Chongqing man attacking police: Why did he dare to attack the police?

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At about 18:50 on May 30, a dispute occurred at the gate of the large electric city in Longxi Road, Beibei District. After receiving the alarm, the police of Beibei District Public Security Branch rushed to the scene to deal with the police. During the disposal, the party concerned Weng (male, 49 years old) was dissatisfied with the police’s handling, and attacked the police with his wife Chen. The police then wounded Weng with a gun. Weng died after being sent to hospital. At present, the procuratorial organ has stepped in and is further investigating and handling.
Some people are afraid that the world will not be chaotic. When they see that the police hurt the people, send them to the hospital for rescue and die, and the procuratorial organ intervenes, they will spread the negative information of the police. Are you really stupid or are you pretending to be provocative? The notice was clearly written that Mr. Weng and Mr. Chen attacked the police. According to the words of local residents @ sleeping at night, they also beat the police on the ground. In the process of beating the police, the armed police must protect the police equipped gun with one hand to avoid being robbed. When he finds that the criminal has the behavior of touching the police equipped gun, there is a risk of seizing the police equipped gun, which is likely to produce stress behavior.
At about 18:50 on May 30, a dispute occurred at the gate of the large electric city in Longxi Road, Beibei District. After receiving the alarm, the police of Beibei District Public Security Branch rushed to the scene to deal with the police. During the disposal, the party concerned Weng (male, 49 years old) was dissatisfied with the police’s handling, and attacked the police with his wife Chen. The police then wounded Weng with a gun. Weng died after being sent to hospital. At present, the procuratorial organ has stepped in and is further investigating and handling. Attacking the police has been a special crime of assaulting the police among the crimes of obstructing public service. If the people’s police snatch the police equipped gun, it will constitute the crime of snatching the gun. In the face of the danger of seizing the police equipped gun, the police can legally use the police equipped gun to stop the crime. The people’s police shot to stop crimes, resulting in casualties. The procuratorial organ intervened to investigate whether the people’s police used guns in compliance with the regulations, which does not mean that the people’s police committed crimes.
As for a matter caused by daily rubbing and hanging, the police handled it well for the first time. A female college student rubbed and hung with the motorcycle of the deceased, and the police dispatched the police to mediate and negotiate the female college student to compensate 80 yuan. However, the female college student may feel wronged after losing money. She took a video with her backhand and said that the deceased’s motorcycle was illegally refitted, so there was a second police call. It was good for the police to talk calmly with the dead man. The dead man’s wife rushed out and beat the police. When her hat flew away, she didn’t say. She shouted at the police for QJ.

