about dedication without returning. It is now outdated.

“The more the salary is, the narrower the mind is, the more the dedication is, the higher the realm is.” this is even more shameless nonsense.

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