The police had no choice but to subdue her on the ground, and then the dead rushed to help. Three people wrestled with each other, and then heard a gunshot. The dead was injured… Die. Afterwards, the woman also made a series of videos, letting netizens make decisions for her, accusing the police of being so numerous that she kept making videos and playing around in the police car, which broke the glass at the left rear of the police car (she shot the live video herself…), and repeatedly threatened that the police wanted to QJ her… Later, the attitude of the police station began to change. In the video, she began to cry, saying that she knelt down and asked the police to let her go without any result. But in the last video, the whole person became tough again, accusing the police of killing her husband and letting netizens decide for her… At present, this is all the information I have in hand. Whether it is true or false depends on the official announcement
Without rhythm, it will be interpreted from the legal level. Since the specific process is not clear, it will be analyzed from the following aspects: whether there is a law for the police to shoot in the process of police dispatch. According to Article 10 of the people’s Police Law (2012), the people’s police of the public security organ may use weapons in case of an emergency of resisting arrest, riot, prison break, seizing guns or other acts of violence. What is the weapon here? According to Article 3 of the regulations on the use of police implements and weapons by the people’s police, the weapons referred to in these Regulations refer to the lethal police weapons such as guns and ammunition equipped by the people’s police in accordance with regulations. Therefore, the police may use guns in accordance with the regulations if they encounter an urgent situation of gun snatching or other acts of violence, which seriously endangers their personal safety, in the process of dispatching the police or performing their tasks. According to the feedback in the police briefing, this incident should be the case that the police used guns only after the parties attacked the police in the process of dispatching police to mediate disputes.
I won’t tell you anything else, but tell you something I met personally. In 2017, I worked as a deputy police chief in the police station. Once, I dealt with a leaking alarm upstairs. Because it was a minor dispute, I took a female student with me. She is an intern of Tianjin police academy. She is not tall and weighs 70-80 kg. She is very thin. I won’t repeat the specific process. In a word, the family upstairs is mentally ill. I don’t know. After knocking on the door for half a day, it opened. Then the house was very damp and dark. I followed him in to check the water leakage. As soon as I went in for three steps, I found that he had a knife, a machete at least 25 cm long. I can’t remember the details clearly. I think it’s possible that it’s more than 30 cm. As soon as I saw it, I backed away. There are many such old doors in Tianjin. There are two doors. The outside is a reinforced iron mesh door, which is the cheapest anti-theft door. Inside is a wooden door. The wooden door opens inward and the iron door opens outward. As soon as I stepped out, he went crazy and rushed out with me. I pulled the iron net door directly and held the door.
My height is 193 and my weight is about 100kg. In this way, he can push the door open, and then I can push it back. My primary school sister, I directly asked her to take the police downstairs, but she couldn’t help. Then, after a minute of stalemate between me and the psychopath, he began to cut the door with a knife. The reinforcement of the door frame has a gap of sevenoreight centimeters wide, and can be stretched out by hand, but it is covered with a layer of barbed wire. The barbed wire on it was old and rusty, and a few times the knife cut a small hole. But it was iron wire and steel bar after all. He tried several times, cut the steel bar a few times, and gave up. It was not until this time that I realized that I had a gun My right waist is a type 92 pistol with ten bullets. Generally speaking, the requirement is to load and lock the fuse, so that the fuse can be opened and launched. But we are afraid of fire in case of accident. I violate the rules every day. I don’t load and I lock the insurance At that time, I had resisted the door. If I wanted to shoot, I could do it.

But at this time, I was no longer in danger, and the most powerful impulse of the psychotic passed away. I began to communicate with him in words. A few minutes later, his anger was gone. He closed the door and went back. Later, I reported to the Institute, and later dealt with the matter with the community police. After talking so much, I pushed myself to others It’s our social environment. The police go out with guns. Most of the time, they may not even consider that they still have guns. 95% of the police will never shoot once in their life. What concept? Just like the airbag in your car, most cars will not explode on the day of scrapping. But what is an airbag? That’s sodium azide. That’s what the reaction is in microseconds. As long as the accident is serious, even if this thing has not worked for five years, it will work in an instant. But the police can’t. Especially the police in the police station. Most people don’t react so fast. The first reaction is to get started.
Is to block with arms and hands. The officer, who had been attacked for a while, realized that he had a gun. In the United States, if the police shout don’t move, and you dare to go forward, the police will dare to shoot. So how do you evaluate this? I saw several official photos, and the police clothes had been torn. Then I saw some deleted videos, and the couple hit a policeman. (but this video is not official. I’m not sure if it is this event.) If so, there is no problem.
At present, the only official news is the police report. The only thing that can be confirmed is that the husband and wife of the deceased attacked the police because they were not satisfied with the results of the police, and then were shot to death. 1. If you are not satisfied with the handling result, can you change the handling result by beating the police? This kind of person dares to beat the police in case of disputes. Do you think he dares to beat you if he has a dispute with you? Many people say that you can only shoot when your life is in danger. Is there any rigid standard for the so-called danger of life? As long as the police are not seriously injured or dead in the end, it can be said that there is no danger to their lives, because the final result is that there is no danger to their lives. If they really wait until they are seriously injured or dead, can they still shoot?
Since it is impossible to change the result of the treatment by beating the police, we should establish rules. If we beat the police, the police can shoot. I don’t think there is any problem. In the world, only we will debate whether the police can shoot after being shot? The implicit premise of this discussion is that the police can fight? But beating the police can’t change the result. Why should we allow beating the police? The police are the state organ of violence hey, violence! Do you understand? I’m selfish. I know I can’t beat the police, so I hope that those who dare to beat the police will be suddenly surprised, because such people dare to beat the police, and they certainly dare to beat me. I don’t want me to lose money if I obey the law.

I don’t see the specific situation. The procuratorate will focus on the investigation of how many people the other party was. The public security department usually follows the method of increasing the level of force by one. You use your mouth to output my bare hands to control you. You use your hands to output my police equipment (baton, chili water, etc.) you use a baseball bat, kitchen knife, etc. I use a gun. Because there is no notification of the situation on the scene, it is not clear whether the other party is armed, So at present, I don’t think I’m optimistic. The videos on the scene are basically after the event. Either it’s a picture of a police officer whose blue lining has been torn open. The man is dissatisfied with the results of the police, and attacks the police with his wife. He doesn’t make it clear what way to call the police. Generally, three people work in groups. When the other party doesn’t use weapons, one person controls his wife,
There should be no problem for the remaining two people to press the man together. The police should also have this ability. In fact, the focus of so many questions is whether they are fighting back in self-defense or firing warning shots unintentionally or using weapons, and whether there are standardized law enforcement. In fact, I think it is very gratifying for people who are shot dead because they do not cooperate with the performance of official duties. They have done a lot of things that the police dare not do, but they are one yard at a time, It is important whether the conditions for shooting are met at the scene. There is a lot of public opinion. The procuratorate usually picks the police for stabbing, so there is no need to worry about shielding each other. If the number of police is less than three, and the conditions for using guns are not met, the police will certainly be dealt with seriously. Although China is not like the United States, to put it bluntly, if you do not cooperate, you will lose your life, others will lose their jobs, and the police will deal with problems, You can be hard spoken or not. Don’t start,
The police of any country are national violent law enforcement agencies. In the final analysis, even if they fail to meet the conditions for using firearms, it can be said that they are excusable. For example, if they are located in a busy city, they misjudge the situation at the scene. In short, they will not be severely punished. What do you say you are trying to talk hard with the police? You exchange your life for his imprisonment. Is 12345 not easy to use? It is also the local public security that applies for government compensation instead of the police compensation. Of course, there is another possibility, that is, the police is inexperienced or incompetent, loses face in public, and directly pulls out the gun without warning in the case of the other party’s pushing or non fatal attack. Then the nature is different, and the superior leaders of the police are also implicated
Chongqing’s first case of attacking a police officer: on the evening of March 24, 2020, the microblog account @ Chongqing High Court released information. The first case of attacking a police officer in Chongqing was publicly tried in Yuzhong District People’s court and sentenced in court. The defendant Wang was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for attacking a police officer. It is reported that the process of the case is as follows: at about 15:00 on March 5, 2021, according to the work arrangement, the police you, Liu, sun and the auxiliary police Hu were on duty at Dahuang Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing.

At about 17:00, in the parking lot under the overpass at Dahuang intersection, the defendant Wang (male, 39 years old) drove an unlicensed motorcycle retrograde without a license, which was discovered by the auxiliary police officer Hu and instructed him to stop for inspection. Fearing that the behavior of driving a motorcycle without a license would be investigated and punished, Mr. Wang accelerated his motorcycle to escape, knocked the police you who came to intercept him down, got up, abandoned the car and fled the scene. It was identified that you was slightly injured. At about 21:00 on the same day, the public security organ arrested Wang. The people’s Procuratorate of Yuzhong District of Chongqing initiated a public prosecution on the crime of assaulting the police constituted by Wang’s behavior
During the trial, Wang confessed to the above facts. The Yuzhong District Court held that the defendant Wang’s violent attack on the people’s police performing their duties according to law constituted the crime of assaulting the police. The people’s Procuratorate of Yuzhong District of Chongqing city was convicted of the facts and charges. In view of the fact that Mr. Wang truthfully confessed his criminal facts after arriving at the case and voluntarily confessed to the crime and punishment, he may be given a lighter punishment according to law. According to the provisions of the fifth paragraph of Article 277 of the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China, the defendant Wang was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for the crime of assaulting the police. According to the amendment to the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China (11) and the supplementary provisions of the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the determination of charges in the implementation of the criminal law of the people’s Republic of China (7), the crime of assaulting the police was officially implemented on March 1, 2021. On March 4, the first case of assaulting a police officer in China was tried in Xiacheng District of Hangzhou. The public prosecution authorities prosecuted Gao, the defendant who attacked the police on duty with an iron bar. In this case, the defendant Gao was also dissatisfied with the traffic police law enforcement and retaliated.

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